Ikeda HBC-MS-5000DR Tonearm cable - straight 1mtr

IK 12 PC 5000DR
NZ$ 1,200.00 pr (incl. GST)
Ikeda tonearms & cartridges

You will be able to hear the breath of LP/SPs !


 After the result of long years of basic research and study, we are proud to introduce the high quality audio cables developed  under HBC-MS-5000 series that are  greatly superior  in view of the sound transmission efficiency because of the adoption of the hybrid structure made with 6N copper of high purity and OFC materials.

 You will be able to enjoy the high S/N, high density and incomparable natural sound when you use these audio cables between tonearms and audio devices or inbetween audio devices. 

 The terminals are purely made out from one single ingot one by one by a high quality precison machining and then the surface finishing is processed by  the rhodium plating.  Each connecting terminal is assembled with highly superior electric non-conductance Teflon.

 The minus (cold) side of RAC plug is made of phosphor bronze of 0.5φ and designed with the floating point of contact consiting of highly reliable spring action and hexagonal ring structure.

 The sleeve (Sheath) is purely made of one single high purity aluminum ingot of 5056A one by one by a high quality precison machining and then processed with the black Alumite  plating after buffing. The shielding is made of the knitting of black Polyurethane  (more than 90% of the Poyurethane).



 Composition : Double Wire Shielded
 Conductor Resistance : 32mΩ/m
 Capacitance : 52F/m