Customers say:

Everything else sounds more controlled and clearly defined, notes have better shape Soundstage seems a little wider.

Hi Terry,
The Tellurium Q Ultra Black cables arrived this morning, installed and quick listen to check, initial impressions are:
I have a new top end, thank you. 
Everything else sounds more controlled and clearly defined, notes have better shape.
Soundstage seems a little wider.
Still lots of testing to do, sadly on a day-long conference call today, so will have to wait until this evening to give it a proper listen.  In the meantime I'm playing the Tellurium-Q system disc for a couple of hours to help with burn in, and look forward to listening properly later.

The TQ Ultra Black interconnects and the Thrax power cables have given the system the final 'Pop' it was waiting for.

Hi Terry
well the TQ Ultra Black interconnects have had over 100 hours playtime with over a third of  that being the TQ burn in track downloaded from their site...and ...F#*kn amazing...they have really nailed the "natural" sound ...all the normal words used to describe sound improvements apply...Open,detailed,defined etc...but overall its the 'life like' quality that im really loving.

Ive noticed that even while working in the other room Im more engaged with the music...the CD format which previously I looked at as the poorer cousin to Hi Res files,has really come alive...The CDs lower level of digital information compared to hi sample/bit rate files had made it harder for them to be'heard' in the wash of power noise (that the thrax power cables have corrected) and the older MITs not being revealing enough (which the TQs are miles ahead on)...Of course the Hi res files been 'lifted' just as much,but its the Cds that have surprised me.

The TQ Ultra Black interconnects and the Thrax power cables have given the system the final 'Pop' it was waiting for...and of course more and more $$$ could be spent to achieve even better results ,but overall the system 'sounds 
and feels' complete.(unless I win Lotto:-)

Thanks once again

I cant imagine Vinyl sounding any better!

Hi Terry,

A big thank you for your hospitality and changing out the cartridge over to a Clearaudio Concerto V2 MC on our Clearaudio DC Performance Turntable on Friday.


This upgraded package complete with the new Clearaudio Basic+ phono is so, so good!


Wife and I didn’t get to bed until the small hours of Saturday morning, we Just couldn’t pull ourselves away from in front of the system.


I cant imagine Vinyl sounding any better! What does the Statement plus Gold finger sound like? I can only imagine!


Thanks again Terry you are a legend, the wife and I are in debt to you! I am sure we will be back to see you sometime soon.   


All the Best
Murray and Marie.

Just trust your ears , they are the true Test ...... Now I am going to get the Gaia isolators for my preamp.

Dear Terry

Sometimes you hear about tweaks that seem like snake oil, however when stereo file gives a product of the year award you do stand up and take notice.

Well Terry thanks for the fantastic Gaia 2 Speaker feet.

They are very nicely engineered and tidy up the cheap spikes on my Tannoy Kensington floor standing speakers.

I have listened to these feet on another friends system before and liked the result and in fact the Gaia were so good we did not even bother with an AB. 

After setting my system up and listening to some of my favorite tracks I was a little taken back.

I have spent a lot more money on other tweaks and components without such a big improvement.

My Tannoy Woolley base was tighter deeper and more detailed.

The mid was clearer as if a vail has been removed.

These are more than a little tweak and must be considered a component in their own right.

All I can say if you have a very good system and chasing that little bit extra that we all crave for try the Gaia feet.

It is no brainer and do buy the whole group with the spiked cups to get the best results on carpet.
Just trust your ears , they are the true Test

Now I am going to get the Gaia isolators for my preamp.
..... Grant B

the Tannoy XT6F are sounding wonderful.

Hi Terry
"Just to let you know that after a rocky break in period, the Tannoy XT6F are sounding wonderful.

Feedback on FYNE F302 speaker sale

Address Verified 2019-07-19T09:27:12.583   
Great trade.
Excellent communication.
Unbelievably good high end Speakers.
Well beyond my expectation for the price.
Many thanks.
Will definately trade again :)

So now I'm faced with the choice of buying better components!

Hi Terry,
I finally had a good listen to the FYNE F301 stanf mtg speaker yesterday. I'm really happy with them, plenty of detail and pretty good bass for their size (more than my B&W stand mount speakers which were over twice the retail cost).
There is one slight problem though, the speakers have revealed that the the source I was planning to use is not up to the task. 
The speakers were going to be used for my bedroom with my current Denon all in one system (combined CD player, amp and tuner).I initially listened to them on my 2nd best components in the lounge - Arcam FMJ400 amp and Oppo BDP-95 player but when I listened to them on the Denon I was really disappointed with the sound after the other components showed how good the speakers are (where previously with lesser speakers it was OK on the Denon).
So now I'm faced with the choice of buying better components or putting up with the inadequate sound!.
,,,,,, Colin

Fyne F302 speakers are awesome,

Hi Terry
The Fyne F302 speakers are awesome, I am very pleased with my purchase, thanks for your help, will see you for streamer when I am ready.
Thanks again

Thanks for your help and patience. It was a long haul to get to where we are.

Hi Terry

Thought it was time to give an update on the:

Antipodes Audio EX music server
Ayon Spirit V tube integrated amp

Audio Solution Figaro S speakerts


The reason I haven’t done so sooner is very simple: I have just been enjoying listening to the music and hearing the differences as the system opens up.


For not having an ideal positional setup, no isolation equipment, racks or standalone DAC (everything sits on 20mm marble slabs) the system has no right to sound as musical, detailed, open  and wide as it does. I know that previous systems I’ve had would struggle under the same conditions. For the range of music styles that I listen too, the system manages them with ease.


The Audio Solutions Figaro S speakers are a genuine surprise.

Beautifully open, communicative and (the surprise)  they do not lack for bass. My wife was surprised in that they were bigger than she expected but they have a neat trick in that the rear half of the side panels is reflective. We have wooden panels in our old house, so by getting the speaker with the xiralic brown finish, the rear bulk of the speaker has effectively disappeared. Nice.


Thanks for your help and patience. It was a long haul to get to where we are.
Now to get some of those missing pieces in place.



What a difference the new GigaWatt LC3 EVO power cables cables made,

Hi Terry what a difference the new GigaWatt LC3 EVO power cables cables made, (they replaced the PS Audio AC12 power cables).

Melanie could not believe the difference....... she is still talking and smiling about the music this morning.
As always we appreciate your help and guidance.
What a difference!

Here’s hoping the Thixar bases and fuses make  another positive change.

Again our thanks to you and Penny.


"WOW what a huge difference its made..... :)

Our latest VICOUSTIC room acoustic treatment installation.
It's amazing what was achieved even in a small room like this ex bedroom.

Stage 1 included: 8x SBE corner bass traps in the 2 corners with 4x DC2 Multifusers & 4x Wavewood diffusers on wall behind the gear.

Our clients comment: "It not only looks awesome but the improvement of the musical presentation was significant so he is keen for us to carry on with stage 2 asap.

Stage 2 includes: 4x SBE bass traps in LH rear corner (a doorway prevents RH rear corner) & 8x Wavewood diffusers on the side walls to complete the project.

It was so good to see the big smile come on his face when he turned the system on.... it was one of those real "wow" moments....

For those interested the sytem consists of:
Wilsom Benesch Vector floorstand speakers
Ayon Crossfire 300B 30w SE class-A integrated amp
Ayon Stratos DAC
Antipodes EX/CX music server combo
Artesania Exoteryc audio rack
Tellurium Q Silver Diamond speaker & interconnect cables
Gigawatt PC3SE power conditioner and power cables


KRELL K300, among the best audiophile amplifiers available.

"Krell Performance is as always, not only with endless power, but also has a balance in sound staging and performance that places it among the best audiophile amplifiers available. Thanks to the digital module and other amenities, this is a real all-rounder.”…. PowerHouse Mag (Germany)

Thanks for a great product. (Wilson Benesch subwoofer)

Good morning Terry, 

I have spent the better part of the weekend playing with the Wilson Benesch Torus sun-woofer

After an initial setup (best guess and using REW to get a reasonable response without too many extreme ups and downs) I had a good listen. Without doubt this is a great device indeed! I guess I can sum it up as having the ability to make my main speakers sound like they've got great bass and extension, rather than the bass is pretty damned fine but it's a bit unclear as to where it is coming from.  It's also clear that it's a timing champ, too.

I've now spent more time playing with positioning (sore back...!)  and integrating with various combinations with my other subs (REL G1 and Studio), and arrived at a point where the overall bass response is more even than I've had before and has also addressed some leanness in the mid bass that I haven't previously been able to fix. Brilliant!

I was fully expecting that the Torus would replace one of my subs,  but what has been a surprise to me is that the REL G1 is the casualty.  Whatever I have done thus far, if it's turned on,  it detracts from the music.  

Still early days, but likely that the REL G1 will go up for sale.  Perhaps you would be interested in selling it on behalf?

It's also possible that a second Wilson benesch Torus isn't out of the question. This will need time for me to understand,  but I'll keep you posted. 

Thanks for a great product.  

Scott Roberts 

Thank you very much for giving me the set of IsoAcoustics Gaia-IIs, it is greatly appreciated and enjoyed.

Hi Terry,
I have now installed the Isoacoustics Gaia-III footers under a Vinylista (German) turntable plinth that supports my Garrard 401 turntable.

The installation was straightforward, especially due to the thoughtful selection of thread inserts supplied with the footers, one set of which fortunately matched the holes for the previous footers on the plinth.

I tend to be a bit cynical about tweaks, probably because my ears are not what they used to be. However the IsoAcoustic footers have made a noticeable difference, soundstage is wider and more detailed, and bass 
is more precise and defined. Definitely a worthwhile upgrade and recommended for consideration by turntable owners.

Thank you very much for giving me the set of Gaia-IIs, it is greatly appreciated and enjoyed.


A great introduction into the world of hifi. I'm sure the Fyne range will prove popular".

Hi Terry 
"I picked up the Fyne F303 speakers from the depot on Friday. So they have arrived safe and sound. 

I know they will open up as they run in - but already they sound very good straight out of the box, nicely balanced - bass has some strength without dominating, some really nice detail with acoustic music. But best of all across all music types they are relaxing to listen too.  

A great introduction into the world of hifi. I'm sure the Fyne range will prove popular".

Jonthan Hamlet

Thanks’ Terry for persuading me to go down the GigaWatt path,

Hi Terry, 

“I finally got my system back to together.  I have a 1970’s vintage system (Marantz) with two power amps that were originally supplied power via the pre amp, via a thin jug cord type cable, I didn’t believe this to be very good, so I modified the amps to receive power directly from the GigaWatt PC-3 EVO+,using good cabling. With the system powered up through the PC-3 EVO+ power conditioner & LC-2 EVO power cable I immediately noticed a difference in the clarity of the music, the tightness of the bottom end, a brightness in the top end, the sound is completely different (in a good sense).  The greatest compliment came from my Partner (Helen) who’s immediate comment was, oh, that sounds nice (she pretends not to be audiophile ). I am looking forward to playing other music through my different formats to see what my old music sounds like through the new power conditioner. Thanks’ Terry for persuading me to go down the GigaWatt path, I could not be more happier with the GigaWatt PC-3 EVO+ Power Conditioner”

…… Tony

The Morch DP-8 is a truly remarkable piece of engineering that has enabled me to hear what my cartridge can really deliver.

Hi Terry.

Below are my thoughts on the Morch DP-8 toneatrm.

After installation and setup the DP-8 tonearm provided the most stable and centred soundstage I have heard on my system with very impressive control and pitch definition in the bass.

More impressive is this level of control continues all the way through the mid bass, midband and upper frequencies. The presentation does not sound mechanical or clinical. 

Timing is spot on and the level of transparency invites me to listen into the music and turn up the volume while remaining very consistent in retaining all the sonic qualities mentioned earlier regardless of volume level.

The DP-8 is a truly remarkable piece of engineering that has enabled me to hear what my cartridge can really deliver.
........ Kumaren

The DC2s covering the TV screen did the trick very nicely....

Hi Terry,
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to test out different Vicoustics panels. I found each panel type has its own function and benefit depending on your room.
For me, adding DC2 panels to cover the TV additional to the ones I got from you before underneath the TV helped unveil the muddled voice on tracks, especially on live recordings where the voice is supposedly higher than the instruments.

I had to compromise since I am renting and couldn’t remove the TV from where it is so tried gluing the DC2s on a light board with a bracket to cover ithe TV screen when we wernt watching it and it did the trick very nicley.
Looking forward to hearing more when the Wavewood Diffusers arrive.
Thanks again!

EAT Massive LP clamp solved the problem...

Hi Terry
The LP clamp arrived yesterday afternoon, thank you.
It has solved the bumping cartridge problem and seems to have tightened 
the bass up slightly as well...
Excellent service as always.

Much appreciated....

Hi Terry,
Just letting you know the subs arrived this morning and I have them up and running.
Thank you for the great service, much appreciated
 </p />
<div class=

Thank you

Hi Terry
I have finally got my system all set up.
The MIT cables and Clearaudio cartridge are just fantastic and a massive improvement.
Many thanks for all your help
Kind regards

A bit lost for words

Hi Terry,

"A bit lost for words here but I am now into my fourth continuous day of listening to music through this astonishing preamp with a big smile on my face"!

Thank you

.... it is now much clearer and more importantly much more enjoyable!

Hi Terry,
The TAOC MSMkII rack arrived and has been set up, the feedback / resonance problem I have with my big EAT turntable has now been solved and the music is now much clearer and more importantly much more enjoyable!
Thank you again for your excellent service.


Everything about this amp is absolutely superb

Ayon Scorpio amp - Amazing Performance / System Transformed

Hi Terry,
Hooked up the Ayon Scorpio, with the new Tellurium cables last night.
The problem is I could not turn off the system and go to bed..... Entrancing sound....Extremely musical. Rediscovered old favorites. Each track had so much more information than previously heard. Its very impressive. Thank you for the direction towards the AYON CD10 and the AYON Scorpio amp.
The look of the two side by side is quite unique. Mother was horrified in the morning by the size of the Scorpio and it's industrial look. I explained to her that such beauty emits from such a chunky looking "machine". Actually the industrial look transforms itself into elegant majesty once it's sound is embraced.
The Tannoys XT6Fs are up to the task.......currently, heh heh
..... David

Thev are just the most natural, beautiful sounds coming out of them.

Thanks Terry,
The Wilson Benesch Square Two speakers have arrived in perfect condition!

I have had time to listen to them for a couple of days now. They are just the most natural, beautiful sounds coming out of them.

I suspect I have a very nice combination of things working together now.

Thank you so very much,

I guess the next logical step will be to try these Stillpoints under my speakers.

Hi Terry
Now that I have been using the Stillpoints Ultra Mini for a few weeks, I just wanted to say that they have been a revelation - all the hi-fi clichés i.e. better separation, more detail, quieter etc.  are a tick.

In fact I would say that they are quite possibly the best upgrade I have made to any system including upgrading amps and sources.

What astounded me the most was these improvements were all brought about by placing the Stillpoints beneath my power distribution block – I had erroneously assumed that the best gains would be under the source equipment

I guess the next logical step will be to try these Stillpoints under my speakers.

Ayon cd- 07s
Ayon Spirit III
Antipodes DS Server
Martin Logan ESL-X

these wonderful amps.,

Hi Terry,
"Well the Ayons are playing beautifully as I type this communicardo. The music is so relaxed, stress free and natural sounding you just fall into it. Bass extension is incredibly deep and controlled with no hint of flab or bloat. In terms of PRAT or stop start these amps are fast and deliver quick transients within the music in a heartbeat. I'm so glad I made the move to Ayon the build quality is exceptional with performance to match"
Thanks and regards
...... Tim

feedback on my new Magico A3 speakers and the Vicoustic acoustic products.

Hi Terry,
i think it's about time to give you some feedback on my new Magico A3 speakers and the Vicoustic products.

The Magico A3s have had 120 hours burn-in -time so far, the mid and highs are starting to open up nicely, but I think the lower end still requires a bit more time,  I am really happy with the result. (needs to allow at least 300hrs.... Terry )

Happy to report they work beautifully with my Vitus amp and Accustic Arts Reference front end, its transparent and has great timing, I can't believe the incredible bass coming out of those 2 little 7 inch drivers, image is also great too, the speakers really disappear, I happily sit there listening for hours and hours......

Regarding Vicoustic acoustic treatment, I have installed the 8x SBE-Super Bass Extreme traps in front corners, 10x DC2 diffuser on the front wall and 8x DC2 diffusers on the ceiling. The muddy lower end seems to have cleared up dramatically, and I notice some fine details on bass note that Ive never heard before, the lower end is more in time with the mid and high which results in an intact presentation. Ive also noticed my room also sounds a lot "bigger" than before, especially on classical music, now I can clearly pick up the distant between the violin in front and cello at the back, wonderfu!

Thanks a lot

MAGICO SPODS make the difference....

Hi Terry thought you may like feedback on the MAGICO SPpods.

Buying Magico speakers is like buying a V8 sports car but only getting a V6 until you pay another 10% more to get a key to unlock the extra 2 cylinders!

Magico (in my humble opinion) should not sell their speakers without the spods the difference is that noticeable to us.

We have a new system, the speakers can sing without the floor adding it’s voice.

As always thank you for your help.


I am very happy with my new Antipodes EX.

Hi Terry
"I am very happy with my new Antipodes EX. Out of the box there was a really big difference from my previous player (4 times better). Much quieter background and clearer imaging. I know it will get better with more hours, better cabling and isolation. Looking forward to getting a nice dac soon.
Thanks again

Happy Sanders amp customer

Hi Terry,
Just though I would let you know, that further to my purchase of the Magtech amp last week, we have  ~

put in a new shelf for the amp 

used some decent interconnects 

sorted out other cabling 

and with the Magtech properly warmed up . . . 

We now have an outstanding improvement! 

A veil has been removed, more detail, plus a significant deeper bass and control. Wow! We have never heard the Linn speakers perform so well.
Thank you again for the time you gave us last week. We are very happy customers.

Kind regards,

Aidan loves his mew MAGICO S3s

Hey Terry,
I trust you’re well.
I’ve been meaning to give you a call but the days just get away on me one after another, so will drop an email before I’m pointlessly late.
The Magico’s were delivered maybe two weeks ago now which was stunning delivery speed. The time from confirmation to arrival was actually incredible and caught me almost unprepared.
The whole purchase start to finish was perfect high-end brand stuff, so really pleased that this was a good decision top to bottom. A very reassuring experience when such costs are involved.
The sound as you know is incredible, and I just wanted to touch base and say these speakers do things I have seldom or never heard speakers do before. Even without fine tuning the placement the room response produces incredibly low, tight bass. Recordings of all types – good and not so good - have new life in them, so I couldn’t be happier.
Thanks again for helping make this happen. I think the Plinius Reference system will stay as is for as far as I can see.
Stay well, and I’ll be sure to drop you a line if I’m up your way.
Aidan Moody


Amazing gear and service.
Thanks Terry for making music enjoyable again !! I didnt think a system could sound that real... Very happy.. !!
....... James

TQ Black-II cables..... very pleased with my purchase....

Hi Terry
"I have found the TQ Black-II cables to be very impressive,bass,mids,treble all sound clearer,more natural sounding,channel separation much improved,very pleased with purchase,now I need the Black-II jumper leads to finish it off"
........ Neil

Thank you very much......

Hi Terry

Just letting you know the Auralic Vega dac arrived this morning. It is singing away in the back ground as I work. Thank you very much.



....the AC5 just dominated it.

Hello Terry!

This PS Audio AC5 power cord is something else. I compared them with another brand in the same price range, the AC5 just dominated it. At least I know which one i’m going to get. Ill buy the TQ Ultra Black speaker cables first.
….Cheers Bensan!

PSA AC12 power cord - the result is very pleasing:

Hi Terry,
You advised to try the PS Audio AC12 power cord direct from wall to amplifier, leaving the player and preamp on a separate chord from a separate socket via our common earth socket pad.
The result is very pleasing:
Lower base now has realistic weight, upper treble is more liquid and refined, the timbre of instruments, more defined and real, and the separation of individual voices, and instruments increased in ensembles.
The depiction of venue-height depth and width is improved, and on good recordings, soundstage width increased.
The clarity and sense of effortless command, and natural flow from digital sources is significantly improved by separating the power supply and earthing of the power amp from that for the player, preamp, tuner and set top box.
The new power cable ,while costly, has given benefits greater than may have come from a major amp upgrade-and at much reduced risk of an unsuccessful outcome. 
A very good result ,
thank you Terry.

.....will blow your mind

Terry need to tell you:
"Just listening to Pink Floyd."Welcome to the Machine" off album "Wish You Were Here".
The opening couple of minutes of sound track will blow you mind on the Magico S3s......


Worth ever dollar spent

“Hi Terry,
I am very happy with the TAOC ASARII rack, it looks great with Accustic Arts  gear! I can hear improvements across the whole spectrum over my old rack. Especially makes the stage stable, the lower end is more defined, a lot of unwanted fat has been removed, mid and highs are accurate. The changes are positive, worth every $ I spent”
….. Martin


David took possession of his beautiful Magico S3 MkII Red MCast speakers today.

Received this txt: 
LOVING these MAGICOs Terry, they are settling in and sound sensational. Everything I hoped for and they look fab in the evening sunshine. Why did I think I wanted black. Anyway thanks you for sorting, Awesome. Have a great weekend. 

Perfect Fit....

Hi Terry, 
The Tannoy XT6S bookshelf speaker are a Perfect fit, looks awesome and most importantly sound fantastic, in the smaller room the bass response has come into it's own. Surprised the little NuForce isn't struggling one little bit. 
Thought I'd send a photo, not your usual customer setup :) I have to find something to good to isolate them from the desk now. 
Have a great weekend !

Great sound. Cant believe they got so much technology in such a small box!

Hi Terry,
Got the Auralic Altair set up and streaming from my new NAS. Great sound. Cant believe they got so much technology in such a small box! 
Many thanks for your help and all the best in the new premises.

Thixar Isolation Platform - "its great"

Hi Terry 
Thanks for loaning me the Thixar which seems to have done the job nicely removing the floor vibration. Can you please order me one of the medium sized units – 450 x 360 which is all I need for my TT 
Many thanks

The Stillpoints puck is outstanding.

Hi Terry
The Stillpoints puck is outstanding. I have had a few, including the Shun Mook, but the Stillpoints tops them all.
At some point I may try more Stillpoints under equipment, or maybe the Magico Qpods. Do you have any thoughts on these under a CD player or pre amp?
Best regards

Great stereo lives on.”

“Terry guided me towards the Aria Piccolo music server, and what a choice. It is everything he said it would be…a doddle to rip CDs, internet radio works via the Aria so easily, and the sound quality is superb. As he said, a key thing is the quality of the app and I would say there are none better. This really adds to the whole music listening experience.


“Great advice, great service…thanks Terry. And I love just ambling around your showroom. I’ve been checking out stereo gear for a long time and it’s the most interesting range of quality equipment I’ve seen/heard in this country by a long way. Better known elite brands are mixed with some amazing stuff from the cutting edge companies out there. (I’ve certainly never seen so many tubes in my life). Great stereo lives on.”

........Chris Rattue

.....really enjoyed the Acoustic Arts REFERENCE TUBE PREAMP II

Hi Terry
Thought we would let you know that we really enjoyed the Acoustic Arts REFERENCE TUBE PREAMP II over the weekend. It has made a world of difference. Simon is appreciating the Magico's again now!

Our new system has now raised our enjoyment of music to a whole new level.

Hi Terry
We have now had the chance to have a good listen to the upgraded Antipodes DS GT music server that we recently received back from you. The Antipodes now completes the new system that we bought from you which includes the Ayon Spirit 3 integrated tube amplifier, Tellurium Q Ultra-Black cabling throughout and the absolutely magnificent Tannoy GR Kensington 10” dual concentric loudspeakers.

The performance from our new system is absolutely stunning and exceeds the quality of sound we hoped to attain when we set out to upgrade from our existing system. The addition of listening to our ripped music and Tidal streaming via the Roon music management system on the Antipodes DS GT makes for a rich and engaging digital front end experience that is a joy to use.

Aileen and I would like to like to say a particular thank you to you for the significant personal time and attention you devoted to us as we auditioned various components and discussed the pros and cons of different options and combinations. Moving up from the entry/ mid-level system that we had to what is now a near reference level system was a big step up and a significant investment for us. It was a process made more complicated by needing to ensure synergy and balance between so many new components and the dimensions of our lounge. You helped us navigate all this with sensible and tailored advice and the continued insistence on us listening so we could hear the qualities of various components and the synergy between them for ourselves.

When we assembled the new system in our own lounge and struck an issue with sound balance, you were quick to provide expertise and assistance and the issue was rectified swiftly with a simple change of pre-amp tubes. We were enormously grateful for this support as we simply did not have the expertise to understand the issue or to identify the right solution. High end audio can be very complex and we know anyone looking to buy a component or a system from Audio Reference can be confident that they will receive expert advice when they are buying and great after sales support should they need it.

Our new system has now raised our enjoyment of music to a whole new level. Crank up the volume and the full, dynamic sound from the 10” Tannoys makes us feel like we’re listening to our favourite artist at a live gig. Turn it down later at night and it sounds like Julia Stone is playing her guitar softly right in front of us - simply marvellous!

We look forward to catching up with you at some stage in the New Year but in the meantime Aileen and I would like to wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and a long and relaxing summer break.

All the very best.
Rob and Aileen

I never dreamt when I first contacted you that I would end up with the system that we now enjoy!

Hi Terry,

Many thanks to you and the delivery team for getting those magnificent speakers safely installed on Tuesday, they certainly are impressive in both appearance and sound!


You always wonder if you have made the right decision and if the new equipment will live up to your expectations especially an item as significant as this. After only 2 days the answer is a very definite YES!! 


I have always believed that the true purpose of a high end system is 2 fold – primarily to give enjoyment to the listener/s, but secondly in so doing it is to bring the artist or artists into the living room, if you were to close your eyes you should be able to imagine the performers right there in front of you.
The Magico S7 do that and much more. The sound is so clear and clean, a very wide sound stage and brilliant imaging. The resolution is so good that you are able to pick out each instrument and the timbre of each note. But it seems more than that as everything blends together into a brilliantly enjoyable experience.


I have played a number of tracks now but there were 2 in particular that had been played a number of times on my previous gear and were enjoyable but played through the Magico’s gave an amazing WOW it has never sounded like that before!! I’m finding that you do hear notes and tones not heard before, right through the range.
The reason for choosing the S7 was the base extension, and so far it is exceeding expectations, very tight, strong and extended but thankfully not overdone. The base is there when needed and is very precise and deep.


It’s a wonderful combination from the MSB DAC & UMT/ Acoustic Arts Mono III’s and now the Magico S7’s. Judy and I are looking forward to much enjoyment and many very pleasant hours exploring.


Thanks Terry for your advice over the last almost 2 years, I never dreamt when I first contacted you that I would end up with the system that we now enjoy!


Kind Regards


Send me an invoice please....

It’s been a very interesting few days – I hooked up the TQ Silver Diamond USB cable on the Thursday afternoon and could not believe the difference compared to my old Purist Audio USB cable, it was so clear and clean, extremely good imaging and wide soundstage. 

I’ve seen the expression “as if a veil was lifted” so often in equipment reviews, now I understand. I reverted to the old cable on Friday and the same issues were there. 

If I could keep the Silver Diamond USB cable I would greatly appreciate it – if you could send through an invoice please.


I ended up taking the rest of the week off work for a kaleidoscope of listening pleasure.

Thank you so much Terry for these little beauties. (Accustic Arts Reference Mono-II amps).

I can not believe just how great they are. The detail, tightness, and warmth is truly amazing.

Coming from a electronics background I always thought amplification was just a matter of numbers...DB gain, Current, Impedance etc that’s why I have always had the best source I can afford,thinking the sound can be only as good as the DAC’s etc at the front end.

But boy! Have I been proven wrong these Mono ll’s just confirm that amplifier design is more of an art (excuse pun) than simple maths.

I ended up taking the rest of the week off work for a kaleidoscope of listening pleasure.


Thanks again...I think I owe you a beer next time I’m up that way



Any other cable sound dirty in comparison.

Dear terry

I must say that the black diamond cable is the best I have ever used.

IT just digs out micro detail and looks deep into the recording in a very unforced natural  way.

Something very  strange is going on as you feel you are not listening to the cable anymore just the music.

The timing ,  the  timbre and what the artist is feeling like on the day is placed in front of you.

The field depth has grown as well as base extension and no fuzz

Any other cable sound dirty in comparison.

Not The cheapest cable one can buy, however if your system warrants the investment and you enjoy the fine things in life , I cannot find fault with this cable.

....... Grant 

In a nutshell the Canor is like WOW;

Hi Terry,
The setting you made on the phono stage seems to be right for the Goldring. In a nutshell the Canor TP306+ phono is like WOW; singers are more expressive and music is more well 'live'. Would most likely sound better with a MC cartridge, but that can wait as I would like to get an Oppo from you next. In the meantime I would like to get some Clearaudio stylus cleaner, thanks.

These Japanese SPEC engineers have certainly created a LOVELY, SMOOTH, TUBE SOUNDING, SOLID STATE INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER that is a PLEASURE to LISTEN to.

Hello Terry,
Thank you so much for the loan of your SPEC RSA-M3EX Integrated amplifier to listen and evaluate in my system over the weekend.

It just slotted into my system as though it had always been there and the remote control was such a pleasure to use. The blue light around the volume control knob was a very nice aesthetic touch.

I was most impressed with its sound especially when listening to CDs. It was warm, rich and lush yet detailed and I found it very ADDICTIVE to listen to for long hours into the night. 

I was also  delighted to find it had a Preamp-In function and I was able to enjoy records via my preamplifier/phono through it as well.

I would venture to say that it is one of the most MOST TUBE SOUNDING OF ANY SOLID STATE GEAR I have listened to in a long time, as you know listening to music though valve gear has been my choice for over 30yrs.

The sound stage did lack a bit in depth compared to my tube gear however it was very wide and I particularly enjoyed the sound of female singers with voice detail that was STUNNING AND OH SO CLEAR AND DETAILED .

The BASS weight was there in SPADES and the MID range was SUPERB.

I would have liked to hear a bit more air and treble and perhaps different interconnects or speaker cables would produce this result.

To Summerise:  

These Japanese SPEC engineers have certainly created a LOVELY, SMOOTH, TUBE SOUNDING, SOLID STATE INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER that is a PLEASURE to LISTEN to. 

It is a wonderful way to capture the music that is hidden in a CD collection and a real a REAL MUSICAL TREASURE.

……. Paul

Amp Brilliant!

The amplifier is absolutely brilliant. Have got to listen to our entire collection again.
Have got to come to town this Friday, would you be available any time in the afternoon to look at that PS Audio Dectet power-board you were talking about. 
Keith C

The system synergy with the Canton Reference K7s all came together with Tellurium Q Ultra Black speaker cables

“After 3 months of trying hard to get synergy in my system and not achieving the desired sound, and about ready to give up Terry encouraged me to persevere and asked me try the TQ Ultra Black speaker cables in my system. Encouraged by Terry I bought the amp back to its original configuration and revised the speaker plinth set up, this time the whole system with TQs installed it all came together and sounded so much better, now the Canton K7 speakers and amp synergy etc was finally what I had been searching for"

"Comparing them with other combinations and cables the consensus was a unanimous no brainer. They bring out acoustic detail, soundstage accuracy and refined dynamics that could not be replicated with the other cables on a variety of music".

"Thank you Terry.” .

….. Dave   

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

Hi Terry,
All set up and going. Your advice is much appreciated. I am amazed at what it sounds like.
The new Ayon Scorpio tube amp in Triode mode is best and it's like sitting in front of the band with a sound scape all around you. I can hear sounds on the new Clearaudio Concept turntable with my old LP's I have never heard before.

I used to have a Bose 5 speaker system and this new system blows it away  - just on the warmth, depth and feel of the music. 

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

....with the Aries Mini's sound quality it sounds like he is performing in my cabin, just for me!

This is the little box that could. And does!

An oil tanker isn't exactly a prize environment for quality Audio, but this amazing little streamer has made my cabin a haven for me and my music. 100% reliable whether streaming from Plex media server or an attached hard drive. 

I'm currently half way through my David Bowie collection the day after his death. Bet he's never been on an oil tanker, but with the Aries Mini's sound quality it sounds like he is performing in my cabin, just for me!

Thanks Terry, these really should sell like hotcakes - I'll put the word out.

.... Gary Pearce

Count me impressed!

Hi Terry
Just dropping you a pre-Xmas note to let you know how much I'm enjoying the Antipodes DV (new model DX). It's not an exaggeration to say that - together with the Chord 2Qute DAC - it has transformed the sound of my system. I've gone from spinning 95% vinyl and playing 5% CDs to 95% digital files via the Antipodes and 5% vinyl. The sound is at once ultra high-rez, but also completely unfatiguing and natural, with no hint of digital "hardness". Count me impressed!

Many thanks for giving the opportunity to upgrade to the P10

Hi Terry,
I have had the P10 for just over 2 weeks now, and from the moment that it was connected, I have been hugely impressed.
It gives a significant strengthening and increased impact to the lower frequencies, the mono blocks also appear to be so much more relaxed and in control – compared to both the P5 (with the mono blocks connected thru the P5) and also compared to the mono blocks when they are connected directly to the wall sockets and the P5 only had the MSB gear and Aurender connected.
Many thanks for giving the opportunity to upgrade to the P10, much appreciated.

.... David


This Artesania rack is amazing.

I am only now starting to appreciate what it is doing for the system's sound now that I have spent some time playing music through the system.
Thanks again for everything 



Hi Terry,

"Well after a week of late nights and great music both digital and via my new Clearaudio Concept turntable what can I say, WOW, my new Cantons Reference K3 speakers have really started to sing. 

The mid range and top end detail is there in spades just as you suggested it would be , however I just can't believe the effect they have had in the lower registers. Both subtlety and raw horse power all combining to create a very special loud speaker, thanks again for steering me in the right direction and I'm sure as this journey continues our paths will cross again".



Many thanks Terry for the OPPO-JTLi - straight up this is a superb player,

Straight up this is a superb player, as soon as I plugged it in I knew it was something special. It bears no relation to the otherwise more than capable standard oppo 105.

Having now had the jlti in almost constant use for a couple of months or so I find it a true revelation, everything processed by the jlti DAC is revealed new minted,  full of unheard nuances, cd's that sounded rather ho-hum have become a riveting listen, hard edged red book cd's reappear with a warm natural balance. The player's ability to scrounge every last bit of micro detail is truly astounding. All of the layers in a complex piece are revealed with clarify,  no such thing as an homogeneous wash of sound with this player.  The ability to pick out and follow the line of individual voices in a complex whole is a true delight, imaging is rock solid and soundscape takes you wide and deep. Instrumental and voice timbre and texture is so natural, not a hint of digital artifice, dare I say it but it is more analogue than analogue! 

Prior to this player I was using an Audio Research DAC8 costing more than twice the price of the jlti with the standard 105 as a transport, I had thought that this was a great sound and indeed it was a marked improvement over the standard 105 itself but the jlti is so much more in just about every way. If I could find any area of criticism comparing the two I have would say that the DAC8 renders more clout in the deep bass but the trade offs are too significant especially when considering the wonderful articulate nature of the jlti bass.

If all this sounds just too good to be true, it is nonetheless my experience as a component within my own system and long may the rediscovery of my music collection continue. I have been truly amazed at what lies buried in my cd collection.

I have not been too concerned over the visual aspect of the jlti as my focus is on the audio and the picture quality of the standard player is more than good, but I think there is maybe an improvement in this as well. As a music player alone the Oppo 105 jlti has to be one of the biggest bargains in Hi Fi. 

Thanks again Terry, 




"After Saturday when we set up the new Ayon Crossfire 300B integrated I decided to look at using the Aurelic Vega DAC again. What a difference - with the Crossfire installed there is much more clarity, definition and texture.
I can also get a lot more volume and headroom; it's like using the previous Triton amp but with greater definition and timbre. Fantastic. You'll have to come and have a listen".

Very pleased already with the Tellurium black power cable.

"Clearer, more refined treble, poise and increased space in the mid range, with interplay in string quartets clearer and more sense of forward flow in harmonic line. Now with solo cello, there is more natural resonance from the body of the instrument, and a real sense  of the room acoustic.The benefits were plain when we used this kind of cable in our Oppo 95.
They are  markedly greater on the JLTI version of the Oppo 105D you sold us.
All these advances have been evident in the first 12 hours of playing".

I have been enjoying myself immensely, more late nights to come...

Hi Terry,
Well what can I say except that you have done it again...

I have decided that I would like to keep the Canor TP-206. As you said it is a step up from my current phono and once it settled down and I had found the best loading for the EMT I have been enjoying myself immensely, more late nights to come...


Wonderful customer service Terry and a game-changer result for me.

Letting you know that the Sanders ESL system is set-up and it’s sounding amazing down here in the deep south.

Thanks for meeting me when I flew up to Auckland to audition the system and for hosting me at your studio - such a relaxing setting to listen your way through ‘test’ discs.

Your knowledge and experience of the Sanders system, especially referencing it to other contenders, was spot-on!   That you had visited Roger Sanders in the USA exemplifies your commitment to ensuring that the quality and attributes of the system were revealed in full audio glory. As I said to an audio mate ‘I wished I’d explored electrostatics way earlier.’

Wonderful customer service Terry and a game-changer result for me.

Best Wishes, 

Iam impressed with this valve amp

hi terry  
i have just deposited the balance in to your bank ..i had a good listen to the AYON SPIRIT !!! valve amp over the weekend and it sounds VERY GOOD to me,  i am impressed with this valve amp,  very clear in the mids and trebles so I thank you VERY MUCH for your patience over this journey, and thanks for letting me have a home demo off those other two fine amps [hegel & sanders] .. again thanks heaps.

........every free waking moment listening

As the exclusive supplier of the JLTi Upgrade version of the Oppo in NZ you have a giant -killer-

Hi Terry
As the exclusive supplier of the JLTi Upgrade version of the Oppo in NZ you have a giant -killer- 
Thanks for introducing the first of these up-graded audiofile players to me at first plating in your salon and for letting me have your one in the queue for orders.
We have many SACD's and have previously used an Oppo 95 (which, like the 105D does not down-sample DSD in conversion) : 
*  the 105D JLTI is a big step-up from switch on. 
    - wider and better integrated sound stage
   -  clarity in placing instruments and voices in the sound stage
   -   true to live performance voice and instrumental timbres
   -   accurate and deep bass - lifelike treble extremes
   -   no congestion ( if amps and speakers are up to it)
   -   improved Bluray and visual clarity - it transforms good music, DVD's
Most of all it has revealed many delights in our library of older CD's - discs previously merely interesting examples of particular works, but not compelling listening are transformed into riveting performances.
The effect has been to reveal how good the Quadral Montans you sold us are at capturing the full frequency range, and how even they are.
Thanks again
Rodney Deeble

A Very Satisfied Customer -

From a Very Satisfied customer. 
I purchased the Hegel H160 Amp with the Usher Dancer MiniX DMD speakers.

The heartbeat on Pink Floyd 'Dark side of the moon' has an echo I have never heard before.

Simply outstanding.

Thanks Terry for your excellent service.

….Mike is the time and effort you have put into my project to get the best outcome and I couldn't be happier with the result.

Hi Terry,
Thanks for talking me into upgrading the Usher B10's to the B20's, because of the size of the room (6.5m x 10.8m) the room has come alive with the B20's filling the space with ease.

The B20's have also added depth to the base but most interesting it has opened up the midrange.

I loved the sound style of the Usher B10's and the B20's are in the same vane but the room/speaker match is now right and I'm now getting the best out of the system.

If I have one big thanks you (above the other thank you's),  is the time and effort you have put into my project to get the best outcome and I couldn't be happier with the result.    

Kind Regards
Martyn Seddon sounds great.

Hi Terry,
The lovely little Clearaudio Nano -2 phonostage arrive last week and this weekend I got my TT set up and had a proper listen to it. Very pleased to have a vinyl source back up and running and it sounds great.


Alex's experience - feedback:

Thanks for helping me put together a truly wonderful system. You genuinely listened to what I wanted to achieve and then you expertly crafted together the necessary elements to make it happen. It was a real journey of learning for me so thanks also for being so patient with me and generous with your knowledge. 


Kind Regards from a very satisfied customer

Good evening Terry,
Hope you both got home safely and thank you so much for all your advice and work , I couldn't be happier you really have gone the extra distance for me, literally , and rest assured all future purchases will go your way it's been a privilege dealing with you and meeting you both.
If you ever fancy a break in Northland don't hesitate to contact me there is always a room here for you both, thanks again 
Kind Regards from a very satisfied customer


Truth is I never woke up this morning as I never went to bed, I stayed up playing records and rearranging the lounge, I took your advice and covered floor in carpets , got rid of all the furniture apart from one seat which I plan to be parked on all weekend. 
The sound quality is breath taking and I swear as the amp got warmer so did the sound, absolutely stunning , a wise old man once told me – you have to know what you know and you certainly know audio so many thanks again, have a good weekend .

Kind Regards

....very happy customer

Hi Terry,
Just to say, the Davone Mojo speakers (and dac-amp), have arrived and sound spectacularly much better than what I'm used to - music like it's being played on real instruments.....very happy customer.

Best wishes,

Thanks again for all your help in getting this gear together. I am thrilled......

Hi Terry,
Quick email to say how wonderful the Brodmann F2s sound driven by the TRV-845SE.

The Woo WA5 is a great headphone amp, but it really isn't an amp to drive speakers. The TRV-845 just kills it.

I have replaced the stock 6SN7s with some nice Shuguang Treasures and also replaced the 2A3s too the 845s are stock. Even with the standard stock output tubes this amp sounds great. I wonder how much better it will be with some burn in time and some higher-end tubes.

Each tube upgrade bumps the amp up another notch - this is a stunning bit of kit. The Brodmann F2s are really 88dB sensitivity speakers when calculated at 1m for 1W, and the TRX-845 drives them easily. I have volume knob at around 8 o'clock (barely on) and it fills my lounge with great. 

Thanks again for all your help in getting this gear together. I am thrilled with the SET + Brodmann combination.with the SET + Brodmann combination.


I think I have an excuse to sell my vinyl?

Hi Terry,
I think I have an excuse to sell my vinyl?

Very, very happy with the Antipode’s DXe Music Server & Auralic Vega DAC combination, I cannot believe the step up from the Tricked out Mac mini with Linear power supply and SSD, this into the NAD M51 DAC with all the fruit hanging off of it, IFI USB power supply, IFI USB to SPDIF converter IFI USB Filter etc. etc.

....hope I can tear myself away to go to work tonight.

Hi Terry,
Payment has just been transferred for the lovely little Triode TRV-EQ4SE phono stage.

I will be listening most of today as well, I just hope I can tear myself away to go to work tonight.

Thank you for another wonderful sounding piece of equipment and of course your excellent service,


Thank you for another great result.

Hi Terry,
Thanks for letting me try more Stillpoint Ultra SS isolators. (The first set made such a marked improvement, under the tube preamp, as you suggested they might).

To my surprise,the place where they made a marked and beneficial change was under the Nordost Qbase Power distribution block. I am using Tellurium Black power chords (again from you, with better dynamics and tonal accuracy than others at 
3x the price)

Better power cables are stiff and transfer micro vibrations from amp and cd player around the system.The Stillpoints under the power block ,to my surprise, deepened the soundstage, widened it with recordings where there are more players and the mics are further away from the performers. The position of the players or singers in the soundstage became much more clearly defined, and the clarity, harmonic accuracy and discrimination  improved. 

The combination with the effect under the pre-amp was equivilent to a major up-grade to tuner, CD player, amp and pre-amp.

Thank you  for another great result.



Awesome buddy.
A great example of proper search engine use and of e commerce in practice.
Great service and thanks again.
I really look forward to these.

The Triode at times leaves me wondering at times why we all went solid state.

Dear Terry
I would also like to thank  you for getting me into the valves.

The little TRIODE TRV-KT88 45w valve integrated amp has got me started me off at a very reasonable price. I think everybody should experience the Magic of a good valve amp and pre amp. 

The Triode at times leaves me wondering at times why we all went solid state. Matched up with reasonably sensitive  speakers the Triode pushed my reference system very close. In fact I purchased  a little Icon Audio Pre amp for my reference system.

Honestly I cannot go back to solid state now as the music flows with a much better emotion.

A must try for everybody and the good Valve amps of today are not mushy and have a lot of the good character of solid state with more to boot. They look pretty groovy as well....

Thanks for supplying another fantastic product to me.

Dear Terry,
I have used and auditioned a bunch of hi end cables and have not been 100% happy for some time now.  My system had gained a little edge and I was often turning the volume down .
Well the Tellurium Q graphite cable has done the trick.
The best thing is it is like “having no cable “. Very smooth extended response without edge - In summary
It just flows and adds another dimension revealing another layer of information , field depth and width .
The Graphite It is very smooth and very low distortion and just gets out of the way to let the tempo  and emotion flow thru.
The lower notes are well defined as well.
The reviews are not wrong , just try it  for a few days and then switch back to normal cables and it will be obvious.
Not a head banger a cable  that’s says look at me . it says “listen to the music.”
Flow . speed , very clear , almost a breakthrough
Best cable I have listened to so far

The most immediate effect was a marked increase in dynamics.

Hi Terry,
The UltraSS stillpoints you supplied for trial under the valve pre-amp have had really substantial positive results and justified their considerable expense. 

Clarity increased, with improved treble refinement and subtlety throughout the whole pitch range - the distinctive sound of instruments emerging fully.

The most immediate effect was a marked increase in dynamics. With recordings of groups or  orchestras greatly increased sense of depth and position in the soundstage and a widening too.

Must now save to try under the speakers! (subject to budgetry approval of Management) .




Thanks so much for all you work in getting this wonderful music into our home, everyone visiting is enjoying it too,
 (They invested in a very nice little system, Cambridge 651 amp and CD player with a pair of Quadral speakers).

.... June & Sid

I have to re-listen to all my music,

Hi Terry,
All good - the DAC is great. 
With a jump like this I have to re-listen to all  my music, almost re-learning it in a way.

Unreservedly recommended

Excellent DAC just as described.

Terry sells absolutely top quality audio products. I've bought a number of items from him and his knowledge and service is second to none.

Unreservedly recommended as someone to deal with.
.....Paul :)

it is like drinking the best red wine you have ever had.

Hi Terry,
"I have had a good change to listen to the,  Antipodes Server and AURALiC DAC, and after listening to music for over 40 years I can honestly say I have never been happier with the sound.  

Before I would have to change cables and set up to suit the type of music I was playing going from classical to hard rock or compromising and setting up for something in-between. Well that is all over with the Auralic and Antipodes handling anything you can throw at it with and it does it with ease.  

To sum up it is so good at bringing all the detail out and in such a soft and rich way, it is like drinking the best red wine you have ever had. Thank you for taking me down this road, I have waited a long time to get there".

.....….Martyn :)

absolutely wrapped

Just to let you know - absolutely wrapped with new Usher speakers, Clearaudio Concept turntable and the Cambridge 651P phono stage.  
Will give you a call when next in Auckland.

One very happy Stirling Broadcast LS3/5a owner

Hi Terry,

The Sirling Broadcast BBC LS3/5s are going just great.
Actually they are amazing right from the beginning. 
Once Ive owned the Spendor LS3/5s, bought new pair a few years back and they are fairly disappointing product.
Thank you,


I am very impressed....

Hi Terry
I am very impressed with the Taurus headphone amplifier I purchased from you.I have owned a good few headphone amplifiers over the past thirty years or so and the Taurus beats the lot.Build quality is superb and once it has had a few hours of music through it the sound is magic.
Detail and transparency are excellent and certainly no graininess or harshness.Midrange is just about as good as it gets,bass to die for and overall a fantastic product.
I use Sennheiser HD800 headphones but am now tempted to go up the scale a bit and try the Audeze Planar LCD-2 and LCD-3 headphones.

Enjoying the headphones (Audeze LDX)

Hi Terry,

Thanks for taking the time to demo last week, was a pleasure to try these with some of your other gear.  I am enjoying the headphones (Audeze LDX)

Simon loves his new Primare reference DAC30.....

The Primare Dac30 is wonderful, it has really come into its own, additionally on the balanced circuit it is sonically amazing. Everything the reviews have stated and some.


Greetings from Waikanae

Hi Terry
Just a little note to you in regards to the Stirling Broadcast LS3/6 speakers I purchased from you. 
They are wonderful indeed, good sounding, articulate, expressive and musically satisfying. They are definitely the best speakers I have  owned, and I have heard and owned a lot in my life.
Many thanks for importing these into the country. I hope they are selling well!
Kind Regards
Mark Edwards

Perhaps this is an implicit licence for the next step?

Hi Terry
I have run the Quadral' speakers in for a couple of weeks and they now sound exactly as I had envisaged after a few initial worries about matching to the listening room. The fit with the Krell 150i is just as you suggested. Needless to say, I am more than happy with the results. The definitive moment was when she who objects to "misallocating" funds to indulgences like sound equipment observed that "those speakers sound really good".
Perhaps this is an implicit licence for the next step?
Roger Brown

These special purchases have indeed taken our level of enjoyment to the next stage.

Dear Terry,


Well we are finally sitting down to send you our thoughts regarding the Krell Phantom 3 pre-amp, Clear Audio Basic+ phono amplifier and Accu+ Power Supply we bought from you just over a week ago. 


These special purchases have indeed taken our level of enjoyment to the next stage. Thank you so much for your wonderful service and insight. As you intimated the pre-amp is very important in a hi fi system.  In fact, it is far more important than we would ever have thought!


The Krell is a fantastic pre-amp. It has given air to our sound but much more than that. It, together with the Clear Audio, gives clarity, realism, rhythm, timing, coherence, tonality, openness, incredible bass extension but most of all, soul to our music.  Using a zen-esque statement, we can truly say that for the first time there is no sound system - just the music.  For instance, this morning we have had CDs of Bing Crosby’s and Boney M’s Christmas albums on as background music.  Pedestrian one may think?  No way.  Even these non-audiophile CDs sound amazing – you are doing other things and just find yourself listening and thinking – listen to that (music)!  What we are getting from our CDs, even just ordinary ones, has been a big surprise. The vinyl side of things too has taken a great leap forward just sounding that bit less reproduced than most CDs and with all those qualities of vinyl we know and love pronounced and beautiful.


Just for the record the rest of our (mostly vintage) system is: Micro Seiki RX1500 turntable, Dynavector DV505 tonearm, Denon 103R MC cartridge, Rotel RCD 1072 CD player, Luxman M-03 power amp, DCM Time Window speakers, MIT AVT 1 interconnects and speaker cables and Synergistic Research Vortex Analogue tone arm cable.


Once again thank you Terry 


Yours sincerely,


how absolutely thrilled I am with the Clearaudio Titanium v2 cartridge

Hi Terry,
I am just emailing to tell you how absolutely thrilled I am with the Clearaudio Titanium v2 cartridge. I was listening to some great jazz last night - Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Oscar Peterson, Ray Brown and other great musicians. The level of musical insight that this cartridge offers is truly amazing. You can hear everything- subtle details like the musicians' phrasing, coupled with vivid dynamic contrasts brings the music to life and makes it so much more engaging. I really felt like I was in the presence of these great artists.

Thanks for your part, and to David for a great set up, in helping me put together my dream analogue front end. I wish you all the best for the festive season and the new year ahead.

Tim Whitlock lucky I am to have such a nice and varied fleet of speakers

Morning Terry,
A nice few words in the review of the lovely Accordo speakers, thanks for that.

Agree with his comment re not having the "dreaded upper-bass bump" a lot of shelf mounts have.

I often think how lucky I am to have such a nice and varied fleet of speakers thanks to Mr Terry!


Very highly recommended!

I'm very happy with this centre from every perspective.  Looks great, sounds better, integrates perfectly.  Finally the search is over.  If you have Loreleis, ProAc, Sonus Faber, Usher, anything that uses scan speaks you really have to take a listen to this centre.  Stan was great to work with, it arrived very quickly and in perfect condition.  Very highly recommended!
............Byteme - Forum member: 

really happy......

Hi Terry,


Rec’d the Usher S520 speakers on Friday and immediately plugged them in, really happy with sound.


Thanks for the fab service, going to enjoy 200hrs break in!



Wow! What more can I say?!

Wow! What more can I say?!
If I'm to be honest with you, I'd have to say that my hifi system has always been a bit of an underwhelming disappointment to me. The TQ Black cable has transformed the listening experience beyond measure. Totally engaging, so much detail previously unheard. I'm going to have to go the whole hog now & invest in matching interconnects, eventually
... Cheers, Adrian.

find I have recently started enjoying listening to my CDs again

Hello Terry, 
After recently sending you my joyful endorsement of my new TRIODE TRX-PL6 REFERENCE AMPLIFIER there has been of a further development to my musical enjoyment.
I have about 400 odd CDs which have been sitting gathering dust for the last 4 years, as I have mainly been collecting and enjoying listening to records, as I love the warmth and natural sound of analog.
I find I have recently started enjoying listening to my CDs again as they sound very musical and natural via the triode mode of the Triode TRX-PL6 amplifier and so now I have the best of both world to enjoy.
Best Regards 

Thanks again...

Hi Terry 
Thanks so much for the purchase of the Electrocompaniet EMP Blu-ray/CD/SACD player.
I thouht my old player was good but your experience has really paid off.
Thanks again


We are very pleased with the result.....

Quadral Aurum Montans
Terry skilfully selected three potential speakers from his stable, within our target price range and demonstrated them patiently in a revealing listening experience in his ideal demonstration room. This made a choice for home audition easier  as the character of each pair of speakers was clearly revealed.
We tried the Quadral Aurum Montans which Terry set up in our lounge and are delighted .  They provide a full frequency range with well-integrated sound, a pure and refined treble, rich but fast mid-range and  room-filling bass in proper proportion.
They play well without losing balance  at lower volumes which Kathleen prefers when reading, doing handwork or when we have dinner guests.
We are very pleased with the result and grateful for Terry's perceptive help and suggestions.

TriodeTRX-P6L stereo amp brings out the joy, beauty & dynamics of music that will have you listening into the wee small hours. "

Hello Terry,
Coming from a sales and marketing background I tend to take statements  like these with a grain of salt ....
"Triode brings out the joy, beauty & dynamics of music that will have  you listening into the wee small hours. "
Well until I recently that is, but after listening to the TRIODE  TRX-PL6 REFERENCE AMPLIFER in my system for a few days and nights,
I did indeed find it very hard to turn off in the evenings or  worse/better still to give back to Terry of Audio Reference Co in  Auckland.
The Japanese designer has gone all out with his new reference series and has  produced a range of hi end equipment that can take on the big boys of the audio  world.
This little red coloured Lexus finished amplifier produces a musical rapture that is quite hard to describe in real terms.
This is the best way for me to describe it....
The amplifier allows the music to transcend my audio system.
It creates a 3 dimensional holographic image of performers and performance with an amazing front to back depth, in triode mode through my Audio Note AN-E speakers.
It captures the air and space of studios and concert halls and just shimmers with each instrument and voice in it's own space .
It can take a whole range of power tubes however I have found the KT88 is the best sounding in my system as it just has so much headroom to spare.
It has responded extremely well to tube rolling when I tried a range of vintage  valves in it and they took its magic to a whole new level of performance.
British Mullard 12AX7 and GEC KT88 tubes were the ones that suited it best.
Needless to say it is staying in my system and I am now listening into the wee small hours.
Best Regards
......Paul Burgess

Now I had better give them back and start saving ....

Hi Terry,
Many thanks for letting me demo the new Auralic Merak mono amps.    

While listening to them I woke the tablet up and rad the 6moons review on them. A couple of quoted from the review that I thought were spot on. "modern high-resolution sound with just the right underpinnings of analogue vintage virtues"  


"....That's where class D done right comes to the rescue. It runs 24/7 cool yet with humdinger power. It has ultra-low output impedance to 'get a grip' or 'come to terms' with the usual speakers. Then it adds utter freedom from noise whilst transcending the usual turbo lag of legacy muscle amps which didn't sound good at low levels. Finally there's compact physical size. It's a winning combination of virtues class    

A can't match. 

Yet AURALiC's Meraks are all that and priced competitively."    

A little artistic licence in there of course but I feel very true and very appropriate for these magnificent amps.    

I will resist the temptation to wax lyrical and leave it at that ;)

Now I had better give them back and start saving ....   

Much Thanks


A car analogy .... I would go with Porsche , everyday liveability with super car performance.

Thanks for the Auralic Vega DAC demo. 

Straight out of the box it had the sabre chip clarity and detail that we loved about the new wonder chip when it first entered our listening lives.  

There something more here though, a smoothness and greater sense of scale to the music. Kind of sabre grows up and gets friendly. It has true Super DAC performance in a smart package with user friendly features like full featured remote, a good volume control, filters to make those badly recorded tracks listenable and accepts the DSD format files to place it at the top of the new tech ladder.    

A car analogy .... I would go with Porsche , everyday liveability with super car performance.

I thoroughly recommend this Usher rack. In my system it has had a major positive impact.

Hi Terry 
I am really pleased with the Usher stand that I bought recently, I was expecting to sacrifice a little sonically having used a couple of marble slabs with supports and a wall rack extension. I managed to get the stand assembled and put it with spikes on two marble slabs reconnected everything and sat down to listen to some music. The effect was astounding, everything sounded much clearer, more air, speakers sounded like they were communicating together, timing was also much better. The mids really opened up significantly. My cd player (transport) always had to be on an angle to work, was sitting level and played without problems. I am getting a lot more sonic information, especially when using cd, my turntable is still on a wall shelf. The difference is similar to moving from a $400 cartridge to a $3000 one, a lot more information coming through playing the same music. The stand looks fabulous similar to my speakers in piano black, and ties my system nicely together. The stand is very heavy, sonically and aesthetically unbelievable for the money. Solid thick birch shelves really don’t come in this price bracket.
This rack really improved things more than a component upgrade in my experience. It is too much work to A/B with my previous set up, but I have listened to my system so often to be certain this is a huge step up in every area.
I thoroughly recommend this Usher rack. In my system it has had a major positive impact. 
....Jaap Miedema've given me a great piece of equipment, much better than I ever expected.

Hi Terry,
Just thought you'd like to know our experience with this amp.
My wife, Suzanne, loves it and says I'm not allowed to to sell it.
I think it's really great because it is obviously designed to be musical and not obsessed with audiophile parameters.  Whoever designed this understands music, so rare today.  What more can I say?
Thanks again, you've given me a great piece of equipment, much better than I ever expected.  I look forward to dealing with you again in the future.
Regards,  Bob

colour me one happy owner.

Hi Terry,
We're about a month into enjoying the new Primare i32/MM30 (120w Integrated amp with media module 24/192 DAC streaming), it replaced the previous combination of a Primare i30, Simaudio Moon 100d DAC and 1m Nordost Heimdall RCA's making the link between DAC & amp.
Of course it's tricky making comparisons between the two amps directly considering I've changed my DAC in the process too - complicated further by its integration into a shared chassis in the form of the MM30. But over the course of the 3 and a bit years I owned the i30 I tried it with various source components including several outboard DAC's ranging in price from under $1000 to just north of $4000 which provided fair insight into the old amps signature.
The new unit is an intriguing prospect offering a sound that is at once familiar - refined, capable of subtlety and nuance - and simultaneously a significant departure from the i30's comparatively laid back nature. Here there's a forthright approach to dynamics - micro dynamics particularly - with each transient demand - apparently no matter how subtle - met with an immediate response by the amp making for a lively, engaging sound alongside a level of transparency that makes even familiar recordings sound freshly minted. As much as I enjoyed my time with the highly regarded i30, the i32 makes it sound a little lifeless, possibly even a bit sluggish in certain areas - like low frequency control and articulation.
I reckon the June 2011 HiFi News review nailed it when they wrote:   "Sounding crisp & squeaky clean, the i32 delivered startling clarity... tight & grippy along with a highly explicit treble... the bass was impressive: extended, powerful and highly descriptive. The Primare digs deeply into the minutiae of recordings... the sound was open, the pristine clarity allowing one to hear individual layers of the recording."
The MM30 DAC section is at the very least playing a highly complementary game to the amps fine qualities, and the above description of the amp could easily suffice for both units in operation - it's very much the kind of component that gives the impression of passing signal unimpeded and uncoloured, producing a quality of reproduction explicit enough to banish the nagging sense of the music's subtleties escaping you - it would not be far out of step with some of the more expensive converters I've demoed and pulls comfortably ahead of the DAC it's replaced. Put another way - this is high end sound and more than just a teasing foretaste of it. All wrapped in a single, stylish, compact and dare I say it... "eco friendly" package built to Primare's usual standards. 

Hopefully focussing on certain performance aspects - as I have in the text - doesn't imply that the new Primare is the type of component that elicits a sort of dry, analytical response - far from it - our musical enjoyment has been greatly enhanced by the upgrade, very much a case of less of the electronics coming through & more of the music, - colour me one happy owner.


I'm very happy,

Hi Terry,
The speakers (Ktema) arrived yesterday in pristine condition and I set them up last night , they sounded great after placing them quite different to the Cremona ms, I'm very happy..... the leap of faith paid off.

Thank-you once again and has been a great experience all round.    


Great things so often come from small places

Many thanks for the opportunity to experience the sound of Gradient.
To be truthful I did not know of the existence of Gradient but because of my connection with Porvoo, the town in Finland where they are manufactured, they became ‘visible’.
Great things so often come from small places, as did Nokia (another small town in Finland). An amazing sound that offered up more clarity, fullness and magnificence than ever expected and as is typical, the very honest and understated Finnish aesthetics belied what was going on within. Not a hint of visual “try-hard” ... that was saved for the sound and even that seemed effortless.
Kind regards... N Smith

....they will be the foundation of the system my study for years to come.

Happy New Year to you and welcome to Auckland!

The new Rethm Gaanam SET, 2 box amp looks interesting. Jacob seems to have moved on from the 6C33C valves shown in earlier photos. It looks like the current version sports 8 x small pentodes like EL84s. He seems to be a perfectionist and will no doubt have his reasons. If it turns out to be as successful an implementation as his speakers it will be an exceptional amp.

I have had my Trishnas for three months now.  The sound has relaxed and opened up and the bass has filled out somewhat as expected. Over this period I have also purchased NOS tubes for my amp, new speaker cables and a new front end so the sound has been evolving. 
Each change has enabled the Trishnas to sound even better. At this stage I don’t know what the upper limit of the Trishnas’ performance is. What I do know is that while I can foresee further upgrades to the upstream parts of the system, I don’t see any better speaker to explore single ended sound in my listening environment and I anticipate they will be the foundation of the system my study for years to come.  
As you know, my previous speakers were good (Guru G10s) but the Trishnas are in a different league entirely, Words like refined, detailed and musically and emotionally engaging (the “here in the room feeling” particularly with vocals) come to mind. So thank you for introducing me to these extraordinary speakers. They have meet my expectations and more.

......Alistair Maclean

Paul loves his new Ktemas.....

The Ktema speakers have 220 hours on the clock now, and WHAT a difference that time has made to them. They have lost their initial brightness and stiffness and the big improvements started at 50 hours.

With a good recording the electronics and speakers disappear, and only the music is left to seduce the ears. You may have deduced by now that I am really wrapped with them.

To be auditioned though, they MUST have some burn in time on them.

Hoping your new shop is progressing well, I am gratefully yours,
Kind regards.
....... Paul

Image preview


it’s also a big improvement on the squeezebox).

Hi Terry


Just to let you know the goods all arrived safe and sound.


After connecting everything up I have found a big difference using the Bel Canto Ulink and the new Tellurium Q Black USB cable compared to connecting straight from the laptop via an old USB cable I had lying around the house.


The Nad M51 has a very good USB interface but sounded a bit harsh and thin compared to using it via my squeezeboxes optical interface, I was also getting interference through my speakers from what I thought was my laptops power supply but I now believe it may have actually been the USB cable. This interference has now disappeared and the sound has improved greatly ( it’s also a big improvement on the squeezebox).


Thanks again and have a good Christmas break.



Terry Douglas

Just to say thanks.....

Hi Terry,
Just to say a BIG thank you for delivering and setting up the fantastic Usher speakers (MD2) for me - your excellent customer service is much appreciated!!
Regards, Bruce

a big thanks for the Quadral M4 speakers

Hi Terry,
Just wanted to say a big thanks for the Quadral M4 speakers I just purchased from you not quite a week ago.  

They sound great and cover the spectrum of music from classical through to grunge real well - they certainly go low in terms of sounds they can produce.

Classical sounds amazing with all the cello's and woodwind and the depth in rock is so much greater too.  

Coupled with the Perreaux amp and Cd player it is a great match - when kiwi's and germans get together it works very well - the jets in Top Gun sound the best ever.  The quality finish is significant too.  

Thanks for your help in making this choice.  


thanks for letting me enjoy an audition of the Krell S-300i amp

Hi Terry,


Just a note to say thanks for letting me enjoy an audition of the Krell S-300i amp on my home system following a listen in your showroom.

The match of the Krell amp with my Martin Logan speakers was, as you suggested, simply stunning. The decision to purchase was a no-brainer!

I truly enjoyed your no pressure or obligation attitude to sales and look forward to dealing with you again when it’s time to upgrade my front-end.


Best regards,

Derek Cameron.


Dear Terry,
Many thanks for dropping the stand by.
It is fine.
Thanks very much again for your prompt and efficient service, as always.
Kind regards,

I’m speechless....

Hi Terry,
              I’m speechless.... (bought a Triode TRV-35SE integrated amp)now my craving for an audio gear is well sufficed, and I hope so.  
Everything is perfect with respect to my listening preferences thank you, although I’m now thinking to upgrade some of my sources. 

For once my Naim gear makes music and not hifi!

Hi Terry & David,

All installed (Brodmann FS stand mtg speakers) and sounding absolutely, ridiculously, beautifully, natural. 

For once my Naim gear makes music and not hifi! 

You will need to come and hear them another visit. 

Thanks again, I'm totally thrilled. 

Peter Roband


I know I'm going to enjoy it for many years to come.


Hi Terry,

Thank you once again for taking the time to come down and spend time with us, and for working through my music set up with me.  It does give me peace of mind knowing you've seen it all in place and that I'm on the right track - especially as it has indeed been quite a journey over the last two years!   I must admit I never dreamed I would own such extravagant equipment, or get such quality of sound - but it is an amazing thing to have in my own home, and I know I'm going to enjoy it for many years to come.

It was a little bit of a rocky road with this last upgrade, but I appreciate you sticking with me - and listening to the final set up this morning I know we've made the right call.  Everything just clicks into place, and it has, as you said, brought the magic back to the music for me.  It is only due to your tremendous generosity  that this has been made possible for us, and I hope you know how very much we appreciate it.



Once again you have reaffirmed my faith in your ears and the soundness of your advice.

Hi Terry,

The Guru loudspeakers arrived yesterday and Anne and I are absolutely delighted with them.  They dovetail perfectly with the electronics and our needs.  While they can fill the room with music, in the real world there are times we want to listen at lower volume levels. With the Gurus, the soundstage doesn't collapse or the bass fade to mush.  Placement is also a breeze and very unobtrusive.  Anne even likes their looks.

Once again you have reaffirmed my faith in your ears and the soundness of your advice.

Thanks very much for your help,

Doug Berry

As promised a few words on the Tellurium Q Graphite speaker cables.

They are a bit of an enigma. How do you describe what isn't there yet at the same time provides, well, more THERE there

They seem to allow the signal unfettered from amplifier to speaker so that the two lock in step or maybe more correctly time. There is no smear nor bottle necks. Draino for your hi-fi!

The bass is deeper and has even more impact than the Tellurium Ultra Black. Kick ass bass. Not slow, not fat, neither lean nor wiry. Fast but with real gravitas.

They are transparent yet never edgy or peaky. Smooth and grain free without any congealing action. Micro-dynamics are superb. Macro is scary. You can play louder than your neighbors may wish because they refuse to break up. Your amplifier will sound like a more powerful model. 

Performers and instruments all have more space and room to breath without becoming disembodied. Musicians are very present and playing stronger, harder and with more confidence than you may have heard them before.

These cables I believe are essentially neutral - they just seem to step aside, revealing less of themselves and allowing your components to be all they can be. They just don't sound like they have been voiced at all. Favoring neither the romantics nor the analytics. They just ARE!

Well done Tellurium.


Enjoying the ECC-1

even more now that it seems to have burnt in properly, lovely musical and dynamic sounds in my listening room.



the sound has been a revelation to Sally..... it bought tears to her eyes.

When I first first up the Electrocompaniet DAC, together with the lovely Guru QM10s, I resorted to using an old Sony DVD player as a CD transport and playing this through the DAC . Given the Sony unit only cost about $150 I was stunned at the result. 

I kept on hearing sounds I had never heard before in old favourites and I spent  the rest of the evening digging out CDs I hadn’t heard for ages. 

I love the tone, spaciousness and dynamics and the music is so alive and enjoyable. I worked out the problem with the radio unit (the computer need to be shut down before the software would work) so I now have access to music in my computer as well.  

Again deeply impressive, the sound has been a revelation to Sally who has never been that touched by music and it bought tears to her eyes. So the result has been even better than my expectations which were pretty high given some of the reviews for the Gurus. And all this without getting into HD music sources or optical cables yet!  Given the result I will be interested to hear the bigger brother QM60 for our main living area.

Thank you very much.  

.......Satisfied client


Fantastic result Terry.
Very pleased.


Clients remarks on his new TRIODE TRV-35SE integrated tube amplifier

Our meeting with began with a complaint.  The courier driver wanted to know "what the hell is in this thing?"  He was wrong, she is not a thing, she has a soul.  For inside that box was Tri and her valves, wrapped up  and lavished with a deep coat of crimson.  Sexy yes, but  far more Sophia Loren than Keira Knightley.   

I've listened to a few in my time and there is a lot to like about Tri.  Her pipes sound full, and deep but graced with a delicate touch, not thin and reedy, or etched and metallic as do her semi-conducting friends.  She sings best when given time to warm up and a flavoursome dinner made with fresh natural ingredients.  Don't give her electronic Cup-a Soup, you'll be wasting your time. 

Musically she appears to have more respect for Itzhak Perlman than Robbie Williams.  More disconcertingly she has a liking for Johnny Cash she even gets along with Keren Ann Nolita.  It's all a matter of preference. To sum it up, this lady has graced the lounge with style, pushed aside her shabby companions, reached out to the speakers and really made them sing.



Good doing business......

Hi Terry

Just writing to confirm delivery of the Tri (absolutely wonderful) and Nano (simply stunning).

Good doing business.


Wow, what more can I say!


Just to let you know that the cables arrived this morning: Wow! (what more can I say?).
Many thanks for indulging my cheeky request in the first instance, I really appreciate it.

CeraBalls made a real difference.....


Hi Terry

Just a line to let you know how the three sets of Finit Elemente CeraBalls went.  

Started under D.V.D player huge improvement to picture, far better contrast, colour,sharpnes, next put a set under AV amp and a set under proac cc1 center channel how did it all look and sound the wife summed by saying. I suppose they are not being      returned!

Thanks a lot for your help and patience.


for info see:


I'm selling my Wadia 171i/Musical Fidelity M1 DAC combo

Hi Terry
The Kid is so good that I'm selling my Wadia 171i/Musical Fidelity M1 DAC combo on trademe. I love the bass and treble adjustments too. They help improve the bad sounding albums I have. In fact I will consider getting a second one for my office .

Thank you

they are a nice clear accurate speaker that provides what I was looking for.

Hi Terry,
The Quadral Argentum 330s are sitting either side of the tv (about 6' apart) and about 9" from the wall attached to a large sideboard (with seismic wax on their base). Like the attached.

First impressions after a couple of hours watching tv (via receiver):

Good for what I wanted them for, main compact front speakers in an AV set up.

Sound - they sound very clear, accurate, balanced across a good range at our sitting distance of 3m
            - perfect in the mid speech ranges, perfect for our tv, receiver, various dvd and satellite players. I will also be playing a dedicated cd player through them.
            -the 3 way configuration and cross overs seem to be just right for that clear even response over a wide range. They are probably more accurate than what I usually listen to.
            - I wanted something that was flatter across the range so you wouldn't get blown out of your seat by the larger speakers when music came on during movies and also provide good speech enunciation. They do this perfectly.
            -The base is there, audible and accurate and not too bad for a small box
Other comments - well made, solid, heavy for their size and rear vented.

I am used to larger speakers and I have had a selection of Kef transmissions, Kef Carltons, Goodman  etc.
I have these in a different area with a cd player and an amp if I want to really get the house shaking.

I will have a good play with them on the weekend. I have a set of music that I use to test speakers and if I get an hour to myself I will sit there and have a really good listen.

But at this stage they are a nice clear accurate speaker that provides what I was looking for.

Thanks for sourcing then for me.


As a vinyl lover, I’m wary of computer audio, but the PD-1 wireless DAC made the music more enjoyable and natural sounding

Hi Terry,
It was great to catch up on Sunday and see all the new gear you have. I was pleasantly surprised by what the Electrocompaniet PD-1 DAC with it's matching EMS-1 music streamer were able to do with a wireless signal, sourced from a computer playing a redbook CD . As a vinyl lover, I’m wary of computer audio, but the PD-1 made the music more enjoyable and natural sounding than I was expecting. It must shine with a really good digital source.
.....Alan R

I would like to purchase the Electrocompaniet PI-2 integrated amp

Hi Terry
Thanks for carting me to and from the airport the other day, I really enjoyed myself. 
 What a pleasure it is to deal with someone who obviously has a passion for what they are doing and who wants to ensure that the customer obtains the gear that is correct for them rather than just trying to make a sale
Normally after having been to a demo I have come away with a clear idea of the item I wanted but in this case I left with a dilemma…which amp to choose from. I suppose that this is a nice dilemma!!
So here goes

• TRI 35SE & 88SE… although I liked these, after hearing the reference series TRI-TRX-1 & TRX-P6L pre / power combo I guess I would just want more in a very short time so I will pass on these.

• TRI TRX-P6L Reference power amp…if I was to purchase this and use the pre out on my current amp the same comment as above would apply

• TRI TRX-1 & TRX-P6L Reference pre / power. combo....ideally this is the combination that I would want but I do not really want to spend that amount of money (I know you mentioned that I could finance this but this is not part of the consideration as paying cash is not a problem)

• Electrocompaniet Prelude PI-2... I was impressed with this amp’s ability to play music rather than HI-FI (normally I would select valves before solid state) especially at the price point. (note: replaced a Music Fidelity integrated amp)

So in summary I would like to purchase the Electrocompaniet PI-2 integrated amp. If you can email me an invoice and your bank account details then I can transfer the money

Even though I have a Hi-Fi system that I am proud of, it will be a while before I can play Maria Muldaur again!

Hi Terry,

Many thanks indeed for the sneak opportunity to experience the Transmit8 SE50 mono-block amplifiers set up with the Pure Audio Pure control pre-amplifier and the Krell Cipher SACD player, playing through the Ktema Proscenium Speakers on Saturday. It really was a breathtaking experience.

To be able to listen to a favourite track of ours of Maria Muldaur, singing “I gotta right to sing the blues” from her love wants to dance album, was simply sensational. There are no other words top describe the experience.

 From attending a number of your listening evenings, you have presented the opportunity to listen to music through some very high end equipment and be amazed at the music reproduction, but the experience on Saturday was even more special, as Maria and her band members were seemingly reproduced in an audible holographic presentation, right there in front of you. Wow – totally dynamic.

The photos of the Transmit8 SE50 mono-blocks on the web site do not do them justice, as they are larger than life and the build quality is exceptional and proudly, both they and the Pure Audio pre amp are New Zealand made. I look forward to reading the wow reviews that they will produce in the future.

Even though I have a Hi-Fi system that I am proud of, it will be a while before I can play Maria Muldaur again!

Thanks again Terry, it was most appreciated.

Best Regards,
Mike Pearson

Thank you again for your efficient and friendly service.

Dear Terry

Thanks very much.
I have received the cords and they are as you described, in excellent condition.
Thank you again for your efficient and friendly service.
Kind regards

Thank you for your great service

Hi Terry,

Firstly money is on the way to your account as I write.

As you probably have guessed the 840E is a lot better then my old pre, starting with less grain and then moving on to better clarity, more defined, extended and controlled bass and the imaging is much sharper. So on the whole a definite improvement and that is before it has completely burnt in, so things can only get even better.

Thank you for your great service.



The new centre (Usher x-616)worked very well with its mates


Listened to Eric Claptons Guitar Fest, Cross roads 2010 on Saturday on Blue ray and DTS-hd stunning to say the least. The new centre (Usher X-616)worked very well with its mates (Usher CP-6311)......all in all very happy with system.


We were all smiles and did enjoy a glass or two of red wine and before we knew it the time was approaching midnight.

Hi Terry,
Many thanks for delivering the new Myryad CD player last night, after your long day of install work, it was much appreciated.

Things returned to somewhat of normality in our household last night after a turbulent week of family returning from oversees and so on.

Finally Rachel and I had the opportunity to settle back, listen to some favorite music, played through a fantastic audio combination. (SGR CX4F fully active speakers matched with Myryad  MXC700 CD player & MXP2000 Preamp)

We were all smiles and did enjoy a glass or two of red wine and before we knew it the time was approaching midnight.

Once again Terry thank you for introducing us to this incredible audio combo. As a couple that appreciate amongst other things in life good music, we believe we will enjoy many hours of listening.

Kind Regards,
Garth Williams 


Thanks for that Terry.
Received the speakers and very happy with the product (Usher S520) and the service.
All the best,

I tested without using this device and the hum returned.

Hi Terry,

Just to let you know that I tested the Thoroughbred power conditioner and it there's no longer any ground loop hum when I have my laptop plugged into a normal power supply and the keyboard plugged into the Thoroughbred.
I tested without using this device and the hum returned.
So I'll be keeping this device thanks as it'll protect my keyboard from other sources that might cause ground loop hum as well.



I can quite definitely say that they (Usher MD2s loudspeakers) sound fantastic !

Hi Terry,
Stage 1:
After about ten hours listening yesterday I can quite definitely say that they (Usher MD2s loudspeakers) sound fantastic !

I have your cables in the system at the moment and they seem better suited to the MD2s then my old cable was so we shall see how it goes over the next few days. I tamed the bass by pulling the speakers further into the room and spreading them apart a bit more and I will be sorting out the imageing next.

Thank you very much for a very enjoyable experience and rest assured that your phone will be ringing when it is time for my next upgrade. I will keep you updated as things settle in here.

Stage 2:
I have managed to run them for more then 60 hours in the last week or so and they are are really opening out with clear improvements at the frequency extremes and dynamics. It has become much easier to pick up emotional nuances in voices and I am hearing small details in albums that I thought I knew pretty well. They seem completely unflustered by anything I have played through them at any volume.

So far then I can say that I am happier with these speakers then I could have hoped to be a couple of weeks ago.


Long term listening to a wide range of music from analogue and digital sources was relaxing and enjoyable


Many thanks for the opportunity to audition the Exposure 3010 S2 integrated amp at our club and I am pleased to report our findings.

As an economy priced 2x 110w integrated stereo amplifier this unit offers excellent style, features and performance for its modest price.

It has a simple but well finished front panel and casework, with smooth and responsive attenuator and input switching. Both can be controlled remotely and their settings are easily visible from the listening position by the use of bright blue LEDs. The controls are very smooth and absolutely silent in operation.

The rear panel is well laid out and easily accessible with robust, good quality connectors for two pairs of speaker connections, 2 pairs of buffered preamp outputs, one pair of tape outputs and six pairs of line inputs one of which can be a phono input with the purchase of an optional internal phono stage.  Moving coil and moving magnet phono stages are available but only one can be installed at a time. Installation is simple and can be easily retrofitted or changed.

After full run-in the sound settled to be clean, detailed and dynamic and the amplifier could drive moderately sensitive speakers of around 8 ohms to very high volumes with very good sound. For high volumes from speakers of lower impedance and lower sensitivity the matching stereo power amp or mono blocks from the same product line could be a good choice. Under all conditions with unobstructed ventilation the case remained barely warm. The high output and low power dissipation is very good performance for an amplifier at this price point especially considering the number and quality of the extra features included.

The line level amplifier and also the moving coil phono stage as installed in the test unit, were exemplary in all situations and showed signs of being derived from other up-market models in their product line. Hum and noise levels were below audible threshold and there were no switching clicks or other annoying artifacts. With my .1 millivolt  moving coil cartridges there was a low level of background hiss only audible with the pickup off the disk. Cartridges with output levels of .3 to .5 mv or more would completely overcome that noise level.

Long term listening to a wide range of music from analogue and digital sources was relaxing and enjoyable and although you could invest considerably more for a higher degree of inner detail and micro dynamics  the overall features and performance of this model make it a genuine Hi-Fi bargain.

Kind regards,

Brian "Auckland"

very superb seller, hope to deal with you again soon

My friend have received it (Clearaudio Stradivari cartridge) already, very superb seller, hope to deal with you again soon,
thank you,

Like you said these are serious cables, both in proportions and expanded soundstage.

Hi Terry,
Cables arrived yesterday and installed.
Like you said these are serious cables, both in proportions and expanded soundstage.
I am very pleased with them.
Once again thanks,

will continue to recommend your services to my friends and family - and will no doubt be in touch as they need things.

The Bel Canto LNS1 has definitely made a difference - more depth again, improved sound stage, and more volume.

So I do believe I have now reached the end of my upgrade journey!  At least for a good while until we can justfy another amp in a year or so.  Don't forget to keep me in mind if you have something very special at a great price. ;-)

I will say that I'm very happy with where I've ended up sound wise. It's been fun, educational, and satisfying - though expensive!  I've appreciated your ongoing input, advice throughout.

I will continue to recommend your services to my friends and family - and will no doubt be in touch as they need things.

Thanks again,


Going to be a few late nights coming up, I think.

Hi there Terry,
I have a huge smile on my face, the new TRI TRV-CD4 CD player is singing beautifully in my system, at home in it's rightful place :)

I'm kinda jaw-dropped at the moment as the first tracks of my Louissier Jazz In Classics CD is playing, such gorgeous dynamics and openness, music just sings and dances from the amp and as for that bass guitar .....! The top end is just so natural, shimmering and yet unforced. The combo with the amp has such rhythmic integrity, something I am sensitive to and prize highly.

Going to be a few late nights coming up, I think.

Thanks again for everything!
Kind regards,

Now Bill Evans on Vinyl or the new TEAC cd’s is just out of this world loud or quiet.

Hi Terry,

It rained all Easter at the Mount it was GREAT because we listened , got up at 3 a.m. and listened agian – the new CD playerc is fabulous, brings crappy C.D’s to life.
The newTurntable is also great even with old LP’s.  Forced us to buy some new 180 gsm recordings WOW even vinyl has improved.

Now Bill Evans on Vinyl or the new TEAC cd’s is just out of this world loud or quiet.


Are you in late afternoon Friday I can pick up the cable etc.?

Kind Regards,


I wouldn't need to buy another CD player again,

Hi Terry,

I was offered a listen to the TRI CD player for the weekend. I love the look of the TRV-CD4 CD player with my TRV-88SE intrgrated amp and they sure do sound great together. I wouldn't need to buy another CD player again, there's something very organically natural about the combo that beats a lot of other gear I've heard over the years, much of it way more expensive.

I need to take the CDP back to tomorrow but I can barely stop listening to music tonight, it's utterly beguiling with my amp already. It adds a delightful extended fullness to the bass which I've not had before and even the treble is the most natural I've probably ever had in a system, let alone the sheer in-the-room aliveness of the midrange. The combo is so of-a-piece wholeness in a musical experience that I'm really struck by it.

I made it a three track finale before heading off to bed, to hear the McGarrigle sisters (and family) sing the finest version of, "What'll I Do" I've ever heard right there in my lounge would sell me the player on it's own! Utterly sublime! It's the finest source I've encountered that isn't a decent turntable. In fact the thing sounds so damn analogue in so many of the best ways in this system, that I almost wouldn't buy another turntable :) Gee, it even has a decent remote control! These guys at TRI have really done a wonderful job creating such a balanced bit of kit, the thing keeps time superbly.

Gee, I miss that CDP already! All this streaming, downloading and computer storage may be wonderful at times, yet I just prefer so often to physically chose a disc and pop it onto a t/t or into the tray of a CD player. The organic nature of the TRI TRV-CD4SE seriously almost got the better of me last night, I had less than six hours sleep before having to get up again! Ah, but I did feel great though!

I'm keen to buy it one way or another, I could barely take my hands off the box this morning to let it go :).

I have had a look at the Sonist range and they certainly seem a viable option, I will look into it more once I find a home base in OZ, The Quadrals are also a fine possibility, as you have suggested.


A wonderful Canadian combo, and I can't see a better setup for my tastes at this price point.

Hi Terry,
Amp is fantastic and my speakers have never sounded so good.  Now I can't wait to get them in to a bigger more acoustically friendly room.  The thing that impresses me most is how effortless the sound is now.  I can't see me ever needing to go past 12 o'clock volume in this room anyway but even down low the sound is way cleaner and dynamic and I am actually starting to hear what soundstaging is all about and it sure makes for good immersion while listening.  There is palpable separation with instruments which I don't remember my Marantz giving me.

A wonderful Canadian combo, and I can't see a better setup for my tastes at this price point.

Thanks again

CD player singing with Eva Cassidy "live at Blues Alley"

Good morning again Terry,

All looks great....have CD player singing with Eva Cassidy "live at Blues Alley"..... I am very pleased.


WOW, thanks for the speedy delivery.

Hi Terry, 

Most impressed. I’ll hopefully get to try the cable in the next day or two – once the workload dies off a bit and I get some time in front of the stereo. 

Hey, really like your website too by the way, very clean and nice style.



Cable received & installed.

Hi Terry,
Thanks heaps. 


Wow. Never thought cables could make such a difference!

The stand out improvement was the power cable - what a transformation! Bronze cable has beautiful definition, and I would have been more than happy if I hadn't heard the others...  Mid range silver gave greater clarity, with the nei1001s providing the depth and breadth I was missing. So now the bronze sounds strident in comparison!

Best of all, I get much more enjoyment even at low volumes, when previously I kept wanting to crank it up to hear the clarity. I can tell I'm going to have to do some serious bargaining with my husband... ;-)

Will do another trial tomorrow, particularly with the power cable on the DAC, as its made such a sea change on the amp.

Thanks again,


Cable is amazing

Hi Terry,


Cable received & installed. Wow!


Thanks heaps.  



The Primare has/Is exceeding expectations and is a wonderful amp.

Hi Terry,

Thought I would drop you a quick note and thank you for all your help in resolving my issues.

The Primare (SPA22) has/Is exceeding expectations and is a wonderful amp.

It is the first amp that I have had that does both audio and home theatre with such ease. To think I started with a Cyrus which had great sound but poor home theatre to the LX series Pioneer which had great home theatre but poor audio. The Primare is perfect.

Once again

Thank you


Great night

Great night (music night) mate,



Quote - Dave Brubeck

If you dont love music, almost next to family , if you dont love it enough to want it regardless of what it does to you, dont get into it!

got it all set up last night and I love it!

Ok, got it all set up last night and I love it! (Finite Element - Master Pagode audio rack)

Bass tightened up and got bigger, soundstage got bigger, more space between instruments, all very real and noticeable!


Brian C

"If your looking for something really special this is the place in NZ to look for it!

"If your looking for something really special this is the place in NZ to look for it!

Terry's showroom and range of gear just blew me away as did his patience and approach to the business of putting the customer first!! Make the effort to see for yourself, I gaurantee you wont be disappointed.

Terry, Thanks for opening my eyes to a new way with audio and supplying the perfect speaker for my requirements ....

I am really happy (understatement) with the Vivace, they are a true classic !!! "



Thanks again for all the help,...

Hi Terry,

Absolutely loving the System ! Thanks again for all the help, patience and support you have given me right from first contact in your showrooms. Everything was always enjoyable and very relaxed with no pressure at all to make a purchase.

I would have no hesitation in giving you a great wrap to any interested people I bump into.


Dan Oatham

Brinkmann just rocks my socks off

The only retailer in NZ...

Hi Terry,

You may now count me amongst your happy band of customers.

You are the only retailer in NZ that has new 300B tubes in stock and not only that but you were also able to offer me a choice of two brands and types.

The EAT 300B tubes I chose have been in my amplifiers about 2 hours now and are only showing me the tip of the iceberg of what they can do (as they are running in). However what I am hearing is amazing and my system is coming back to life again in a very nice way.These are truly wonderful tubes.

You are welcome to quote any of the above and that your service and support has been excellent. Good luck to you and Penny in your new venture at Greenslade House.

Paul Burgess, Auckland

Really appreciated your advice and patience

Just wanted to provide you with feedback re the Atoll gear etc Firstly, I've found you great to deal with thank Terry - really appreciated your advice and patience when auditioning the gear in your Hamilton showroom. You've been very efficient getting stuff to me and everything has been well packed. I'm really pleased with the kit. The recently purchased ProAc Response D18 speakers had uncovered some deficiencies in my previous set-up. As you are aware, I was interested in the Exposure gear when I came to your store. I'm so pleased you had the Atoll kit set up and encouraged me to audition it. I'm delighted with the wonderful results with the Atoll/ProAcs. Beautiful clarity, sweetness and sound-stage - the music breathes now into the room. The music is relaxing but not laid back. Even though the sound is smoother and doesn't have the harshness evident with the previous CD/Amp, there is still plenty of 'gravel' in some guitar passages. Complex passages also have much more cohesion - I don't rush to kill the volume like I used to! I'm enjoying listening more and more as time goes on. Have dug out some old material that I thought was a bit dull. Some of it has really come alive - so much more detail and dynamic range than I thought was on the recording. My family are also appreciating the Atoll gear and have noticed a significant improvement. Time to banish the TV from the living room so there is more time for music!! Thanks again, Terry. I'm a very happy customer and appreciate the fact that you made this kit accessible by bringing it into my budget range. I hope you are enjoying your new home and that the showroom and gallery are working out well for you.


Nothing prepared me for last night's listening evening...

It's been many years since we started our Tuesday night listening sessions alternating between each of our homes.

Over the years we have had many memorable evenings trying out equipment that most people only read about in high-end audio magazines. However, nothing prepared me for last night's listening evening.

As a vinyl and music enthusiast and the owner of three highly regarded turntables I reluctantly agreed to look after your turntable while you move house. Unfortunately, for me, the Brinkman turntable has revealed that the journey isn't over yet. It's not the first time that you have done this to me but last night I expected an incremental improvement and we were stunned by what we heard.

I had expected to hear authority and detail but the musicality of this turntable took me by surprise. To hear such a clear and natural presentation of the music with realistic timbre, separation of instruments and voice and tremendous dynamics - well, it was like being at the musical event.

Another surprise was the impression that I had changed every component in my system. Even my Martin Logans decided to lift their performance and say "I like this turntable!" Gone was the sometimes bloated bass from the active bass unit and the imaging, timing, and speed were the best I've heard.

I could describe how cymbals, drums, bass, wind instruments and strings sounded and the way we were drawn into the words from singers - both contemporary and classical - but this misses the point. The music was presented as a whole with an even, realistic, and believable frequency response across the full spectrum with musical details I have never heard before.

It's interesting that the cartridge I use in my main turntable costs more than the Brinkman modified EMT fitted to the Anniversary Balance. The EMT certainly doesn't sound like a cheaper cartridge.

It is going to be a sad day when you return to pick up the Brinkman Balance and take it to your new home. I thought that looking after your Maserati while you were in Munich was as good as it gets but again I was wrong.
To think that we had one of only 25 examples of these engineering marvels playing in a modest room in Hamilton New Zealand was like a dream.

My sincere thanks for sharing this with me.

David B.

I am very pleased with my purchase

I assembled the Usher SR4 rack on Friday night, then installed all of my components onto it on Saturday afternoon.

The rack is wonderful and brings a new dimension to the music. Solid wooden shelves add more detail and depth to the music than I ever had before with my Sony rack, so I am very pleased with my purchase.

Thank you both.

Mike Pearson

Dream of always wanting something that really delivered...

I recently had the pleasure of purchasing a quality Hi Fi system from Terry Humphries and his team at Audio Reference in Hamilton. I have a real passion for music with a dream of always wanting something that really delivered from a listening perspective. Being in a position to finally act on this, I was offered an extensive range of quality gear to choose from and was given all the time I wanted (without pressure) over a number of visits to audition the gear with my music in their studios before I made my final decision. Their listening rooms are a pleasure to be in and have also been very well designed.

My final choice was a mix of French Triangle Quatuor speakers together with an AMR (English) 180w hybrid integrated amp and matching CD player. This is a very minimalistic system, which produces an outstanding sophisticated sound and the definition is just fantastic.

We now look forward to our weekly wine and music nights together and because we have such a wonderful system we can enjoy discovering new artists, it is so good to have real music back in our lives.

In addition, I also acquired an excellent Home Theatre system, which exactly suited our home and for the quality was not expensive at all.

Although Audio Reference offer an extensive product range, I found that there is a budget to suit everyone looking for quality sound and you can demo it properly without pressure before you buy.

Kind Regards

PS I still get blown away with the quality of my gear and once again, a big thank you Terry.

Mark, Hamilton

The Ceraballs are excellent

Well, what can I say? The CeraBalls under the ORBE are excellent. And the CeraPucs under the table reduce vibration from the speakers markedly.


Definitely much cleaner and clearer...

The Finite Elemente CeraBalls arrived yesterday and I have installed them in my system (Plinius pre-amp, power amp and CD player + Martin Logan Vantages). I got very little listening time in last night due to a meeting but have been giving the system a good run this evening listening to a good variety of music.

They are a real improvement - the music is definitely much cleaner and clearer and a bit more lifelike. I can really notice the benefit on vocals, piano and woodwind.

It does make you wonder why the manufacturers persist in putting cheap plastic feet on their CD players.

Thanks very much again for your help.
Very happy with the result!


Thanks for your patience with the long distance order

Just letting you know the Neotech cables arrived today. They had about a 5 day clearance delay in Auckland, got to LA yesterday and to me today. No customs fees. Co-incidentally, the credit card bill also showed up today. Just-in-time arrival!

The cables look fantastic and are very nicely packaged. The order appears to be just as expected, thanks for that!

Thanks again for your patience with the long distance order. Will keep you in mind for future items that I can't get here (e.g. Neotech). I'll probably post some review of the cables on Audiogon or eCoustics - will mention where I got them.


Utterly delighted...

We thoroughly enjoyed your visit on Friday…

If I hadn’t heard it seen it with my own eyes, and heard the difference with my own ears, I wouldn’t have believed the improvements that your little CeraBalls made to the HOLFI and my system.

Edita and I are utterly delighted with the HOLFI/CeraBalls combination and [now] don’t miss the Cary at all. That speaks volumes!

Once again, we thank you so much. God bless you…

Tony W

Really happy with my Yter interconnects

Dean in Melbourne here, really happy with my Yter interconnects, they work really well with my Memento's.

I was wondering if you had any recommendations regarding valve amplifiers to drive them with?

Dean, Melbourne

Really nice mate

Yep got it, (Music Hall 7.1 turntable) HARD ON! Really nice mate. Haven't been this pleased since John Denver was killed. Thanks a lot.


Primare gear is all I expected it to be

As you say we are experiencing interesting times. Which in business terms means we are a little quieter than we would like, and this seems to dictate that we only work more hrs in a week!! So definitely don't spend as long as I should enjoying the music but when I do the Primare gear is all I expected it to be.
Again apologies that I have not visited Greenwood St, but I definitely will get there shortly and no doubt be impressed with what you have achieved.


Like you’ve never heard them before

I know that I’ve gotten excited about cable changes in the past but then I’ve cooled off after extended listening but these Neotech cables appear to be something very special.

My listening session last night developed into one of those ones where you keep bringing out well known LPs and hearing them like you’ve never heard them before. It was akin to having a new and much more expensive component in the system.

I’ve noticed very significant improvements in the following;
Speed/Pace: the music drives along and never drags.
Continuity/resolution: ability to hear musicians playing together and in time with each other. Very clear separation of instruments and voices.
Detail: small details of the music that you often struggle to hear are now obvious.
Timbre: Instruments and voices sound real.
Treble: natural and louder than I’m used to hearing but never harsh.
Bass: Wow – I didn’t think I could get more from my system but I was wrong.

Kind regards and many thanks


They are amazing!

Having played these cables in my system for the past few days now, they are amazing! They even outshine my Nordost TYR by a long shot and judging by how long my speaker cables took to burn in, the interconnects will improve even more, so thanks again for cables.


Have made quite a difference...

Happy to say that my Yter XLR's arrived today safe and well. I have to say they have made quite a difference to the SQ without any burn in.


Much better overall balance and more extended, full bass.

Thanks very much for your efforts and those of David yesterday; it was much appreciated. Naturally, I had quite a fiddle with the Usher Be-10s after you left. I eventually did what David has suggested and swapped cables, this really made a huge difference - much better overall balance and more extended, full bass.

I now have a great mix of detail, transparency and more natural ‘voicing’.


I just want to listen to the music!

I played the TRI TRV-35SE Preamp all weekend and really do not think I want to part with it.

It is sounding better and better - trouble is I do not want to turn everything off I just want to listen to the music! To me the whole system is jelling very well and makes excellent sound that I can live with.


My machine is singing

Hi Terry,
Keeping well I trust? Speaking of "well," my machine is singing and I've been able to extract a lot more out of the old stereo as a result.


Absolute sonic bliss!

After what seemed like an eternity I have finally received the cartridge and protractor from my dad. It took about 3 hours for me to set up the cartridge - being a perfectionist does this to you.

I have to say from the moment the needle touched the record it was absolute sonic bliss. The channel separation, dynamic range and detail were top notch and most importantly the level of musical involvement was intoxicating... This turntable is without doubt one of the best investments I have made and just wanted to thank you for making this possible. I am heading off now to enjoy more of my system with the risk of going really late to bed and possibly missing work tomorrow!


Love the speakers!

Love the speakers, they perform very well both as speakers for music, and home theatre. The three main improvements have been a much, much better bass line, and that the individual tracks/instruments in the music seem to be separate - that is you can listen to any one of them.

Lastly the music seems to "float" that is doesn't appear to be from the speakers but seems to be somehow independent of them. Have also noticed a minor improvement in hearing a few quiet mid range sounds in the background that I haven't noticed before.

We would like to purchase them.


The only way is to go and listen, listen, listen...

The Audio Art Café is the place where my search for a decent audio shop in New Zealand finally ended. Having bought a pair of new speakers last year in Auckland, I decided to replace my almost 20 year old CD player and Amplifier.

Research on the internet and reading hundreds of reviews can become quite overwhelming considering the amount of gear that is out there. And since there are many personal factors influencing the final decision which components work best for one, the only way is to go and listen, listen, listen.

I had been already to several shops, but I got the impression the salespeople wanted to sell what they thought is the best system rather than giving me options to compare for myself. Others were only selling online and didn’t even have auditioning rooms anymore.

And that is where I feel lucky to have stumbled across Terry and his Audio Reference company. There is a vast amount of gear available for auditioning, from entry level to heart desired expensive audio components.

I find the set up and ambience very inviting. May be that’s why I spend two whole afternoons listening to all kind of different systems, Terry most of the time helpful by my side, introducing me to tube gear, exchanging components and cables I don’t know how many times and reacting to my preferences whilst giving the odd valuable advice.

It’s been now 2 months that I bought the amp and the CD player and I enjoy listening to my music more from day to day, something that Terry had predicted as I would start to appreciate the qualities of my new stereo. As a priceless bonus comes that even my wife started to sit down and just listens to music (as it said in one of the many review articles: an indicator that you bought the right system, a HiFi that delivers atmosphere and emotion!).

Thank you very much for the experience


A significant step up in depth and richness

Thanks, Terry.

The CD player sounds wonderful. You were right - a significant step up in depth and richness. Thanks.


Hyperion have done a fantastic job with these speakers

Well I'm impressed, at this stage I won't be moving them on for a long time, and if I do decide to move them it will be to my bedroom to replace an older set I have where I use an Onkyo tx NR 801 for audio only.

They're mine forever! Hyperion have done a fantastic job with these speakers, I have listened to a lot of speakers and I tell you these Hyperions really sing.

I've had speakers from PMC, Aurum cantas, focal jm lab and dyn audio, these kill them all in all areas. Thanks, Thanks, and Thanks.
Terry thanks, you were not just trying to off load a product to me in Aust, you actually made sure the product was for me. Thanks very much for your honesty it has been a pleasure doing business with you.

I will come and visit your store at the end of this year when I visit Auckland, for the first ever in NZ. It's good to see proper service in this busines

Thanks Terry
the happy hyperion man, I can't stop listening.

, Australia

Great improvement in detail...

Hi Terry

TRI CD4 CD player is a great improvement in detail, richness and depth of soundstage. Agree with reviews about prodigious but controlled base.

The Primare phono stage looks great and goes well with the CD player / amp. Much more detail than before - deeper sound stage but only 55 db compared with 61 from the Dynavector so needs more vol on the amp. Obviously need to look at the t/t next!!

Certainly happy with the combo with my speakers, they seem to be able to handle anything that the Tri can throw at them.

Thanks again for the deal

Can Terry spark a revival for the hifi specialist?

I used to go to the original Paul Quilter-owned Listening Post in Tokoroa and enjoyed what it offered - no fuss, no pressure, honest advice, and a friendly atmosphere with no finance signs on display and no hint of box-moving being the prime focus.

Now the only places within several hour's drive that I have experienced that still have a fairly similar feel are Terry's Audio Reference Co, which is very much a boutique store in my opinion, and Paul Turner.
I love going into Audio Reference Co's premises (Let's see how new ones are, hopefully even better) just to perve at all the shiny bits of chrome and glass.

Can Terry spark a revival for the hifi specialist in this part of the country?

M. R.

What can I say?

What can i say except all class A all the way
Pleased to deal with
Hopefully will trade again
Highly recomended
High class of communication

Happy customer