TELLURIUM-Q Speaker cable Ultra Black banana/banana - 3mtr

NZ$ 2,995.00 pr (incl. GST)
Tellurium Q

We are focused on performance and our aim is to set a new standard.


“The extension is incredibly clean and natural and I must say that I didn’t manage to find that in another cable until now… I’ve been listening to some live recordings which were incredibly real, from the sounds in the audiences, to the voices and instruments on the stage. Even the clapping was hauntingly lifelike, putting me right there in front of the audience.
The Ultra Black gives life to the voices, it gives them better presence and textures but also a very natural and pleasant tonality. They’re smooth but clean in the same time.”
………Dan-Alexandru Gheorghe, Head Mania

HiFi Plus Review:
Whatever you do, don’t audition the Ultra Black. As I said before, once you do, there’s no going back.”....Steve Dickenson, Hi Fi Plus, Awards issue 2010

HiFi World Soundbites Review:
“What the Ultra Blacks will do for your record collection is to both extract the fine detail from within and reveal its personality. The Ultra Blacks will lay bare your music, getting under the skin of each recording.”.......Paul Rigby, HiFi World 2010

“So what is it that the Tellurium Q’s do and the other cables not? Or do but only to a lesser extent? They are damn musical, for one thing. Second, they appear to diminish harshness of the digital sources. Third, they let the midrange shine. Fourth, they keep the low bass frequencies well under control. Not bad for a pair of cables.”......Kai Ekholm

"... things seem to start and stop when they ought to and this adds to what I can only describe as a sharper aural image. Clarity is the only word I can really find to describe the effect of these cables".....Lin Smith/ Stuart Smith, confirmed cable sceptics,

“clarity is the only word I can really find to describe the effect of these cables, and I must admit (as a cable sceptic full stop) it shocked me”.”....Lin Smith, HiFi 

Hi-Fi World verdict - 5 Globes Award

The flagship broad, flat Ultra Blacks are intriguing. and was rather surprised by the Ultra Black’s maturity as purveyors of etail...... I wouldn’t describe the Ultra Blacks as perfectly neutral but what they do give you is neutrality with a slice of texture. So, vocals have an extra expressive quality, bass bounces along with cheerful abandon and wind instruments seem, well, full of air! a considered demo should be in order.

What the Ultra Blacks will do for your record collection is to both extract the fine detail from within and reveal its personality.

The Ultra Blacks will lay bare your music, getting under the skin of each recording.

The entire Tellurium Q cable range is defined by its superior sense of focus at the price. This means that each frequency does not have to do battle with every other, allowing the music to display its finer qualities. More shades of colour are made available within each track and more subtly is present too while detail is no longer veiled, so you get to hear ‘hidden’ information that has been lurking there all along.

This is a fine array of speaker cables from Tellurium Q that will fit just about any system out there. All warrant five globe ratings at their respective price points, so are well worth investigating. 

Hi Geoff,
It's been more than a month that I have been enjoying the services of TQ U/Black on a daily basis and the more time I spend with it, the more I am convinced that its rightness and balance is miles away from anything else at the price (or more for that matter). I still can't get over the way leading edges of notes are presented allied by superb bass performance that is unlike anything I have ever heard of. Not to mention its spot on tonality and timbre resolution.

Tellurium Q footnote:
We can now claim that we have developed a set of parameters that has managed to overcome phase distortion and we  believe that we are the first cable manufacturer to have successfully managed to do this - possibly one of only a handful that had even looked at the problem.

Ground-breaking cables, delivered with your choice of musical toppings”

Tellurium Q have won the “Cable of the Year” award from the UK magazine HiFi+, plus full 5 Globe Awards from Hi-Fi World (for ALL of their cables) and we are excited to be able to offer this very high value for money range of cables exclusively in Somerset.

We have tried out their cables here and found that even the lowest priced cable performed beyond expectations, allowing the system on dem at the time (based around a Naim Supernait and CDX2) to truly breath and flow. Considering that we traditionally demonstrate with either Chord Odyssey 2, Chord Epic Twin or Mogami speaker cable, this is really a very potent appraisal of Tellurium's cable!!!

Flat, thin and easily concealed, their speaker cables are just the sort of cable product our customers have been asking for. At last we have a top performing cable at a very reasonable price that shocks the established players.

The step up to their Ultra Black cables gives a defined, and markedly musical improvement. All other cables come across as, to put it bluntly, decidedly crude and mechanical sounding.

This ground-breaking company also have a phenomenal range of interconnects, with RCA connections and highly innovative DIN based interconnects. These feature highly secretive circuitry which Tellurium Q have taken great lengths to protect.



The system synergy all came together with Tellerium Q Ultra Black speaker cables
“After 3 months of trying hard to get synergy in my system and not achieving the desired sound, and about ready to give up Terry encouraged me to persevere and asked me try the TQ Ultra Black speaker cables in my system. Encouraged by Terry I bought the amp back to its original configuration and revised the speaker plinth set up, this time the whole system with TQs installed it all came together and sounded so much better, now the Canton K7 speakers and amp synergy etc was finally what I had been searching for"

"Comparing them with other combinations and cables the consensus was a unanimous no brainer. They bring out acoustic detail, soundstage accuracy and refined dynamics that could not be replicated with the other cables on a variety of music".

"Thank you Terry.” .

….. Dave