MAGICO APOD8 - 8pc set A3 speaker isolation feet

NZ$ 2,995.00 set (incl. GST)

We create industrial “works of art” that simply out-perform any custom or commercially available speaker system in the world.


The APOD is based on the scientific design principles of Constrained Layer Damping (CLD) and provides an effective way to couple the A3 loudspeaker to the floor while dissipating unwanted mechanical energy away from the enclosure. Demonstrable results include increased dynamics, enhanced focus, greater resolution, and a closer representation of the original musical performance as it was intended during the recording process.

The main structure of the APOD is formed from multiple machined aluminium sections which when assembled form a vertical stack. A solid pure copper substrate centre round is sandwiched by a top and bottom layer of aluminium that when compressed together facilitates the Constrained Layer Damping (CLD) function. An adjustable spiked footer threads into the APOD base and when locked into position provides solid coupling to the floor.

Direct installation of the APOD is intended for the A3, S1 Mk II and S3 Mk II.