VITUS Signature SL-103 Linestage preamp fully balanced

VS 13 AP SL 103
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Vitus Audio

"leading edge technology" enables VITUS AUDIO to make some of the Best Hi-Fi products in the world.


Ready to step up? To raise the bar? If you are a Reference Series enthusiast, you already know our dedication to natural sound reproduction. Evolving to the Signature Series is like a beautiful caterpillar becoming an exquisite butterfly. It's an organic process. Music is art. To capture the real drama of a full-blown classical orchestra you need a system composed of artistic pieces with true high end intentions. The elements of the Vitus Audio Signature Series are able to paint a delicate, vast and colorful musical canvas without compromise. Quality comes not only from within. The way that the Signature Series products are machined is absolutely stunning. The elegant curves are a reminder of the hull of a yacht. The class and luxury is that of spacious, exclusive cabins. Sailing on the vast water gives you a sense of infinity, similar to the endless musical story that starts with the Vitus Audio Signature Series. Our Signature Series offer a true evolution in the world of high end. The range consists of 9 products. Feel free to explore them. Each of the Reference Series products offers integration, balance and incredible performance. Are you ready to begin a sensational journey?

The SL-102 replacement has arrived. After spending a very long time developing its bigger brother, the new Master 2-chassis MP-L201 extreme linestage, it was clear that a serious look at a replacement for the SL-101 was needed.

Vitus Audio SL-103 Balanced Preamplifier is based on brand new circuitry, which uses only matched transistors and super precision resistors to ensure optimal working conditions for the different stages of each module. This combined with a special coupling of each input stage, results in an ultra linear frequency response. The true balanced design, together with the local shunt regulated power supply, ensures an excellent signal to noise ratio, making it possible to reveal every micro detail in the recordings.

In the development of the MP-L201, we did not expect that the improvement in performance would be so dramatic, but all the hours of refining, even the smallest of parts, really paid off in an unimaginable way. As a result, the SL-103 is not an upgraded SL-102, it is a brand new design based on the technologies gained through the development of the MP-L201.

From market requests, we introduced an optional phonostage for building directly into the SL-103. This phonostage is based on the well reviewed RP-100, (please refer to the Reference Series on our web site under reviews), however without the battery supply. This phonostage has recently undergone a major redesign and delivers a performance very close to the original RP-100. In the SL-103, we spent many hours implementing the load setting system developed for the MP-P201, as well as adding MM/MC selection to the SL-103 menu system, so the RP-010 is a fully integrated part of the SL-103. As with our other linestages, a full bypass feature has been implemented. This allows external surround processors to take full control of the volume, when used in multichannel systems.




Product Type:
True balanced Linestage

2 x unbalanced (RCA)
3 x balanced (XLR)

2 x unbalanced (RCA)
2 x true balanced (XLR)

Internal Cabling:
Andromeda by VA

Remote Controlled:
Yes, RC-010 included

135H x 435W x 402D mm

Total Weight:
24 Kg


If someone is not prepared to change, I do not advise to take the Danes home to perform for each other, as even casual meeting may result in unplanned addition in your configuration. I've warned you,....
Jacek Pazio

I am glad, because from the first bars could be heard perfectly high class sound, which continues the process only positive deepened,

Opinion 1When a year ago I had the pleasure of first contact in our own backyard with the product commencing offer brand title, somewhere in the spirit of hoping for a quick continuation of the penetration of its very broad portfolio. Unfortunately, time passes quickly, and those plans somewhat stretched in time. However, given the fact that what is delayed is usually not flee, after a suitable amount of water in the Vistula and fruitful conversation with the Katowice distributor - RCM, it turned out that for the next performances to the editor arrived relatively recently introduced to the market monobloc, aided accessible for a long time preamplifier line. And when I first tested component (integrated amplifier RI-100) oscillating in the medium-price states generally understood High-End, was theoretically a good nucleus of playing the manufactories, the current configuration is already a very strong point of sounding offer - at least so says the manufacturer. So not extending too much, I invite you all to meet with monoblocks SM-011 and SL-102 preamplifier, produced by the Danish master full control over even the most demanding loudspeaker system, which is known to many lovers of Scandinavian sound brand Vitus Audio.

Looking at the test devices, we see a unification of the structure housing the line, which on the one hand slightly reduces production costs, on the other hand avoids the search for distinguishing the strength of the data components of visual frills. If something had time to reap praise for tranquility and simplicity, combined with the high quality of workmanship, it does not look as ekwilibrystycznych projects, which consequently may scare off seeking such a balance customers. Starting with a description of the terminals, you have to admit that the manufacturer as it used to be said on the site - "he did not regret the goods" as those falling dimensions in the size of the middle class audio structures are brim-filled feedstock material, they are very heavy. Can not see it, but disregard the weight can end up with sprained back or dropped to the ground while moving destination. Looking at the fronts, we see two patches of thick aluminum, overlapping centrally placed black acrylic plate, which was located three, according described, allowing all configurations of manipulators Button. These central dimmed window is largely a source of information about the state of the device during operation, but the producer in the care of recognition at the bottom all the time (even during a state of STANDBY) caresses us with her radiant glow amber logo. I warn czepialskich, it looks very discreetly. The sides because of work to choose from in Class A and AB were armed with solid heat sinks are on the upper level form a sort of elongated rectangular vertical windows. I must say honestly, this seemingly minor surgery project has a very large share in the positioning blocks in my ranking of aesthetics. Pictures do not fully reflect, but in real life it looks great. Back monoblocks because of one simple task - to strengthen the signal - has become a mainstay in the standard XLR inputs (the design is fully balanced) and RCA, rather broadly seeded a single speaker terminal and a power outlet. The preamplifier based on a similar monoblocks for housing is almost identical (including the front-front). The only differences can be found on the roof and sides of the unit, which now are smooth and very well-equipped rear panel. Looking at the back of the SL-102 - ki see countless, occupying the entire surface of the rows of inputs and outputs XLR and RCA, his amount of giving some space only integrated with the main switch to a power supply socket. For nothing more has no place to indicate that the master plan for the inner space made of 100 percent. And this is the appropriate concept of Mr. Ole Vitus. And if you surrender questioned punched full of guts relevant elements during transport quickly convinced about his error, because the 102-ka weight far behind the previously described endings power. Really the logistics advise to apply, because they damage the spine.

Because of the appearance of me at the same time excellent players and well-looking (of course, can be a matter of taste) columns native manufactories ARDENTO, I allowed myself - naturally after deeper acquainted with them in his own included - use them to test stoves in Denmark . Baffle with a whopping 18-inch bass speaker in spite of high efficiency are sometimes a challenge for amplifiers. It is true that their designers propel them to set a deal based on the bubble tube 300B theoretically it meets a need for them, however, sparring with a strong A -klasowym transistor useful to me in their subsequent deeper analysis during the test dream system, which is already planned. But returning to the heroes of the meeting from the stable Vitus'a, at the beginning I have to confirm the recommendations of the constructor of the permanent connection of the preamplifier to the power supply. State "Standby" the most important systems all the time leaves in full support of the current, which organoleptic can easily be verified by tapping the unused, but warm the device. But in this post-włączeniowym network laying process electronics, of course, the most important is the fact that the initial light "angularity play", which manifested limitation bulky bass and earthiness upper registers. But immediately I want to reassure all, such a state we have only a few days after the break-up of the device socket, which is normally operated in the kit is a fact jednorazowym-. Each subsequent launch, if the plug is not left port in the wall, it is no longer burdened with the mannerism. And when the 24-hour warm-up time came to specifics, I started my music horses. To take full advantage of the slow process of setting column, I put on Martin Stripling with his first album entitled "Marcin Teenager & Coloriage" . How to Polish standards, this item fluctuates in the upper states of quality both in terms of repertory, and performance, what often can experience on autumn Warsaw exhibition audio - a lot of exhibitors uses it for presentation equipment. Low murmurs bass, perfectly integrated into the track shimmering million sparks in the area elaborate przeszkadzajki and accordion in the hands of a virtuoso allow you to sink into melancholy game instrument frontman. This item plate at a glance showed the full potential of the proposal Ole Vitus. Exemplary control fiendishly low BASISK coming down - this you need experience, phenomenal resolution and perfect positioning of virtual sources, many can learn how it should be done. And when all of this throw in a deep stage without problems affecting some two meters away behind the columns against the wall, you can go ahead and finish the test. But not with me these numbers Bruner. Although it was not really fault anything, I persisted further in their search for defects Danes and switched to vocal with Jordi Savall. Here made itself felt illustrious class A, I chose when configuring the system - we have to choose even AB. The smoothness and homogeneity even in the slightest limited duration-reflective somewhere under the church vault human voices, giving the feeling of a full breath coming to my ears music. Of course it was a little warmer and more fleshy than in a typical transistor, but it was fully intended treatment, which after a few combinational movements with the buttons on the front can be corrected by going into said class AB, or one of the two to choose from rather provocatively named voice option: 007 and Rambo. However, due to my preferences larger decks smoothness, I preferred to continue with refined carving each note, measure than with their wyczynowością decay. So passed several discs feast music lover, until the time came for less meticulously refined label position and drive CDeka landed Coldplay album entitled " A Rush Of Blood To The Head" . I like this group from the beginning of the fun in music, but as it happens in rock recordings, cited material is not a masterpiece realizacyjnym, becoming rather a proposal to draw emotions only substantive charge. Nevertheless, several times through a test found in my system devices, even the album had its five minutes rank well played. Not that I want to especially over her torment, but fairly flat recorded music, the louder playing becomes very tiring. Not really energetic drums, dried guitar riffs and piercing my ears slim vocals can discourage even najzagorzalszego devotee. But as it turned out, the relief this position came selected my class - A little bit of softness, density and smoothness without degradation of freedom of generating sounds, given excellent results liftingowe. When the slightly weighted rate drums showed that it has a solid volume of the drum, strings of "paddles" changed the temperature of the sound and the singer's voice was a little honey lotion, once again insert the disc into the drive, I could include a full success. Reading the description as presented, you would think that it is enough to implement into your puzzle unsophisticated if only A- class wzmak and we nirvana. Unfortunately, life is brutal, as it has several times had the opportunity to taste this class in a bad topology, and I know that this desirable by many literka starting alphabet is only a foundation of well-constructed device. She can not squeeze the plates, but it is not a panacea in itself, because the most important is the ability of its implementation in the electrical system. Exemplary representative of such products is, of course, the main perpetrator of good music during this meeting the test, which is the title set pre - power from Denmark, as has shown that throughout this game with regarded as a role model class is not about simply pumped up the bass downforce midrange, or tempered upper registers, only adding them necessary to obtain good sound quality of color artifacts. Is the proposal was tested disadvantages? Of course, it was hard pieruńsko. But seriously, you really need to try to force it to surrender. The obvious is also the fact that such a loaded dose of a bulky set in some compilations can cause loss sought by lovers of hairsplitting sharpness virtual sources. If you look at the presentation of sound by the duo 011-ek, mind automatically comes to our aesthetics of a good lamp. And this is probably the main advantage of this transistor structure or power of low descending bass, full of information distribution diameter and shiny ether mountain, and everything spiced with the advantages of glass bubbles.

When I started this test, I hada lot of question marks - what will be the first impression that a meeting of the Integra was very neutralne- read, there was the proverbial often fałszującego perception of the whole "wow" ?, - as rolled steel variant of the amplifier ? - to end the fear of meeting my standards for a foul on bass speakers with a diameter bowl for bathing infants. After the rally musical admit, it was fantastic. The most interesting is the fact that this is not the last word Ole Vitus in the field of signal amplification. If we can listen at home other structures, time will tell. I am glad, because from the first bars could be heard perfectly high class sound, which continues the process only positive deepened, and not, as is often the case, drifted in unexpected and unwanted results for the final direction. If someone is not prepared to change, I do not advise to take the Danes home to perform for each other, as even casual meeting may result in unplanned addition in your configuration. I've warned you,.....

Jacek Pazio

The transmission was dominated by serenity and maturity, which in any case should not be confused with slowdown and boredom, as both dynamics and emotional potential have not weakened but reached the level of which the silver discs could only dream of.
Marcin Olszewski

SUMMARY - Initial indulgence with which we watched before connecting to power on "small" Vitusy evolved in the course of listening in evident surprise passing well-deserved respect. Control coupled with musicality made him We forgot about the extremely compact SL - 102 & SM - 011 and focused on what's most important, after all - music. A music Vitusy played just delicious. Therefore, if you believe in the principle that you do not judge a book by its cover I strongly urge you to borrow a set of Vitus at least a week and in the comfort of your home system to verify its capabilities. There's a good chance that not only will appeal to you, but, and quite clearly would deal with many times greater, at least when it comes to the competition.

Opinion 2 - Taking into account the considerations of a purely logistical often happens that our editorial reaches several devices that reviews only a portion goes directly to the publication and the rest are written as if the drawer patiently waiting for their proverbial five minutes. The reason for this is extremely prosaic - the "monodystrybucyjna" series dedicated located in the portfolio of one distributor brands is not enough that fairly significantly affected the decline in the diversity of issues we deal with, as well as might suggest too much familiarity with specific with purveyors of all manner of equipment ointment on tests. Therefore, from the outset Sound Rebels are trying to shuffle as possible and diversify our proposals presented by stirring offer technologies and was the source of acquisition. Therefore, please, therefore, not surprising that the pictures show besides being the climax of this review electronics also baffle Ardento Alter 2, which does not have, even though their return as a test company set sooner or later occur. But back to the topic. Mentioned at the outset of the case related to the delivery I touched not without reason, because as long as the majority of enough budget range peacefully, well, with a small dose of confidence, you can entrust the solidity and professionalism of operating in our market, shipping companies so much transporting worth tens or hundreds of thousands cargo far wiser to take care of himself. Choosing therefore in the region of how our beautiful homeland, most distributors will predefine publishing plans for a few weeks ahead ... teen and within one course to provide input material until the next "Tour de Pologne". Do not drone longer invited to test the shared amplification Vitus Audio SL - 102 and SM - 011.

True, readers familiar with the offer of the Danish brand of can conclude that Hans Ole Vitus slowly moving away from massive blocks of its flagship products for poręczniejszych definitely not deviating dimensions of competition, equipment, however, is only part of the truth. I say the reason is quite prosaic - flagship have something stand out and apart from the obvious power and sound must also meet market expectations in terms of the so-called. perceived value and that increases in direct proportion to the body. Large maybe more, no matter there is no class, etc., Etc. In the case of Signature Series erected, above all, the sound and ergonomics, and this as we know it does not go hand in hand with aluminum cubes with side cirka ratio of about 50 cm. If you have a different opinion perfectly understand it, but as an experiment suggest to present their more beautiful halves first end Vitus MP-S201 and then the heroes of this review. Already? Well, exactly. Now we all know what are the chances of bringing in your own four corners of solutions truly uncompromising and how much less unfettered more space, but still pełnokrwistego High-End. 

Turning to the merits. Far-reaching unification within not only the line but also the entire portfolio does not give even the slightest chance of surprises. Made with a truly surgical precision with thick slabs of brushed aluminum housing makes a very solid impression, which is confirmed by the organoleptic test for the so-called. woodpecker, which is tapping in to verify the fit of individual components, and much less pleasant for the spine - for the transfer of nearly pięćdziesięciokilogramowych segments. The twin fronts preamplifier and ends with the surroundings communicate via displays hidden behind panels placed between the massive aluminum vertical inserts of Plexiglas and set in equal rows of three buttons on both sides of the "breakthrough." Thanks to them we are able to source selection, volume set, and getting to the main menu exactly as described in the manual. 

If the ends of the rear wall offer only what you need to offer, that is centrally located power outlet, located symmetrically double Furutech speaker terminals and an equally strong signal socket standard RCA / XLR is already at the preamplifier we are dealing with a truly Byzantine splendor. A center of symmetry is also integrated with the main switch and fuse the power outlet and from it spread out in two rows of input and output RCA (top) and XLR (bottom). Of course, everything is exactly as described and the configuration of the whole make by selecting the appropriate settings in the menu. Zero jumpers, switches and combining when we have a new element in the track. The only thing that does not exist and would be able, for example, is known. Densenów describing the outputs / inputs on the top, so that looking from the top you can make calls almost blindly.

Maybe it is obvious evidence, but for the sake of peace and recenzenckiego obligation, I would like the umpteenth time to recall that although the title set play from the start is not so much worth it, as you just have to be patient and to critical listening join after at least an hour of integration of electronics. By this time Vitusy manage to reach the correct operating temperature, that is, they do strongly warm and we have time to clean the head and soothe the troubled mind to sit in a chair without unnecessary psychological burden. Under no circumstances should a definitive statement with no certainty that playing at the moment the device does not have a proven at least a few days of being under shock, because what for what, but just for the uninterrupted supply of life-giving energy Danish electronics are extremely sensitive .

Because the test Vitusów moved around in parallel with a shared amplification Robert codes obvious, at least for us, was the use of the same repertoire, so please do not be surprised that reading this review, you can get the impression that somewhere like the order of the material used music. 

The wording of the Danish system is extremely dense, tangible, and that makes the reproduced material and actually plays it musicians from the first bars materialize in our listening room. What is important scale, the volume of sound is better not to judge the lumps devices themselves, as is so inadequate to the facts of what actually completely wrong. Vitusy for playing sound, not only large in terms of spatiality, which just large. In addition, after several attempts with different endings we came to the very constructive proposals that at least Alterami less and finesse is better, so the lion's share of their stay with us 11-ki worked not only in pure Class A, but also set the operating mode 007, which translates the culture of unbridled power offered in the mode ... Rambo. Issued on XRCD "Seven Days" Dadawy very skillfully solidified operating in the high register vocals, truly holographic ambient space, almost progressive melodic lines and completely incomprehensible text layer. The lowest bass rumblings ventured into rarely explored by our regions and the speed and precision of sound go hand in hand with a truly tubey homogeneity and saturation of colors. When the voice came from Timbaland, "Shock Value" powerful kick bass blew the membranes Ardento last dust particles. Slightly nasal vocals Nelly Furtado received a very nice shot of a woman's warmth and sensuality, which lost a lot of current in most cases radio-telephone accretions and become more human and less technical - plastic.

And just when touched evidently postproduction shortcomings should look at the rock yard and eg. For "Misplaced Childhood" Marillion, which even after the final mastering difficult to determine as the outstanding execution. 

Flat like anorexic model scene and cykająco - crisp sheets can spoil all the pleasure of listening. But this time, despite the evident and obvious technical shortcomings whole has become much more healthy "body." There is a living tissue filling contours and annoying percussion respectively dopalone golden glow finally started to play their proper role. 

With a more ambitious repertoire to mention quite confusing and not the easiest in the reception of "Beit" Masada (John Zorn, Dave Douglas, Greg Cohen, Joey Baron). Of course, in this type of music Jack poplątańce they are on the agenda, but personally, I prefer to look for complications in progresyjnych varieties of rock and after a similar experience in the Jazz reach for quite occasionally. But this time it was nice, very nice, because Vitusy showing a whole in a very homogeneous manner focused primarily on the emotional layer - the color that after przykuciu attention listener put it in the intricate twists and instrumental virtuosity involved in recording musicians. 

But just as in the case of Takumi true fairy-like spectacle of color, richness aliquot and literal organicity could speak only in the case of vinyl. Albums "The Tube Only Night Music" Tacet, "Time Out" The Dave Brubeck Quartet, the soundtrack of "The Cloud Atlas Sextet" and two releases in the series "The Berliner Direct To Disc Recordings" - die Tommys "Volume 1" and " March 28 "Elaizy meant that it was impossible to break away from the listening position. Only need to change the pages forced us to get up from the seat. What up to now, with digital sources seemed almost tangibility and materialization of musicians in our four corners, actually we only seemed. Only when (conventionally) black panel could properly assess the possibility of Scandinavian amplification. The transmission was dominated by serenity and maturity, which in any case should not be confused with slowdown and boredom, as both dynamics and emotional potential have not weakened but reached the level of which the silver discs could only dream of.

Initial indulgence with which we watched before connecting to power on "small" Vitusy evolved in the course of listening in evident surprise passing well-deserved respect. Control coupled with musicality made him We forgot about the extremely compact SL - 102 & SM - 011 and focused on what's most important, after all - music. A music Vitusy played just delicious. Therefore, if you believe in the principle that you do not judge a book by its cover I strongly urge you to borrow a set of Vitus at least a week and in the comfort of your home system to verify its capabilities. There's a good chance that not only will appeal to you, but, and quite clearly would deal with many times greater, at least when it comes to the competition. It should also be noted that with Hans Ole Vitus Watts are "a little" more calories, and they are closer to their "tube" brothers than those achieved with digital circuits. Like a little thing, but trust me on word that happen in this case makes it a colossal difference.
........Marcin Olszewski

Vitus Audio Update – High End Hi-Fi in Auckland

During a recent chat with Terry Humphries of Audio Reference, it was pointed out that he’s the local agent for Vitus Audio, which was news to me. I’ve always been fascinated by high-end hi-fi equipment, and Vitus has been on my long list of extra-interesting audio gear for a long time, not least of all for the clean design aesthetic that’s seen across the range.

For some reason, I’d completely lost track of its availability of New Zealand. I’ve always wanted to hear this brand because of its towering reputation, but as luck would have it, now that I know where to listen, I’m still based about eight hours flight from Audio Reference’s Auckland showroom. Perhaps one of my Witchdoctor colleagues will be more fortunate…
Who or what is a Vitus? Well, Vitus Audio is based in Denmark, and the company was established in 1995 by Hans Ole Vitus. Today, it’s safe to say that Vitus is considered to be one of the world’s premier amplifier and component makers. They definitely operate at the luxury end of the market but performance seems to be the priority, not bling or bells and whistles, which is an approach I wholeheartedly support. I stole this bit of information about the history of Vitus Audio from the company’s site:

“After just a few years working with his own hi-fi equipment, building his own speakers, burning of his amps and learning as much as possible about hi-fi equipment, Hans Ole began his studies to become an electronic engineer. Hans Ole spent all his spare time and money on building his own hi-fi products and modifying other manufactures equipment during his studies.

After graduation back in 1990 Hans Ole worked for different electronic companies for several years, before joining Texas instruments in 1998 as Area Sales Manager for Denmark and Norway. His responsibility was covering not only technical sales, but just as important giving customers an in-depth technical understanding of the different solutions TI could provide, and on top of this – technical seminars and workshops.

The six years he spent at Texas Instruments gave Hans Ole a priceless deep technical knowledge and experience with making “leading edge technology” and communicating the pros and cons of different solutions. It’s these many years of working professionally with electronics, the lifelong interest in building hi-fi and Hans Ole’s dedication that enables Vitus Audio to make some of the best hi-fi products in the world.

Hans Ole’s passion for hi-fi is fueled by his love for music, as a teenager he played drums in a rock’n roll band and mainly listened to the same type of music, before he turned his attention to karate. He was trained by the internationally acclaimed sensei Raffi Liven, and with his usual determination Hans Ole did well in both local and international tournaments.

But since the establishment of Vitus Audio in 1995 Hans Ole has focussed all his spare time on developing the Brand and the first products. Over the years Hans Ole has mellowed a little, Rock’n roll and Karate has been replaced by any type of music on good quality recordings and perhaps even a glass of red wine on the couch”.

RI-100 Reference Series Integrated Amplifier
Examples of the Reference range (which is the entry point into the Vitus product stable) are the RCD-101 CD player/DAC, the RP-102 phonostage, and the 300w class-AB RI-100 integrated amplifier. All three units are priced at $18,995, and that’s each! So climbing up the ladder from Reference Series (or High-End as per the Vitus site’s description), to Signature Series (Extreme) to Masterpiece Series (Supreme), and then to Design Studio Series (Super-Extreme?) must be steep indeed. But for well-heeled music lovers, this is an option that should at least be listened to.