NORMA Revo-IPA70 optional MM/MC Phono module

NZ$ 750.00 ea (incl. GST)
Norma Audio

NORMA AUDIO’s target is to utilise Technique, Science & Art to create products that reflect NORMA “musical reproduction”.


The optional PH-1 Phono board for the REVO IPA-70B amplifier adds the functions of impedance adapter, RIAA equaliser and preamplifier to the device, in order to receive the signal from a turntable.
It is able to accept signals from both mobile coil (MC - Moving Coil) and mobile magnet (MM - Moving Magnet) detectors, simply by quickly and practically replacing an integrated circuit (supplied). It is possible to vary the load seen by the head through a switch, which allows you to choose between four default resistance values ​​(100.500, 1K, 47 Kohm) and a value that can be set by the user, by inserting a resistance.
The gain value is also variable with a similar system, proposing a range from 34 dB to 52 dB in six steps, plus a user-definable value, always by inserting a resistance.
The boardPH-1 is made with very low noise components, and although it is sized for sound detectors with a relatively robust output, it allows you to easily manage heads with lower sensitivity.
It is equipped with a very accurate layout which makes setting operations simple.
It also has a stabilised and suitably filtered power supply circuit, which allows the board to better transmit the expressive nuances of an analog source, without compromising its natural character.