Brinkmann Tonearm 10"

NZ$ 5,500.00 ea (incl. GST)

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In addition to our two directly driven Oasis and Bardo drives we have developed the new tonearm "10.0" and the pickup system "Pi".  


The design of the »10.0« is somewhat similar to the »10.5« tonearm. Various components that have already proven themselves in our other tonearms, such as the arm tube with a special hard ceramic surface, the headshell, the lift and the mounting bush are also used here. As a result, the »10.0« mounts on the same holes as our other tonearms.  


The "10.0" is, in principle, a one-point tonearm, different in this respect from the "10.5".  


The horizontal storage is done by a very small ball bearing, which is mounted on top of a steel tip. The arm is prevented by a loose revolving ceramic bearing down the side tumbling. This bearing is very smooth, is not biased and has a certain amount of play. This provides a greater liveliness in comparison to a magnetic or hydraulic damping in conjunction with greater peace in the sound.  


The same small micro bearings also provide vertical movement, here the bearings are preloaded without backlash.  


The »10.0« has a freely adjustable azimuth. A small tightening screw under the arm tube holds the headshell in position and allows a rotation of ± 5 ° of the headshell when the screw is loosened. With a precision adjustment aid, which is screwed into the headshell instead of the pickup system, the headshell can be adjusted parallel to the surface of the plate. Since the adjustment aid has the same height as our EMT-ti, the height of the tonearm can also be easily adjusted. If a difference in the azimuth can be detected in the pickup system used, you can turn the headshell with the screw released in the appropriate direction to correct the deviation.  


Sonically, the arm does not match the larger tonearms in many aspects, of course, it is universally suitable for all pickup systems.  



Distance centre plate - tonearm bearing - 243 mm

Effective length - 258 mm

Overhang - 15 mm

Tonabnehmerbefestigung - ½ "connection, long holes

Minimum distance mounting surface - plate surface - 28 mm

Dynamic mass - 12 g

Total weight - about 400 g

Counterweight - 140 g

Delivery - Tonearm with 5-pin SME connector