Brodmann-Joseph Brodmann 205SE Special Edition floorstand speakers

BM 23 JB205 SE
Price on application

"Simply Achieve Perfection"


It is virtually impossible to describe the JB Series. These speakers really have to be experienced – acoustically and visually.

Joseph Brodmann Series Loudspeakers:
The Joseph Brodmann (JB) Series sets a new benchmark for those music lovers seeking a totally immersive and engaging experience!

The Joseph Brodmann Series speakers combine all the patented and innovative techniques of Hans Deutsch, in exclusive cooperation with Brodmann Acoustics. Hans Deutsch's designs serve to maximise true musical fidelity and enable Brodmann speakers to virtually become “instruments” themselves.

Huge acoustic sound boards, driven by second generation horn resonators, radiate the bass layers and textures with great integration in the listening room.

The speaker cabinets achieve this by their rigidity and correct sizing, in conjunction with proven technologies that greatly reduce distortion produced by the traditional use of insulation within the speaker cabinets.

The Joseph Brodmann Series is Brodmann's defining statement of how reproduced sound is intended to be heard. The JB series delivers natural music effortlessly in a hugely listenable way with superb dynamics, tonal quality, realistic bass response and headroom.

Through years of research and development work, based on the knowledge gained with the VC Series, we have succeeded in creating the perfect interplay of pure music, aesthetics and craftsmanship: a perfect symbiosis of the ultimate in sound culture, the art of piano making and advanced technology. 

The transparency of the sound, sparkling cascades of notes, the depth of the bass and the wide spectrum of tonal colours and nuances impresses even the most demanding connoisseurs and transports them into another world. In addition, these elaborately handmade speakers are much more than mere sound transducers: they are acoustic sculptures, providing breath-taking luxury in every way, without compromise.