Ayon AA62B-S reference Triode power tube (Queen of Single Endeds)based on WE300B

AY 52 AA62B
NZ$ 1,595.00 ea (incl. GST)
Ayon Audio

"The Bugatti of Audio" - TAS: The Absolute Sound magazine

Ayon tube testing process
Every power and signal tube is visually examined and tested by our own special custom made tube testing machine with burn in feature and add on the industry's most advanced computerized electron tube testing system – Amplitrex AT1000 tube tester, for all 5 specs: Plate current, trans-conductance, heater-to-cathode leakage, internal gas and microphonics. Actually tube manufacturer only tests mostly one spec – the plate current in their factory QC process; we test all 5. For tubes with multiple sections such as “dual triode” types, we test all sections of the tube and match the sections as close as possible.