Electrocompaniet Classic AW-250R 2ch 250w/ch amplifier bridgeable to 1000w mono

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The Electrocompaniet AW250R power amplifier is known for its uncolored and excellent reproduction qualities. From the first note of any familiar recording, you will be captivated by the AW250R and by the musical enjoyment it will give you.
The AW250R incorporates such refined features as: FTT (Floating Transformer Technology) power supply, capable of delivering twice the current of conventional power supply designs, as well as first class overall circuit design and state-of-the-art components. 

The AW250R features a balanced link to additional power amplifier(s). Compared to more expensive High-End power amplifiers, with lesser performance, you will truly cherish the AW250R. The Electrocompaniet AW250R features a balanced link to additional amplifier(s) for bi-amping. It can easily be used in bridged mode, delivering up to four times the power.the AW250-R stereo power amplifier, which is essentially a pair of the company’s AW180 monoblocs in a stereo chassis, uprated to 250W per channel. The AW180, and AW400, are themselves less powerful derivatives of the awesome AW600 Nemo monoblocs so there’s a great deal of Nemo DNA in the AW250-R. This is immediately obvious, from the moment you set this system off. It has a solid and expansive way of going about its business. There is a feeling of unlimited resource, a bombproof, unflappable capability, certainly when driving normal loudspeakers at even quite antisocial levels, so this is definitely an amplifier you might want to consider for your team, especially if your loudspeakers are difficult to drive.



Output Impedance (20 Hz - 20 kHz) < 0,008 ohm
XLR (balanced) input impedance 110 kohm
Input sensitivity for rated output 1 V
Max. peak current > 100 A
THD (measured at 1 kHz 
half power, 8 W) < 0,001 %
THD (measured at 1 kHz 
-1 dB, 8 W) < 0,001 %
Noise (measured with both inputs shorted): 400 Hz - 30 kHz : 90 µV / 10 Hz - 30 kHz : 100 µV

Rated output power  
8 ohms 2 x 250 W
4 ohms 2 x 380 W
2 ohms 2 x 625 W
1 ohms 2 x 1100 W

Power consumption (no load or signal) 230 W
Dimensions ; Width 483 mm / Depth 450 mm / Height 210 mm 
Weight 39 kg.