THRAX Ares 120w dual-mono Integrated amp (DAC/phono/streamer opt extras)

NZ$ 18,995.00 ea (incl. GST)
Thrax Audio

Unconventional State of the Art Audio components delivering Never Heard Before reproduced Music Performance


At Thrax we draw upon legacy and add innovation in our design philosophy. This has been established with our now “classic” products. This heritage is built upon in our two latest designs. The Ares and Enyo playfully named after The God and Goddess of War.

Much of the performance of a system is dependent on the interaction of components more so that the performance of individual components alone. Audiophiles often start swapping cables, purchasing upgrades and ancillaries in order to realise the full potential of their components in a system. The cost of these upgrades and add-ons is not only excessive, but once a “new solution” is found, leads to a mountain or accessories, racks and cables spread through the listening room or even worse hidden away in cupboards never to be thought of again. Thrax now offers a simpler, elegant solution for audiophiles; a single component.

A component that will fit into your living room, shared by your family. A component that does not require external boxes or power supplies to connecting your laptop, phone, TV, games console, or turntable. A component that carries the pedigree of the pinnacle audiophile components and 30 years of experience making them, working in harmony to deliver unparalleled sonic performance.

ARES and ENYO modular audiophile systems enclosed in a single chassis is the system you have been dreaming of, your dreams have now been transposed into reality. They have the sound you want and the features you need. They grow with your needs or blend in your habits. To serve all tastes now you can choose transistors or tubes without any of the tradeoffs.

With Analog replay growing in popularity the addition our optional new RIAA module to the input board converts the first RCA input to a Moving Magnet and Moving Coil phono stage. This module once in place adds gain and loading settings to the configuration menu. The RIAA board has it’s own dedicated analog power supply making it absolutely independent. Pretty much like a stand alone phono preamplifier but sharing the same case and user interface.

The optional DAC module is a simplified version of our multi-bit R2R module developed for the Maximinus DAC offering similar tonal rendition and lifelike dynamics. It is realised as a separate card allowing upgrades when new technologies become available. 

The DAC’s input board performs digital processing functions such as upsampling, dithering, format conversion and offers four user-selectable filters. It accommodates all current and near future signal types and formats- AES, SPDIF, Toslink, USB, Network and Bluetooth 4.2.

The DAC’s core - has been built around four ladder (r2r) DAC chips and a high-precision clock giving it the unmistakable tone and resolution.

This input module apart from switching the inputs has the ability to apply different filters and upsampling to supply the DACs always with the optimal data rate and format making it the truly universal digital input module. All data is re-clocked to the high precision internal clock generator.

The optional Streamer / Network player board is for streaming - this versatile micro-computer board supports DLNA, Roon, TIDAL (including MQA) and DSD and is upgradable on it’s own. There are separate power supplies to power the digital and analog circuits independent from each other and the power amplifiers.

Like the other 3 add-on modules in Ares or Enyo, this one can be replaced in the future when better converters or newer hardware/software becomes available making the system truly future proof.

So you get a multi-bit DAC, an Up-sampler, a Network player, and an optional MM/MC Phono preamplifier and two mono power amplifiers in a single box. Each designed to work with the other in the most optimal way. Getting rid of cables multiple remotes and boxes scattered across the room. 

The modularity of the system let’s you grow as you need and to keep it current for long time to come.




ARES & ENYO Common features:

Analog inputs module
- relay based 3xRCA and one XLR input selector - fully balanced with ground switching
- very wide range attenuator with over 100 steps - programable input sensitivity
- no buffers or opamps in attenuator path
- MM/MC RIAA phono stage (optional plug in module)
- Headphone amplifier (module)

Digital input module
- SPDIF, TOSLINK and AES inputs
- USB with 32bit/384kHz and DSD (optional plug in module)
- Ethernet with DLNA, ROON, TIDAL and MQA (plug in module) - Bluetooth with aptX
- highest precision on board clocks
- on board DSP for up sampling and filter selection
- 384kHz Multibit R2R differential DAC’s (optional plug in module)

ARES specific features
- independent power transformers and regulators for Digital, Control and Analog circuits 
- Separate power supply for each power amplifier (true dual mono)
- no feedback output stage
- innovative non-switching class AB topology
- 120W/8 ohm 200W/4ohm
- Silicon Carbide rectifiers
- DC coupled input to output
- Solid aluminium body
- TFT display

ARES features two true mono power amplifiers with independent power supplies and transformers based on a new concept in solid state amplification using a non switching output stage arrangement isolated by a single ended buffer delivering Class A liquidity and texture without the associated heat.
The absence of global feedback and the use of regulated supplies of the drivers contributes to the the exemplary transparency and speed.
It is a true Thrax sonic signature product. In its most basic configuration ARES could be used as a power amplifier in an existing system.
The amplification modules are fed trough a 4 input fully balanced relay based selector and switched resistor volume control board.


2 x COAX (RCA) connectors limited to 384 kHz, 24 bit data
2 x AES/EBU (XLR) connectors
2 x TOSLINK (optic) connectors 
(This format has limited bandwidth and works for maximum sample rates of 192 kHz)
1 x USB (optional)

1 pair unbalanced RCA connectors
1 pair balanced XLR connectors

POWER SUPPLY:115 or 230v ac
DIMENSIONS: 432w x 400d x 120h mm

RIAA Phono module MM/MC phono preamplifier corrector - plugs on input board 
DAC module - Mutibit DAC with AES/SPDIF/TOSLINK/USB/BT4.0 inputs 
Streaming add on for DAC - ROON, TIDAL, UPnP, AirPlay streaming via wired network