THRAX Yatrus direct drive turntable w/ Schroder CB9 9" tonearm (less cart)

NZ$ 30,995.00 ea (incl. GST)
Thrax Audio

Unconventional State of the Art Audio components delivering Never Heard Before reproduced Music Performance


The steady growth of Analog replay and the introduction of ever more complicated replay systems set us on a task to pack all the performance achievable today with a most desirable quality called user friendliness. 


Turntables are often set in sub-optimal conditions lacking purpose-built racks and vibration-free supports, so we implemented a high loss low-resonance integral support system in the Yatrus allowing you to use it on any furniture in your home while still preventing vibrations from reaching the platter/cartridge interface. 

Yatrus uses a maintenance-free drive system. No need for regular speed adjustments, belt replacements and so on. It is made to run forever. By the use of a direct-drive motor we eliminate multiple noise sources like belt knock and jitter, high speed motor vibration, multiple bearings chatter and so on. The result is a stunningly quiet drive system mounted on an inert rigid body with dampened rigid coupling to the arm-board manifesting as the most explosive dynamics and clean textures. 

Designed for use with a single 9” tonearm -our recommendation is the Schroder CB 9". 

The analog source you have been waiting for is here today

"That Thrax prepares turntable with direct drive, it was already known, but now there was more information. The pinwheel was named Yatrus, and when it was created, the developers focused on user friendliness and ease of use.According to the developers, not always turntables are on special risers with decent vibration isolation, so a lot of attention was paid to vibration protection of the player itself. Thanks to a special adjustable suspension system, Yatrus can be positioned on any surface without sacrificing sound. The two-layer table is one of the elements of this system.The drive, as stated in the description, "is made so as to work forever." Through the use of a direct drive, we managed to get rid of additional sources of vibration (such as a belt, high-speed motor, a variety of bearings, and so on). The player is ready to turn the records at speeds of 33.3 45 and 78 revolutions. Most of the construction is made of anodised aluminium. The player is designed to work with a 9-inch tonearm".





  • Unique vibration-free direct drive brushless DC motor with integrated bearing for the smoothest possible motion
  • Electronically controlled hyper stable speed for extremely steady motion
  • German Direct Drive - very modern design with zero cogging and high torque
  • Multilayer platter with special damping for best record interface and vibration control (Helix upper platter system) 
  • Fully integrated all in one piece - no external boxes and controls
  • Ultra low-resonance adjustable alphagel shock absorber system isolating the table from its environment
  • All anodised aluminium construction with constrained layer damping
  • Support for all common speeds 33/45/78rpm
  • Sonically it’s not bright or edgy, sounding and very rich and full in tone, a counterpoint the dull lean Technics sound!


Weight - 24kg
Size: 450W x 400D x 100H

- We recommend using Schroder CB9 9" tonearm @ RRP $7,995ea (included in speaial price)


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Thrax Yatrus, Schröder CB Ebène et Sculpture A A.4 - Ana Mighty Sound