EAT Fortissimo-S Refrence turntable no tonearm - leather

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The platter has been upgraded with 12 brass inserts and one top brass insert under vinyl top plate add additional weight and further stabilise the platter for even better speed stability. It consists of two parts. The first part uses a soft alloy, the second part, a harder one. This reduces energy flow. The first part also incorporates the neodymium magnets.  The platter weighs more than 22 kg. The diameter of the platter is 400 mm (not the usual 300 mm). This means that with the same weight you gain more moving mass on the platter. The platter also incorporates sorbothane damping to make it resonance free.

The bearing is not standard but inverted with an oversized polished shaft. The new platter with its huge mass creates more energy, which has to be absorbed better. Therefore we designed a new bearing block with a chrome alloy able to withstand more energy and damp the entire system more effectively. In addition the bearing spindle has a new „Movic“ coating with the lowest friction coefficient possible (6 times less than previous spindle versions). This is the same coating that is used by NASA for bearings in satellites.

A ceramic ball is used on the top because it is very hard and inert. This, in combination with a Teflon plate as a bearing mirror, is also a good damping device. Teflon's accurate satin surface produces perfectly smooth movement without any rumble. The platter has a magnetic suspension using neodymium magnets. By increasing the distance from the bearing to the cartridge, the small neodymium magnets eliminate magnetic influence on the cartridge. Due to the magnets we can still move a large mass allowing the bearing to see virtually no pressure. This avoids rumble. (A mass loaded platter usually causes high levels of rumble.) The pressure of the bearing is adjustable. There are existing different  philosophies about bearing pressure. With the Forte turntable you can adjust it according your preferences and taste.

Long belts usually have some amount of wobble. To avoid this we use a special silicon string. This movement is also absorbed by the bearing block and by the huge mass of the platter itself.F-NOTE TONEARM (optional)

C-NOTE TONEARM (optional)

Is a new E.A.T tonearm design that mixes a high mass tonearm with a low-friction bearing. Due to the high mass these tonearm usually have to use a bearing that is a little bit „slower“. The C-Note goes a different way and innovates on a new level. The tonearm is very easy to set up and also a perfect match for the new Jo No. 5 or No.8 cartridge.

The optionally available Fortissimo Base has been purpose designed for the new Fortissimo turntable. It acts as a perfect subchassis, isolating the turntable in the best possible manner. This design improves on the magnetic feet found in previous turntables, and makes it more silent and less prone to outside interference. The feet have been redesigned and the base uses 6 new magnetic feet, to accomodate the size and weight of the Fortissimo turntable.




E.A.T FORTISSIMO / FORTISSIMO-S - Massive turntable with Sub-chassis

Key upgrade features of Fortissimo over Forte / Forte-S:

A) The Fortissimo has a new bearing with tne movic – nano coating which reduces the friction of the bearing by 6 times to the previous bearing. 

B) The new platter with brass inserts gives also much more moving mass and even more stability. The new platter is about 3 kg heavier than previous one.

* Separate Sub Chassis and a mass loaded turntable

* Platter has 12 brass inserts and one top brass insert under vinyl top plate for increased speed stability and weight of the platter.

* Chrome bearing block

* Bearing spindle with new coating for lowest friction possible

* Optional new C-Note or F-Note tonearms

* Fortissimo Platform optionally available: isolates the turntable perfectly from any resonances from the ground

* Available as FORTISSIMO or FORTISSIMO-S, a smaller turntable configuration


Electronic speed change: 33.33/ 45.11
Speed variance: ± 0.09%
Wow and flutter: ± 0.008%
Signal-to-noise ratio: -73 dB
Power consumption: 2W
Outboard power supply: 16V/1.000mA AC, suitable for your country's mains supply
Dimensions (WxHxD) 550W x 250H x 440D mm
Weight 48kg (approx)