VINNIE ROSSI LIO tube Preamplifier

NZ$ 7,995.00 ea (incl. GST)
Vinnie Rossi

LIO Preamplifier is an entirely new and utterly unique component showcasing game-changing technology, future-proof flexibility, exceptional value, and unequaled audio performance. We designed it for the listener seeking the highest level of musical purity, with long-term ownership and future innovation in mind.

LIO allows you to enjoy your music collection on a whole new level – one with less complexity, less clutter, fewer components and cables for a purer, more direct and deeper emotional connection to your music. Music is presented against a black void of silence to reveal every iota of musical truth. Its transparency, vast spaciousness and visceral impact have left listeners awestruck.

Since its introduction, LIO has earned a fanatical customer following and rave reviews for its revolutionary design and deeply musical, spacious, and engaging way of delivering music.

LIO signals the end of obsolescence and the rebirth of lasting value. The LIO Preamplifier takes a modular approach, allowing owners to enjoy the benefits of additional features and future technologies effortlessly and economically.

LIO’s patent-pending, ultra-capacitor power supply (“PURE DC-4-EVR”) isolates audio circuitry from the noise and voltage fluctuations of AC mains power – without the need for an external power conditioner. Music flows from LIO in the most natural way, free of grain and background noise. Its vanishingly low output impedance ensures the highest possible current to deliver stunning transient attack with bass that is extended and impactful, yet tight and well defined.  Now featuring our Silent Switching technology!

Red Wine Audio is known for battery-powered components, but LIO uses ultra-capacitor banks in place of batteries. With two separate banks, one can be charged while the other is in use, so the LIO never needs to be put into “charging mode” and is always ready for use. 

The LIO Preamplifier features three line-level stereo inputs with Cardas rhodium-plated RCA jacks. Outputs include one “fixed” level, and two “variable” output pairs of Cardas RCA jacks. One pair of variable outputs can drive an external power amplifier or a powered subwoofer, while the fixed output can feed any audio recording device or any outboard audio component with a volume control. Input and output modules with balanced XLR connectors are also available.

One of the biggest headaches for audiophiles who use digital products is obsolescence. Often a brand new cutting-edge device turns into a boat anchor overnight as newer formats become available. Vinnie Rossi of Red Wine Audio has come up with a solution that is so unique that he’s created an entirely separate company, LIO, to produce it.

It is a modular design that employs a series of function-dedicated modules that can be combined to form a component that does exactly what the end-user wants it to do. There’s a MM/MC phonostage module, plus an RCL phono loading module that will permit users to alter cartridge loading from their listening position. Other modules include a MOSFET amplifier module, tube-stage module, and headphone amplifier module.




LIO-DAC optional plug-in DAC module-RCA for LIO integrated & preamp @ RRP $1495ea
LIO-PH optional plug-in MM/MC phono module-RCA for LIO Int & preamp @ RRP $2,500ea
LIO-HP optional plug-in Headphone-RCA module for LIO Int & preamps @ RRP $1,200ea

Linestage - The linestage is at the heart of LIO Integrated Amplifier, and we offer three performance levels:

LEVEL 1 -  Resistor Volume Control (RVC) with TUBESTAGE (included in base price @ NZ$9,500).

   Attenuation range: -63db to unity gain  
   1 dB step size
   Full dual mono switching allows for L/R balance control with no additional circuitry in the signal path
   Balance adjustments in 1 dB steps via LIO remote control handset
   Premium Vishay/Dale film resistors

   Two E88CC dual triodes (one per channel)
   Single-ended, Class-A design
   Auto-biasing (no adjustments needed)
   Auto-mute delay during tube warm-up (approx. 30 second)
   No DC-DC converters – only clean linear voltage regulation

The LIO AVC/Tubestage combo module combines our highly transparent autoformer attenuator with our seductive sounding Tubestage buffer to create a reference-level linestage that combines the best sonic attributes of both – true synergy at play! The AVCs are hand-wound by David Slagle of Intact Audio. They simply sound more open, transparent, detailed, and dynamic than any other volume control available. Following this with our LIO Tubestage built onto the same module (keeping the signal path as short as possible) adds more tonal density and a larger soundstage into the equation. The Tubestage features Class-A operation, auto-biasing, constant-current tube filament supply, precision voltage regulation, and other tweaks that make this a super low noise, high performance design that is exceeded in performance only by our Directly Heated Triode (DHT PRE) linestage. The result is a winning combination of high precision with the spaciousness and lifelike character that tubes are known for.

LEVEL 3: DHT PRE (+NZ$6,995 incl GST)
Introducing the world’s first ultra-capacitor-powered, “convertible,” directly-heated triode (DHT) linestage – the Vinnie Rossi LIO DHT PRE.
Have you ever wanted to hear what Class-A, directly heated triodes really sound like?  LIO DHT PRE is the only linestage to reveal the full sonic glory of DHTs by taking out of the equation the noise and distortion-producing elements commonly found in DHT amplifiers such as driver tubes, output transformers, feedback loops, cathode resistors, bypass caps and other sources of coloration. The triodes are powered by LIO’s internal ultra-capacitor power supply and patented “SPVR” super-regulated filament supplies to achieve what some consider the ‘holy grail’ of DHT linestage design – the lowest possible noise, hum, and micro-phonics using a purist circuit topology. When the Vinnie Rossi DHT PRE is used with any LIO configuration, you will be rewarded with the most direct and emotional engaging connection to the finest sounding 4-pin DHT triode families ever made.

“I put a spell on you…” More than any other tubes used in a linestage, the 4-pin DHT family of tubes compatible with LIO DHT PRE offers you:
      The richest tone
      The most fully fleshed-out harmonic structures and soundstage layering
      Awesome dynamics and attack
      Midrange/vocals with a “reach out an touch the performer” effect
      Music that becomes more lifelike across the entire frequency spectrum

The resolution, openness, and flow to your music with LIO DHT PRE is exquisite – but most of all, you will enjoy a heightened sense of realism and emotion album after album that will leave you under a spell!

Volume control module (included with all DHT PRE modules)

  • LIO NUDE RVC volume control module: uses the finest Vishay Nude Z-Foil resistors, delivering 64 discrete 1dB volume control steps that are precisely matched between channels. You will always achieve exactly the right volume level with perfect channel balance and imaging.
  • DHT Tubestage Features
  • Proprietary slide-switch “convertible” design compatible with: 2A3 / 45, 300B, PX4 / PX25, 101D / 205D, and SV811 / SV572 DHT triode families.
  • Class-A, single triode per channel (no driver tubes)
  • OTL (no output transformers used)
  • Zero Feedback
  • Purist, grounded-cathode design (fixed bias)
  • Dual “SPVR” patented, super-regulated filament supplies – fed from external linear DC supply (measuring approx. 6.5″ wide x 9.0″ deep x 3.75″ tall / 10 lbs.)
  • Yamamoto solid Teflon tube sockets / Vishay Nude Z-Foil resistors
  • Included tubes: EH 2A3 Gold-Grid (matched pair)


Inputs: 3x unbalanced analog pairs (RCA)
Balanced XLR inputs also available + NZ$175 incl GST
2x speaker level binding posts, 
2x variable output 
1x fixed output unbalanced analog pairs (RCA), 
Balanced XLR outputs also available + NZ$175 incl GST
Volume Control: Vishay/Dale film resistors
Volume Steps: 64 discrete 1dB volume control steps
Included Tubes: JJ E88CC (matched pair)
Accepted Tubes:
6922/E88CC, 6DJ8/ECC88, 7308/E188CC, 7DJ8/PCC88, 6N23, 6H23, 6N11, and 6GM8
Output Impedance: <200 ohm
Frequency Response: 10Hz – 110kHz (+/- 0.5 dB)
Gain: Unity (0dB) 
External Power Adapter: 100 – 240Vac, 50/60Hz. Detachable IEC power cord 
Dimensions: Approx. 445W x 343D x 114H mm
Shipping Weight: approximately 11.4 g

Volume Control: Hand-wound autoformers
Volume Steps: 64 discrete 1dB volume control steps
Attenuation Range: -54db to +7db
Included Tubes: JJ E88CC (matched pair)
Accepted Tubes:
6922/E88CC, 6DJ8/ECC88, 7308/E188CC, 7DJ8/PCC88, 6N23, 6H23, 6N11, and 6GM8
Output Impedance: 200 ohm
Frequency Response: 10Hz – 110kHz (+/- 0.5 dB)
Gain: +7 dB

Volume Control: NUDE RVC stepped Vishay Nude Z-Foil resistors 64 discrete 1dB volume control steps
Gain: Approx. 6 – 9 dB (depending on tube used)
Frequency Response: From 10Hz to >250kHz (+/- 0.5dB), ultra-high bandwidth design
External linear DC power supply dimensions: 6.5″ wide x 9.0″ deep x 3.75″ tall
Power Supply Weight: 10 lbs

Phonostage Gain / Load (MM): 40dB / 47k
Phonostage Gain / Load (MC): 60dB / 16 load settings from 26 to 400 Ohms (with Remote Cartridge Loading option, load choices increase to 255 individual settings from 5 to 2000 Ohms)
RIAA: Passive filter between two discrete, Class A JFET gain stages
Voltage Gain Stages: Class A, JFET, no feedback

DAC Bit Rates Accepted (PCM): 16, 24, 32
DAC Playback Sample Rates (PCM): 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8, and 384kHz
DAC Playback (DSD): DSD64, DSD128 via DoP
Output Voltage (SE): 8 – 600 ohms
Output Impedance (SE): 2.0V rms

Headphone Output Power (SE): 1W into 32-ohms
Headphone Output Power (BAL): 2W into 32-ohms
Headphone Output Impedance (SE and BAL): 1 ohm
Headphone Impedance Range: 8 – 600 ohms
Headphone Frequency Response: 5Hz – 50kHz (+/- 1dB)/td>
Gain: 0dB / 12dB (set via jumper)