AYON Black Heron flooorstand 3.5way 93dB w/ eliptical cab

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Ayon Audio

"The Bugatti of Audio" - TAS: The Absolute Sound magazine


Ayon – BlackHeron - “ Timeless design, modern elegance and outstanding technology “
The BlackHeron is the consistent advancement of the legendary former Ayon ceramic loudspeaker series (Seagull, Hawk, Falcon, and Eagle) anno 2003 – 2010. Only 9 years later with the new ceramic chassis technology we could develop further the loudspeaker decisively mounting ceramic chassis. Implementing specially produced special impedance bass-chassis-coils we could draw the impedance up and design the acoustic 6dB-cross-over much simpler. Also, the improved "almost not damped" elliptical Ayon instrument plywood cabinet (with its unequalled all-around radiating characteristics – by means of the elongated elliptical front plate the sound being carried into the room far and quasi "all around") further contributes to the very easy operation of amplifiers, particularly the lovers of low-powered solid-state and tube amplifiers could hardly avoid this loudspeaker.

The BlackHeron distinguishes itself by a very three-dimensional, sophisticated, transparent, light-footed, and spatial reproduction, with the bass playing dynamically, deep, and powerful.

The BlackHeron is an audiophile universal genius, incarnating all attributes of an uncompromising reproduction of the highest level.

After almost 4 years of development the time has come: a new Ayon Ceramic speaker series sees the light of the day. This new Ceramic series also is quasi the link to our Lumen White speaker programme and by this closes this big gap downwards. The range of Ayon speakers will be from EUR 19,000 to 40,000 and the range of the Lumen White speakers was completed for the High-End 2018 in Munich ranging from EUR 50,000 to 130,000.

We of Ayon Audio have a long tradition of manufacturing speakers (especially dealing with conventional speakers in the range of higher efficiency) and therefore we target to build the "best possible" conventional speaker equipped with ceramic drivers in whose price range and which can fulfil all our requirements on design and sound.

Meanwhile more than 15 years have passed, when we presented our first generation of Ayon speakers with some then ground-breaking technological highlights, e.g. the airflow streaming principle, the special instrument plywood cabinet – to a large extent derived from instrument making – or the almost unique oval shape of the cabinet.

The new Ceramic series is the consequent further development of the very successful and legendary old Ayon ceramic speaker-series (Seagull, Hawk, Falcon, Eagle) of 2004-2010. Only one decade later with the new "Cell" ceramics chassis technology, the new cabinet material, the improved "elliptical" cabinet structure (with the resulting curved front plate producing a very spacious and homogeneous directional characteristic) it was possible for us to decisively further develop the speakers.

On important requirement is e.g. that they should be easy to drive, especially for low-powered amps, no difficult loads and a well-tempered impedance curve, acoustic 6 dB filter slew rate over all 3 ways, perfect phasing, and maximal 3D-reproduction in both the low- and the high-volume level range.

Especially most lovers of tube- and class-A-amplifiers, but not only those, have increasing difficulties to find their "optimal" speaker although the offer has become unmanageable.

There is a gigantic offer of speakers, but the speaker industry seems to more and more ignore the admittedly small group of "audiophile" music lovers or is most of all busy with herself to secure her market share against the competitors at any price with even slimmer and cheaper speakers (despite showy installation of multi-chassis there is hardly any cabinet volume left) and uniform designs for a bit of a yawn.

The declared values of efficiency sometimes are bizarre or mostly are combined with very low impedance values, with a non-disputable filter flank rise of up to 48 dB and are combined with power consuming (compensation-) crossover networks. This is exactly the contrary to be expected from a new modern trendsetting "passive" loudspeaker design.

Therefore, we decided to take new paths based upon our long "Ceramic" past in speaker design. To our advantage, we could use all our experience and overall refine again many well-tried.

We could convince our manufacturers to optimize exactly (electrically, magnetically, max. efficiency, etc.) the chassis we wanted and to adapt it to our predefined parameters. This step was extremely important to very precisely define our cabinets, determine and optimize their shape and inner structure, calculate their optimum volume, their resonance course, and their stiffness to achieve an even more optimal swinging behaviour. Furthermore, we could to a large extent abstain from the inner damping or use it only extremely moderately to avoid losing additional efficiency and not to "damp away" the so important inherent swinging behaviour of our plywood special-wood cabinet (instrument class). Thus, the faithful reproduction of the original signal is improved decisively.




What do we offer!  - In the field of Ceramic speakers, the new Ceramic line is unique for: 
- Unique elliptical cabinet shape – Ayon Trademark 
- Unique and distinctive appearance with high recognition 
- Unique cabinet of instrument wood bonded of 3 different kinds of wood, no MDF, HFD or similar material of minor value. 
- Unique acoustical 6dB crossover network equipped with only ceramics 
- Unique efficiency for ceramic speakers: from 92 dB upwards! 
- Unique experience handling ceramic speakers and their interaction with tube amplifiers 
- Excellent price-performance ratio regarding the material usage and the complicated process of cabinet production 
- Very high-value quality of the components of the crossover network 
- Custom-made ceramic chassis with higher efficiency and modified magnetic drive exclusively for Ayon 
- Sophisticated internal wiring of high quality 
- Shortest signal path in the crossover network for a 3-way speaker concept with 5 ceramic chassis. 
- You do not find Ayon speakers at every corner, therefore also a status of high exclusivity 

Ayon real wood veneer finishes 

The Ayon loudspeaker models are available in a choice of the most exciting real wood veeners.
Standard veneers are: French Walnut-HG, Tineo-HG and Etimo-HG. optional veners on request! 

French Nut-HG
Popular Burl-HG
Birds Eye Maple-HG

 (Please note that due the minor image resolution of websites and different screen adjustments and their different quality level, all shown images will not give a true impression of the veneer structure, finesse and color level  of the cabinet finishes)


System:  1/2-way - Airflow Damping System (ADS)
Cabinet Design:  Elliptic
Cabinet Material:  Resonance optimized instrument plywood
Driver Complement:
     1x  1.2" Cell-Ceramic Tweeter
     1 x 6.7" Ceramic Woofer/Upper-Mid
     1 x 6.7" Ceramic Woofer/Lower-Mid
     1 x 6.7" Ceramic Woofer
Crossover frequencies:  180Hz / 400Hz / 1000Hz / 2500Hz
Impedance:  4 Ohm
Sensitivity (1W / 1m):  93 dB
Recommended Amp Power:  5W - 120 Watt
Frequency Response:  34Hz -30 kHz / -3 db
Terminal:  WBT NextGen
Internal Wire:  Custom made
Bass Boost:  Switchable
Dimensions (HxWxD)  each:  116x36x25 cm
Weight, each:  38 kg