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 A "source" is where music begins in the system and is then feed to an integrated or pre-amplifier, so typicaly includes CD players, Blu-ray players, DACs, Tuners, Music Servers and so on. These particular components are often referred to as digital sources.  Another...
Vinyl is alve and well and continues to bring a special musical experiance to many.We bring to the market NZ's widest range of turntables and accessories that will bring the best out of your vinyl collection.
Amplifiers take the signal from your source and amplifies it for the speakers.    Available as:Integrated, Pre-amps, Stereo amps, Mono blocks, Phono Stages, all these available in Solid state or Tube/Valve.
Whatever your audio setup or budget, we have speakers to suit! Book Shelf Floor Standing Home Theatre Wall & In-Ceiling Sub Woofers Outdoor
Quality cables are vital to maximise your audio investment.  Take a look at our range - we're happy to discuss a wide range of options.
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