MAGICO MRACK State-of-Art 4 level audio rack

NZ$ 83,995.00 ea (incl. GST)

We create industrial “works of art” that simply out-perform any custom or commercially available speaker system in the world.


Magico LLC is pleased to introduce the MRACK audio equipment stand. Over the past fifteen years countless amplifiers, DACs, servers, transports, turntables and cables have made their way in and out of the Magico listening room as we have prototyped and brought to market over two dozen speaker models. The cornerstones that have remained throughout it all are the Magico MRACK equipment stands. 

The MRACK was originally designed for our own internal R&D to maximise system performance where available options consistently fell short. Employing the culmination of knowledge accrued in resonance control and energy dissipation through the development of the ‘Q’ and ‘M’ speaker platforms as well as the POD products; the most acoustically resolving and structurally inert audio equipment stand, the new MRACK, for the first time is available to the public.

The MRACK is available in 3 and 4 shelf variants and finished in a beautiful and durable brushed black anodise. The middle shelves are factory adjustable to optimise each rack to your own equipment complement and are coupled to the floor with the renowned Magico MPOD for the ultimate in top to bottom vibration management. Each shelf weighs 80lbs. and is formed with five layers of constrained-layer-damped aluminium, copper and ISODAMP elastomer designed to channel energy away from your front-end equipment, while capturing and dissipating that energy into heat. The side struts that comprise the structure of the MRACK utilise the same CLD layered architecture to further control the resonance of your system and the surrounding environment. The results in improved resolution, imaging and soundstage will truly allow you to hear things you never have before.

The racks utilise a copper grounding rod, which will allow one to ground individual front-end  the omponents as well as the shelves themselves to funnel noise from the electronics and the under skeleton of the rack resulting in even higher resolution and clarity from the whole system. The grounding rod, in turn, can be connected to external ground. The 3 and 4 shelf racks will employ 2 sets of cable management apparatus per elevated shelf to organise cabling while improving signal fidelity and reducing tension on IEC connections.

In addition to the 3 and 4 shelf equipment racks, 2 sizes of vibration dissipation platforms will be offered to support stand-alone amplifiers and equipment using the same CLD architecture as the racks and mounted on 3 MPODs per platform.