MAGICO S5 mKII floorstand speakers in MCoat finish 26Hz-50kHz 88dB

MA 05 SF S5 CO
NZ$ 72,495.00 pr (incl. GST)

We create industrial “works of art” that simply out-perform any custom or commercially available speaker system in the world.


BEST SOUND OF SHOW (Munich Hi End Show)
“Actively displayed for the first time, Magico’s most affordable aluminium-bodied multi-ways, the S5s, on the other hand, were tremendously engaging, utterly delightful, very lifelike on lifelike recordings, and joys to listen to…Magico is going to have what I think will be its hottest seller yet in this wonderful transducer.”…..
Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound, report on Munich Show

“The S5 was robust and powerful in the bass, smooth yet detailed in the treble, with an intoxicating midrange that would seem to invite long listening sessions. The highs were airy and fast over the several cuts we heard, yet they never became harsh — the S5 seems to be voiced just right, actually. But the bass — oh, the bass. First, it freakin’ pounded. I mean, shake-the-walls and rattle-the-rafters pounded. These speakers will play loud, clean, and loud — frankly, they played louder than any speaker I’ve heard anywhere near their size. My initial reaction is that a pair of them will have astonishing dynamic range, but that they can also display finesse when needed. And they always maintained that silky smooth midrange no matter the cut we heard…...My prediction? Magico will sell more of these speakers than any other model in the company’s history. They are that good for a price that is that right!”…… Jeff Fritz, The Soundstage Network

The new S5 Mk II silhouettes its predecessor however that is where any similarity ends. Significant performance enhancements are realised with the implementation of new and advanced transducer and enclosure designs which have been distilled from the extensive engineering research devoted to the S7.

A newly designed 1-inch Magico Diamond coated Beryllium diaphragm tweeter provides smooth and extended high frequencies along with matching sensitivity, wide dispersion and increased power handling. A robust motor system and long-throw voice coil design enables lower distortion and cutoff frequencies that enhance driver integration with the midrange driver.

A higher benchmark of measured midrange performance is achieved with a newly designed 6-inch Magico driver that is formed of Mutli-Wall carbon and Nanographene. The combined result of these two cutting-edge materials creates a new cone that is 20% lighter and 300% stiffer than the cone used in the S5. A purpose built sub-enclosure made of a proprietary polymer material provides an acoustically optimised rear chamber for the midrange to operate within. The sub-enclosure concept was first introduced in the S3 and provides noticeable enhancements in midrange control and articulation.

Newly designed 10-inch Magico bass drivers offer a new motor system with extremely powerful magnets and ultra-stiff aluminium cones that are specially coated and finished with graphene dust caps. The new bass driver is capable of producing incredibly deep, powerful and complex bass frequencies with the utmost speed and accuracy.





Driver Complement:
1" (2.54cm) MBD7 Diamond Coated Beryllium Dome
6" (15.24cm) MAG6004RTC Graphene Nano-Tec Cone
10" (25.4cm) MAG10508 Aluminum Cone

Sensitivity: 88dB
Impedance: 4 Ohms
Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 50 kHz
Recommended Power: 50 watts - 1000 Watts
Dimensions: 1220H x 360D x 380W mm
Weight: 100 kg


I think this model will become the sweet spot in Magico's range

I thought i'd post a short review of the new Magico S5 Mk2 speakers which I have on order in beautiful M-coat titanium. My pair are due to ship some time in March, so can't wait!

I previously owned a pair of S5 Mk1's which are very good speakers in their own right. The S5's have deep, tight, accurate bass, smooth midrange with nice tone, timbre & textural shadings, and a fast, smooth & resolving tweeter; qualities which are not always associated with BE domes. There is a touch of warmth, and the S5's have a slightly laid back presentation (in comparison to the Q3). Basically they are well balanced and coherent speakers. I describe them as "great allrounders".

But as good as the S5's are, the S5 Mk2 is a completely different animal. In fact, the only carry over components from the S5 are the extruded aluminium side panels & speaker binding posts. Everything else is new. Much of the technology found in the Mk2 has filtered down from the M project speakers, which was first adapted to the S7.

So what's new? The Mk2's 10" bass drivers use a lighter aluminium cone which was made possible by the hybrid carbon Nanotube / Nanographene dust cap which is 20% lighter & 300% stiffer than the previous model. Behind the driver cone, it's basically all-Q series technology with MUCH bigger & more powerful magnets. I attached a photo below showing a comparison between an S5 & S7's bass drivers (which are virtually identical to the S5 Mk2). Apparently you could lift an S5 bass driver with one hand, but it takes two hands to lift the new bass unit!

The new model also benefits from the copper woofer coupling system first used in the S7 which has a much higher damping factor than the previous aluminium mounting. In fact, the copper O-rings were so wildly successful they are being trickled "up" to other models.

The new 6" midrange uses a hybrid carbon Nanotube / Nanographene cone which again is 20% lighter & 300% stiffer than the previous model. The underhung neodymium base motor system uses two extra-large magnets which provide an ultra-stabilised magnetic field which improves accuracy and dynamics. The midrange also benefits from a similar computer-modelled polycarbonate enclosure to the S3. Marketing hype doesn't always match reality, but having heard the S3 and S7, my ears tell me that thing works a treat! Midrange clarity is definitely improved & the sound stage really opens up.

The S5 Mk2 also features a new 1" tweeter with a diamond-coated beryllium diaphragm, shorter voice coil, and slightly modified motor system compared to the tweeter used in the S5. The new BE diaphragm has a five-micron thick layer of diamond applied using a very difficult process. Alon said they broke 10 tools trying to design it! The new drivers also allowed the breakup point to be moved beyond the bandpass, which enabled Magico to remove the crossover's electrical traps necessary for controlling driver breakup, thereby simplifying the crossover & improving resolution.

Apropos which, Alon used some very nice caps in the critical position; the new Mundorf Mcap Supreme Evo Silver/Gold in Oil caps. Internal wiring has been improved & has been changed from Mundorf solid-core wire to 10 gauge stranded wire sourced from Japan wound in different geometries for (+) and (-).

The cabinet has also been revised & features a heavy machined 3D convex-shaped top plate to minimise enclosure diffraction and break-up vertical standing waves (similar to the M Pro). There is also a heavier bottom plate featuring 4-point outrigger feet like the S7 which lowers the centre of gravity & increases overall stability, resulting in a lower noise floor and increased dynamics according to Magico.

Taken as a whole, and drawing on my experience from hearing the S7, the S5 Mk2 should be a BIG step up from original S5. And with the advent of the S7, I think this model will become the sweet spot in Magico's range actually. Looking forward to sharing my 1st impressions soon!



Magico S5 + Vitus SCD-025 + SIA-025