CANTON GLE 496.2BT 300w active floorstand Bluetooth HDMI digital analog inputs

CN 01 SF GLE496
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Canton speakers



Made for music and film enjoyment: The high-quality stereo loudspeaker set with Bluetooth interface and integrated Virtual Surround with HDMI is a real multitalent for the living room. 

The external feature of the GLE series is the matte lacquered, 22 mm thick baffle integrated into the case and thus still slender . The GLE series is technically convincing by means of vibration systems with aluminium cone diaphragms, beads with wave technology and a soft dome high frequency system. All of this makes the GLE series one of the best-selling loudspeaker series in Europe.

The Canton GLE 496.2 Active BT in key points

  • Easy installation - a cable to the TV, a cable to the socket
  • IR- learning function - controllable with TV / system remote control
  • Automatic switch-on and switch-off
  • ECO Mode - selectable power saving mode (On / Off)
  • Bluetoooth Select - Automatically selects BT input
  • IR erase function - simplest deletion of unwanted learning functions
  • Lip-Sync - for exact voice / picture synchronisation
  • Equalizer - 3 presets for acoustic adjustment to the installation location
  • Easy-Pairing - the easiest connection to the source device
  • The high-quality stereo speaker set GLE 496.2 Active BT with Bluetooth interface and integrated Virtual Surround with HDMI is a real multitalent for the living room. The GLE 496.2 Active BT Set is a perfect stereo speaker set for music and TV sound, with a 300w system output, an aluminium mid / bass system and an aluminium manganese high-frequency system. 

The GLE 496.2 Active BT Set guarantees optimum speech intelligibility, impressive spatiality and powerful bass. With a 300 Watt system output, an aluminium mid / bass system and an aluminium/manganese high-frequency system, the 3-way bass reflex system is a perfect stereo loudspeaker set for both Music and TV sound without compromise. 


The GLE 496.2 Active BT Set operates according to the master / slave principle. The master is in this case the speaker with the display in the front and the amplifier electronics and a Speakon jack on the back of the housing. The slave loudspeaker is the loudspeaker without integrated display in the front and with a Speakon socket on the back of the housing. The master is in your stereo set the left, the slave the right loudspeaker. In addition to 3 HDMI inputs (with 3D, 4K) and an HDMI output (with ARC), the GLE 496.2 Active BT Active System has an optical digital input, a coaxial digital input and an analog RCA input. If necessary, an external subwoofer can be operated via the output sub-out. The speaker system can be controlled with its own or with the remote control of your TV. All remote control functions of the GLE 496.2 Active BT can be learned in few steps on the remote control codes of the TV set. This means: two devices, one remote control.

Thanks to the Bluetooth® interface and the easy-pairing function, the active set also captures the world of smartphones and tablet PCs. As a high-quality Bluetooth® loudspeaker, it ensures the loss-free transmission via apt-X® technology.




Other functions of the GLE 496.2 active BT sets: 
ECO Fashion  - selectable power-saving mode (ON / OFF) 
Bluetooth ®  Select  - selects Bluetooth input automatically 
IR Learning Function  - controllable with TV / system remote control 
IR-delete function  - the simplest delete unwanted learning features 
Lip-Sync  - for exact voice / picture synchronisation 
Equaliser  - three presets for adjustment to room position 
Easy-pairing  - simplest connection with source unit 
ON / OFF  - automatic switch-on and switch-off

Bluetooth® 3.0 interface (apt-X® codec)
Dolby® Digital decoder
DTS Digital Surround ™ decoder
DTS TruSurround ™ decoder
Stereo and surround sound
bass and treble control
integrated Subwoofer
LED display
Remote Control

simple one-cable installation - just one cable to your TV and one cable for power
IR-learn function - controllable with TV remote
Automatic on / off switch with TV
ECO Mode - selectable power save mode (On / Off)
Bluetooth Select - automatic selection of bluetooth input
IR-delete function - simple deleting of unwanted learn functions
Direct input selection - ideal learnable smart remotes
Lip-Sync - for exact speech synchronisation
equaliser - 3 presets to adjust the acoustics to the setup location
Easy pairing - easiest connection with source device


Active speaker set
Engineering Principle: 3-way bass reflex system
System Power: 300 watts
Frequency response; 22 ... 30,000 Hz
Crossover frequency; 300 / 3,200 Hz
woofer: 2 x 200 mm (7.9 "), aluminum
midrange: 1 x 180 mm (7.1 "), aluminum
Tweeter: 1 x 25 mm, (1 "), aluminum manganese

1 x HDMI Output (with ARC)
3 x HDMI Input (with 3D, 4K)
1 x digital (optical)
1 x Digital (Coax)
1 x Analog (RCA)
1 x Sub Out

Dimensions (WxHxD): 27 x 106 x 31 cm
Weight: 22 kg
Power consumption: 0.4 watts

GLE 496.2 Active BT Set (Pair)
Remote control
Power cable Speakon cable
HDMI cable (3.0 m)
Optical: digital audio cable
Analogue stereo audio cable