Brodmann-Joseph Brodmann 205 floorstand speakers piano black

BM 17 JB205 B
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"Simply Achieve Perfection"


It is virtually impossible to describe the JB Series. These speakers really have to be experienced – acoustically and visually.

Joseph Brodmann Series Loudspeakers:
The Joseph Brodmann (JB) Series sets a new benchmark for those music lovers seeking a totally immersive and engaging experience!

The Joseph Brodmann Series speakers combine all the patented and innovative techniques of Hans Deutsch, in exclusive cooperation with Brodmann Acoustics. Hans Deutsch's designs serve to maximise true musical fidelity and enable Brodmann speakers to virtually become “instruments” themselves.

Huge acoustic sound boards, driven by second generation horn resonators, radiate the bass layers and textures with great integration in the listening room.

The speaker cabinets achieve this by their rigidity and correct sizing, in conjunction with proven technologies that greatly reduce distortion produced by the traditional use of insulation within the speaker cabinets.

The Joseph Brodmann Series is Brodmann's defining statement of how reproduced sound is intended to be heard. The JB series delivers natural music effortlessly in a hugely listenable way with superb dynamics, tonal quality, realistic bass response and headroom.

Through years of research and development work, based on the knowledge gained with the VC Series, we have succeeded in creating the perfect interplay of pure music, aesthetics and craftsmanship: a perfect symbiosis of the ultimate in sound culture, the art of piano making and advanced technology. 

The transparency of the sound, sparkling cascades of notes, the depth of the bass and the wide spectrum of tonal colours and nuances impresses even the most demanding connoisseurs and transports them into another world. In addition, these elaborately handmade speakers are much more than mere sound transducers: they are acoustic sculptures, providing breath-taking luxury in every way, without compromise.

Simply Achieve Perfection.
The Vienna Classic line is the fascinating result of landmark engineering, art in harmonic interplay with precision workmanship, and a technical solution finetuned to the very last detail. Power and composure unite in a velvety soft and yet very detailed sound that will charm your senses in a way never before experienced from a mere speaker.

Musicians are naturally discerning listeners of music. Many, such as composer/singer Lionel Richie and the late jazz legend Oscar Peterson, compare the sound quality of a speaker system to the original sound of the instruments, not a sound wiped clean of the dynamics unique to the instrument or performance.

Therefore, the VC seeks to reproduce the full audible spectrum with as little distortion as possible. More conventional designs seek to correct and reshape distortion, which  might clean the sound but which also changes the sound.

The key lies in the complexity of the cabinetwork. Brodmann patents on the “Horn  Resonator” and the “Acoustic Sound Board” have defined a new standard. By means of  a woofer/mid-tone chassis mounted at the side, the normally passive boards are  stimulated to actively swing and, thereby, take on the effect of an additional large  membrane. Tautening screws allow a fine adjustment of the amplitude.

We achieve a similar effect in our classical grand pianos by applying reinforcements to the sounding boards. With this structure, our speakers achieve a natural and extremely airy sound image that is composed of direct sound and its reflection. To the listener, it’s like sitting in the concert hall.

Visually, the VC models reflect the same beautiful finish as our pianos. The cabinets are stunning, with a timeless linear clarity to their shape. The wide range of veneers and colours available make the speaker systems a design asset to any environment. Impressive in appearance and performance, with the Vienna Classic speakers, you hear the true sound of instruments…delivered by a true instrument. Perfection, simply achieved.

Sound Philosophy
The main goal of conventional technology is the elimination of resonances by heavy damping and flattening of the frequency curve by powerful crossover filtering. This pays surprisingly little regard for the sound itself. Unfortunately, no difference is made between undesirable and desirable resonances. 

The basic acoustic principle remains: Without resonances, there cannot be lifelike sound. Music is played by instruments; hence authentic sound reproduction must also require instruments featuring harmonious resonances. While conventional loudspeakers produce illusions, they fail to sound lifelike, since all resonances have been eliminated.

Brodmann loudspeakers are instruments in themselves. Of course they don’t employ active resonators with instrument-specific sounds, as musical instruments do, but instead they use passive resonators, creating a neutral sound.

It is only through this coupling that the resonators or absorbers are brought to vibration (after Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmholtz, inventor of the “Helmholtz Resonator”).

Reproduction of essential resonances is one secrets of the lifelike Brodmann Acoustics sound.

The acoustic active principle    
Brodmann loudspeakers have been designed and tested both in research and development laboratories and under living room conditions, with the aim of offering the ambitious music lover loudspeakers with the most highly differentiated musical reproduction. The requirements of true-to-life reproduction which, in addition to a wide dynamic range and clear registration of the subtle changes in the depth and breadth of an orchestra,is concerned with the exact reproduction of the recording room. Specialist equipment is used to record the most varied musical instruments and voices individually and in groups. Numerous A-B listening comparisons (original versus recording) follow during the construction phase. In parallel to these listening tests, a completely separate range of tests are analyzed by an expensive bank of acoustical instruments, but this is regarded more as a backup. The highest sound quality will be achieved by the careful choice and modification of the amplification system which guarantees the basis for low-distortion reproduction on high dynamics, as well as a series of technical innovations in the acoustical sector which, protected by patent, are used exclusively in Brodmann loudspeakers:
- HornResonator
- Acoustic active frequency separating filters

Application of the acoustic active principle
Technological advancement has undoubtedly changed the field of high-fidelity reproduction for the better – at least for companies who care about sound. 

Purist construction without equalizers or other tone controls has become the norm for high end amplifiers. Simplicity and premium quality of construction lead to minimum distortion and new standards of audio reproduction. ‘Less is more’.

Hans Deutsch comments, 
 “ I have been developing loudspeakers based on this technology and this philosophy since 1970. My crowning achievement is the Brodmann loudspeaker series. Modern recording methods, amplifier technology and musical-sounding cable, combined with Brodmann loudspeakers create a breathtakingly realistic sound experience.”  




4 pcs ASB with total area of 1.41 m²
4 pc woofer base
4 pcs FT-woofer system
2 pcs woofers TPV
2+2 pcs tweeters

Frequency: 20 - 29,000 Hz ± 3dB

Crossover frequencies:
130 Hz Acoustically-active -4.5 dB / oct.
Electrically 1.6 kHz -5.7 dB / oct.

Operating performance: 0.9 watts for 91dB

Nominal load: 480 watts
Music rating: 1000 Watts
Nominal Impedance : 3 ohms

Dimensions (H x W x D):
2051 x 454 x 330 mm (including ASB's) 

75 kg