Clearaudio Weight Watcher Touch digital cartridge pressure gauge

NZ$ 375.00 ea (incl. GST)

"Take the best and make it better, only then is it just good enough." Peter Suchy

"Now we have Clearaudio's latest offering -- and hallelujah! If they haven't got it right...A beautifully clear LCD display is easy to read...measures accurately and repeatedly to 100th g...this is about as near to the perfect product as you have any right to expect."
-- Roy Gregory, HiFi+

Finally…an affordable new Digital Stylus Force Gauge that measures accurately to five 100ths of a gram. Clearaudio has developed this gauge for those of us who wish to set our cartridge’s tracking force with absolute precision.

Simple to use, dead-on accurate and affordable! This is the first high quality digital scale that measures to the hundredth of a gram to break the $400 price barrier! The Digital Stylus Force Gauge runs on just two AAA batteries, so no more desperate searches for obscure watch-type cells. An essential analog tool priced within reach of any analog lovers’ budget. Highly recommended! 

Once upon a time, there were lots of choices in the world of analog set-up devices. That's changed. Fortunately for all of us there are companies like clearaudio who are still analog fanatics and still support the needs of vinyl lovers. 
The Weight Watcher is a true laboratory-grade scale with digital readout that ACCURATELY measures vertical tracking force. Its large LED readout reads to the hundredths of a gram so you can precisely dial in your cartridges tracking force time after time. Though it's very sensitive, it's also extremely easy to use. The Weight Watcher will become an indispensable part of your analog toolkit



Audio Advisor Review - Clearaudio WEIGHT WATCHER Electronic Stylus Gauge