DARTZEEL CTH8550 optional MC phonostage

NZ$ 2,750.00 ea (incl. GST)

Passion for Sound "The human being himself, to the extent that he makes sound use of his senses, is the most exact physical apparatus that can exist."


Welcome to darTZeel’s way of looking at the world

Our true passion for music reproduction, which we have nurtured for 30 years, led us on a long quest to design audio machines that can convey the emotions at the heart of a musical performance.

We are very proud to introduce the long-awaited result through our darTZeel product line.

Most consumer products today—even some very expensive audio components—are designed primarily from the standpoints of manufacturing efficiency and cost savings.

We beg to differ.
At darTZeel, the only question we want to answer is: Does it make the music feel real?




No compromise « all in one » music machine, darTZeel is proud to introduce the new CTH-8550 full featured integrated amplifier. This new product combines in one casing most of the good things musical lovers found in our flagship NHB series.

The CTH-8550 features newly designed power output stages which include on board regulated power supplies for a very compact global layout. This new circuit brings outstanding transparency, speed, yet delicacy, giving a maximum listening pleasure.

With no less than nine inputs in total, the preamplifier section is dual-mono - one dedicated circuit per channel - with a minimal footprint which allows for very short signal paths.

No doubt that this newcomer is a true darTZeel machine.

Key features include:
* A newly designed fluorescent display for user-friendly operation.
* 7 standard inputs blended from a mix of Zeel, RCA and XLR sockets.
* 2 additional, optional Phono inputs (1 MC, 1 MM), easy to implement at any time (factory upgrade only, though).
* Full HT bypass function for all inputs.
* 1 darT preamp output for driving an external NHB-108 power amplifier.
* 1 RCA preamp output for driving any other optional power amplifier.
* 1 RCA REC output, with independent record source selection.
* A fully featured remote control, 100% darTZeel designed.
* A new kind of approach in mechanical housing design thanks to state of the art Laser cutting & welding technologies, ensuring unprecedented high rigidity and easier assembly and maintenance procedures.