Brodmann Vienna Classic VC1 floorstand speakers in gloss white sold "on-be-half"

SPECIAL PRICE: NZ$ 6,250.00 pr (incl. GST)
Original: NZ$ 14,995.00 (incl. GST)
Saving: NZ$ 8,745.00 (incl. GST)

"Simply Achieve Perfection"

On Behalf


"After only a few notes, you'll hear what the VC1 was designed to do: seduce you into fully concentrating on the music. Despite the smaller dimensions, you will feel the full dynamics of a live concert".

The VC1 is Brodmann's smallest floor standing loudspeaker in the  Vienna Classic line. Two-way system with one treble speaker, one bass driver /mid-range speaker and one Acoustic Sound Board.

The VC 1 may seem at first a rather modest floor-standing speaker. But there's nothing diminutive about its sound. After only a few notes, you will hear what the VC 1 was developed to do: seduce you into fully concentrating on the music. Do not be fooled by its small dimensions, you will feel the full dynamics and presence of a live concert. The VC 1 wants to be your constant musical companion and delivers many years of genuine musical satisfaction.

The VC1 loudspeaker is available in the editions:  Silky lustre piano lacquer black or Silky high gloss piano lacquer with choice of true wood veneers (burl walnut, pomele, burl birch , burl maple, black, maple, cherry, bird's eye maple).

Brodmann Vienna Classic Series 

The Vienna Classic line is the fascinating result of landmark engineering, art in harmonic interplay with precision workmanship, and a technical solution fine tuned to the very last detail. Power and composure unite in a velvety soft and yet very detailed sound that will charm your senses in a way never before experienced from a mere speaker.

Musicians are naturally discerning listeners of music. Many, such as composer/singer Lionel Richie and the late jazz legend Oscar Peterson, compare the sound quality of a speaker system to the original sound of the instruments, not a sound wiped clean of the dynamics unique to the instrument or performance. The key lies in the complexity of the cabinetwork.

Brodmann patents on the "Horn Resonator" and the "Acoustic Sound Board" have defined a new standard. By means of a woofer/mid-tone chassis mounted at the side, the normally passive boards are stimulated to actively swing and, thereby, take on the effect of an additional large membrane. Tautening screws allow a fine adjustment of the amplitude. Visually, the VC models reflect the same beautiful finish as the Brodmann pianos. The cabinets are stunning, with a timeless linear clarity to their shape.

The wide range of veneers and colours available make the speaker systems a design asset to any environment. Impressive in appearance and performance, with the Vienna Classic speakers, you hear the true sound of instruments delivered by a true instrument. Perfection, simply achieved.




Brodmann loudspeakers – the philosophy
Brodmann has been very successful since 1828 in the world of high quality sound. Our commitment to this great musical tradition has led to the development of the loudspeaker program, with which Brodmann sets another new standard in the world of quality sound. 

At the heart of this development and listening experience is the active acoustic principle, the horn resonator and the plate resonator, which enable the optimised adjustment of sound to the space around it. The entire loudspeaker box is a single body of sound - the entire loudspeaker is an instrument. Similar to the strings of a piano that causes the entire grand piano to vibrate through a complex interaction of a steel frame and wooden case. Brodmann loudspeakers produce an unparalleled, authentic listening experience. We have managed to build cabinets with fewer unwanted resonances in the first place, eliminating the need for practically any damping.

Loudspeakers in accordance with the Acoustic-Active Principle

The high-fidelity scene has not remained unaffected by technological advances; contemporary amplifiers, for instance, are built with an almost purist lack of superfluous filters and equalisers. And it is the simplest set-up in the best quality available that achieves a minimum of sound distortion. A new standard in fidelity has been set: less is more. As Brodmann acoustic researcher Hans Deutsch explains: “I have been working with this technology and applying this principle since the 1970s and it is in this spirit that I have developed my speaker systems. Brodmann loudspeakers made in accordance with the Acoustic-Active Principle mark the pinnacle of my career. The combination of state-of-the-art recording technology and the most modern techniques in amplifier construction used to produce these loudspeakers in conjunction with the appropriate cables, electronics and recordings, achieve the most breath-takingly true-to-life listening experience. This has been repeatedly confirmed, not only by journalists and specialist dealers, but first and foremost by the musicians themselves and connoisseurs of authentic performance world-wide.”

The heart of the matter

As a rule, conventional technology suppresses all resonances and overtones, linearizing the frequency curves by means of an overload of frequency filters, with little regard for the overall sound. No distinction is made between unwanted vibrations and essential sound resonances. Yet according to a basic principle of acoustics, resonances form the foundation for authentic sound. The sound produced by conventional loudspeakers fails to be lifelike because their resonances have all been over damped. Brodmann, however, has managed to build cabinets with fewer unwanted resonances in the first place, eliminating the need for practically any damping. The “Acoustic Sound-Boards” on either side of the cabinet function as passive and therefore neutral resonators. These resonators or absorbers are activated only when connected directly to the tuners and set into vibration (a principle going back to H. von Helmholtz, inventor of the eponymous Helmholtz resonator). The “Acoustic SoundBoards” are large, distortion-free vibrating membranes by which Brodmann loudspeakers acquire the properties of a musical instrument. The reproduction of the authentic resonances of musical instruments and the human voice is one of the secrets of the life-like sound created by these outstanding loudspeakers. 

Authentic sound reproduction has its price

Brodmann loudspeakers, operating in accordance with the Acoustic-Active Principle, reproduce only the information actually registered on a music recording. Your ear will appreciate the absence of any “additional information” produced by the loudspeakers.

How do you benefit?

A unique, true-to-life listening experience in your own home.


Two-way system with one treble speaker, one bass driver /mid-range speaker and one Acoustic Sound Board.
frequency response 35 - 25,000 Hz ( ±3 dB) 
crossover frequencies 130 Hz*; 2.0 kHz 
power rating 60 watts 
music rating 120 watts 
impedance 8 ohms 
operating performance 2.0 watts (for 91 dB/m) 
dimensions (h x d x w) 927 x 245 x 160 mm
weight 13 kg 

* based on the performance of the HornResonator