Brinkmann Balance Turntable + 12.1" tonearm & Ront power supply

BR 29 TT BAL 12
NZ$ 43,250.01 ea (incl. GST)

Considered some of the world’s finest turntables out of Germany



Our heaviest turntable keeps on running and running and running... with legendary quietness. Since its introduction in 1985, the »Balance« combines timeless beauty, highest sound quality and perfect build quality. The basic design has remained the same (honestly, there isn?t much to improve), but in the best Brinkmann tradition, the turntable has seen continuous evolution und sonic optimizations. Hence today, the turntable is state of the art in terms of aesthetics and technology – as it has always been – while sounding better than ever. Little wonder then that the »Balance« is used as the absolute reference turntable not only by Brinkmann, but quite a few renowned publications aswell. The RöNt II tubed power supply is the ideal completion for the Balance and included in this package .

Not surprisingly, the »Balance« has received quite a few awards over the years: the “Gold Medal” for turntables from the “Image Hifi Millenium Awards” or the “Blue Moon” award from   





Drive - precision ground round belt
Dimensions (WxDxH) - 550 x 400 x 140 mm
Weight - 33 kg
Platter - weight 18 kg, Ø 316 mm, height 90 mm.
Platter surface - planar polished crystal glass (recessed mounting)
Tonearm - 12’.1’ tonearm
Power Supply - RonT tube power supply
Included in delivery - turntable, screw-down record clamp, solid state power supply, tools
Options - additional arm bases, Dust Cover 


BRINKMANN was One of the Five Best-Sounding Systems at High End 2012 in Munich

Munich 5This year, Germany’s annual High End show was held May 3-6 at the Munich Order Center, a beautiful, modern event facility that’s well suited to the display of high-end audio gear. Jeff Fritz and I were there for all four days -- our report, on SoundStage, covers most of the highlights, but missing from it are my five picks for the best-sounding systems at the show. I spotlight them here.

German electronics manufacturer Brinkmann Audio shared a spacious, brightly lit room with the US’s Vandersteen Audio, Harmonic Resolution Systems, and Shunyata Research, who respectively make loudspeakers, stands, and cables. The last link in the playback chain was Vandersteen’s Model Seven speakers, which I’ve heard sound good at other shows -- but never so good as in Munich.

Although the bass frequencies were strong and deep, and the highs well extended and very clean, what floored me was a combination of smoothness and detail in the midrange that was nothing short of spectacular. Then there was the imaging -- the best I heard at High End 2012. When Helmut Brinkmann played an LP of Ry Cooder’s Buena Vista Social Club, I sat there slack-jawed for several minutes, listening to how wide and deep the stage was, and how tangibly present the musicians and their instruments were in that space. Companies often complain about not being able to create great sound under show conditions -- this room proved that it’s possible.

Vandersteen room