VAC Master tube Linestage with external power supply

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The VAC Master Preamplifier outperforms every other preamplifier, with the exception of the VAC Statement models that inspired it.

VAC Statement Line Stage – 2016 Product of the Year Award, TAS - The Absolute Sound 

“The VAC Statement line stage has the quietest background I have ever heard on a tube linestage. As a direct result, timbre, resolution, dimensionality, transient response, imaging and soundstaging are electrifying and gorgeously lifelike. I have yet to hear a more richer, more beautiful or more detailed tube preamp – and unlike many competitors, the Statement’s got great grip in the bass and full extension in the treble. My new tube reference!”  Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound 

“It plays music with extraordinary finesse and drive, accurate timbres, spaciousness in the soundstage, swift attacks and aching decays, and an even spectral balance. Of all the preamps that have been in my system, it is the one that most wisely balances the oft times contradictory qualities of superior qualities of superior drive and great finesse… It performed splendidly with three of my power amplifiers, both tubes and solid state. Beside all this, it looks flat fantastic, a fancy piece of audio bling perched atop its own power pedestal! I heartily endorse the Signature MKIIa from VAC.”– Garrett Hongo, The Absolute Sound

The design of the all-new VAC Master Preamplifier takes the essential developments from the cost-no-object Statement pre-amplifiers and presents them in their most elemental, effective forms. If the Statement products might be likened to Formula 1 race cars, the Master Preamplifier is the derivative ultra performance road-going sports car.

As in the Statement Line Stage, the volume control is a massive custom-made, multisection, 2.2 kg brass volume control with internal brass shielding. Remote-control capability is implemented via a VAC-designed motor drive system, which allows continuous control of infinite resolution.

All of the hand-wired Class A1 audio circuits are carried on machined, mass-loading plates, which are decoupled from the main chassis.

This projects solidity in detail and imaging while reducing microphony to infinitesimal levels. You’ll find the “naked” z-foil resistors and premium transformers from the Statement Line Stage.

When the Master Preamplifier is equipped with the internal phono option, a separate, dedicated power transformer and DC umbilical cable is added to the power supply, ensuring complete isolation between it and the line section. In essence, it is an external phono stage that just happens to share the chassis, which, in turn, allows a superior control over the ground signal reference that is crucial to conveying signal detail. You’ll also find the same premium resistors and exotic capacitors employed in the Statement Phono Stage.

The VAC Master Preamplifier outperforms every other preamplifier, with the exception of the VAC Statement models that inspired it




    • Separate PSU
    • Balanced circuit
    • Statement-sourced 2.2kg brass volume control
    • 6 inputs (5 when fitted with optional phono)
    • Optional Master phono features fully independent circuitry within main unit and power supply


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