About Us

Berthold Auerbach expresses it well:   
                                                “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” 

About Us
At Audio Reference I aim to offer a personable approach to audio and understand that everyones musical experiance and expectaions are unique. When you’re buying audio equipment you will want it to be from someone who is as passionate and as interested in it as you might be. 

At Audio Reference I have a simple goal, and that is to help people find unique, cost effective equipment from affordable to some of the world's finest, high-end gear without pressure.   

Achieving Component Synergy:
The synergy of combining the right components in a system makes a significant difference to your musical enjoyment, I regularly hear from clients who are disappointed having bought based soley a review only to find that the outcome hasn't lived up to their expectations, asking me to help them sort it out wih them, I am more than happy to share our experience with you to help you achieve your goal.

Our Products
I have selected a wide variety of products to support my extensive client base. You may not recognise some of the brand names but when I am at shows and visiting factories choosing what gear and brands to bring to market I ensure they offer something unique at their price point or in their market segment. I can guarantee that all our items bring something very special and innovative to the market.

With our extensive range of audio equipment I can usually supply no matter the budget.  I value the many diverse approaches to audio whether it’s through solid state or tube components, the many cable permeations or the array of speaker variations, because each has its place. I am not dogmatic about what’s best, but by discussing this together you will soon be able to tell me what you like - that’s what’s important!

Some of the product categories I offer include:

  • CD / SACD players, DACs, Music Servers, Streamers & Network players etc
  • Turntables, tonearms, cartridges and accessories
  • Loudspeakers of all sizes and design concepts
  • Amplifiers of all types, Preamps, Phono preamps
  • Cables
  • Audio Racks and Room Acoustic solutions plus a wide range of other audio related products 

Feel free to contact me to discuss your siyuation. I am looking forward to hearing from you and to how I can help you along the journey.