AUDIO SOLUTIONS Overture-205F floorstandspeakers - black

AS 04 SF OT305F
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Audio Solutions

The Art and Science of Speaker Engineering

The Overture MK3 is a third generation entry level speaker for AudioSolutions. Overture MK3 has the marking O3** compared to previous 02** MK2 version. This Third series Overture introduces completely new looks compared to its predecessor. These rather drastic visual changes marks a completely reworked speaker - a cabinet, drivers and crossover structure. We proudly present Overture Mk3 – the ultimate marriage of art and technology at an affordable price.

The new 305F is a different approach to previous 205F. Both the new 304F and 305F are now 3-way systems like all our other speakers. The 205F was 2.5-way system however I strongly promote our extended band midranges and the whole idea of as wide as possible midrange coverage in order to avoid crossover distortion in the most critical for human ear region - 1000-2000Hz. Thats why I have switched everything to 3-way systems and it is well worth doing so with an extended band mid rage that helps to unload unnecessary load from tweeters (thus less doppler effect and fewer distortions) and widens the midrange coverage which brings mid-performance closer to the wide band driver (I am not sure is this correct parallel as wide banders have a lot of flaws of its own, that's why I use term extended band mid driver). 

The 305F indeed has bigger bass drivers than the 304F which follows our core structure of 3-way systems with every speaker getting scaled up as we go up the line. This approach gives a uniform sound character along the line which is supercritical and not many manufacturers can say that they have uniform sound along the line.

A) NEW completely reworked cabinet structure. New Overture series is introduced with the same cabinet structure like Figaro and Virtuoso - a Cabinet-in-Cabinet system which is superior compared to previous Overture cabinet
B) NEW Seas based silk dome tweeters. 
C) NEW reworked mini-horn loading for more effective and time-aligns drivers better. The sound clarity and response is much better.
D) NEW Figaro based Sb based drivers
E) NEW outrigger spikes holders with small spike and cups for sturdy support. 
F) NEW Colour choice - new colours include high gloss HG Black and HG White for the front baffle. The sidewalls and back are matt black. For an additional price customers can also choose between3x Matt Wood colours for the sidewalls - Light Oak, Mahogany & Weng (the front baffle colour does not change with the choice of HG Black or HG White). 
G) NEW redesigned Magnetic Grills.
H) NEW Packing - redesigned and made more sturdy and practical.

There are 3x floorstanding models, 1x bookshelf and 1x centre channel speaker. The models will be named like the old ones just with digit “3” at the beginning instead of “2” indicating that this is third generation of Overture.

6MOONS REVIEW CONCLUSION: "the AudioSolutions Overture models demonstrated unexpectedly high value. This came with competitive performance and a broard swath of finish options. Heck, these are lovely real-world speakers. They're perfectly adapted to everyman's music, not fussy audiophile fare. They can dish it without coming apart; they do strong satisfying bass without playing tricks; and they're totally allergic to the Twiggy aesthetic. Guess what, a weak global economy does wonders for inventiveness in the manufacturing sector. Product must continue to offer more for less lest folks start hoarding not parting with their harder-earned cash. And boy are these Overture models fully on board with that programme. With audio solutions such as these, our times really are good... for hifi shoppers that  is" ......Srajan Ebaen - 6MOONS

MONO & STEREO REVIEW CONCLUSION: "The AudioSolutions Overture O204F braced and thick MDF enclosures were certainly "guilty" of delivering the powerful spatial cues. Micro and macro details are too easily masked within the intreated resonance frequency of the speakers' enclosure, yet Overture O204F delivery of micro decays and delays formed a sensual interaction, that pulled me into more than just one track aural evaluation with my beloved Nancy Brick. That alone is worthy of the praise...
I've especially love to pull this remarkable album out to challenge any speaker ability to deliver the sheer density of tone and how well it deciphers the potency of music's message.....

Overture O204F tone, timbre, and color were on forte, without stepping into the overblown realms. At the O204F given price range, this is something to be proud about......
AudioSolutions Overture O204F offers a stylish and musical package, that is not shy in delivering the balanced sound. These are the "honest" speakers, voiced right and with a healthy dosage of bottom end. The lower end impact will keep bass fans more than just happy. O204F also reveals the potent Overture musical universe to the music lovers in demand of powerful and musically involving sound......
Gediminas Gaidelis pushes himself further by each year, to implement better materials, make speakers better looking and most importantly to deliver better sound.....
For the chameleon musical like nature and the level of dedication, that goes into the creation of the AudioSolutions Overture O204F speakers I'm happily giving out the Mono and Stereo Highly Recommended Award"..... Mono & Stereo

The cabinet. 
Overture MK2 where equipped with self-locking cabinet structure which was a major breakthrough back then compared to typical non-complex cabinet structure. Working with huge potential of self-locking cabinet we came up with other cabinet type – Box-in-a-Box structure. This type of cabinet is being used in our award winning Virtuoso speakers and is remarkably stiff yet shares extremely good dampening properties. Seeing its flexibility to work with and potential of Box-in-a-Box cabinets in general, we decided to adapt this expensive technology to our cheaper entry level products. Overture MK3 shares Virtuoso cabinet technology and is equipped with Sectional-Box-in-a-Box cabinet system. Whole cabinet consists of two intersecting cabinets – lightweight inner box and heavy outer box. The polyurethane layer in between the two boxes acts as dampening material. Thin but stiff inner cabinet provides necessary support for structure itself as well as transfers energy of radiated back-wave to outer cabinet layers without storing energy inside material and preventing the back-wave being reflected to the listener. Fast energy transfer is essential in order to prevent low Q oscillations which can last relatively long and ruin precise sound reproduction. To illustrate low Q oscillations think of the swings where energy is stored for prolonged period and oscillations dies slowly due to high mass and lack of dampening. With just one push you will have prolonged oscillations which are unwanted in the cabinets. So, transferred from inner box, energy reaches outer box which has huge mass to absorb the received energy (compared to inner cabinet) and have low inner tension forces and thus high dampening properties to dissipate energy in to heat as fast as possible without generating unwanted prolonged

oscillations. However, these two layers alone cannot provide efficient energy exchange and dissipation in to heat. That’s why third layer in between outer and inner boxes is so essential – a polyurethane layer joins two cabinets (which are separated by fraction of millimeter) and provides additional dampening due to high viscosity. This layer not only acts as additional barrier for energy to be dissipated in to heat while traveling from inner box to outer box, but also helps outer high mass box to quickly stop its movement. To illustrate its working principle we can imagine a swings being suddenly stopped with a help of soft pillow.

The drivers. 
Overture MK3 equips heavily upgraded drivers. After seeing how potent and successful Figaro drivers are we decided to use similar materials Figaro-based drivers in our new Overture MK3. Now both of speakers share the same ER cones giving incredible performance. Magnetic system and dampening rings was reworked to suit Overture MK3 as well as high power voice coils where added compared to its predecessor. High frequencies are being reproduced by lightweight silk dome tweeter which is upgraded version of MK2 tweeter. With this reworked driver we were able to use more selective and more efficient mini-horn system. New mini –horn system is a bit deeper and a bit wider. Calculated to cover bandwidth

where soft dome should start to flex and preventing it from happening, especially when driven hard. Furthermore new Mini-Horn time aligns drivers better.

Mini – Horn. 
all our speaker series are equipped with Mini Horn loading. This is special treatment for soft dome tweeters. Soft dome tweeters are known to have high distortions when driven loud. Distortions rise exponentially because center part of dome stops moving at certain levels and frequencies thus flexes uncontrolled by suspension. This is due to soft dome

nature. Some manufacturers use an ark over tweeter’s dome with dampening material touching center of dome to dampen this unwanted flex. Problem with such system occurs at different listening levels. It is simply not linear because force which center of dome is rammed by dampening material is fixed and doesn’t change with tweeter’ excursion. Others uses
stiffening materials like titanium bracing glued to dome i.e. This solution is far better, however, it is not without a flaws as well. Yes it stiffens the structure, but adds mass to it and thus inertia of dome spoiling impulse characteristics and sensitivity. Also this is quite expensive to manufacture with low tolerances so that electrical and acoustical parameters wouldn’t differ between samples. Our Mini Horn on the other hand is much more efficient to manufacture and repeat the process with low tolerances. Mini-Horn is based on acoustical dampening just as it is in usual horns. We carefully measure at which frequencies tweeter starts to flex and emit avalanche of distortions. Mini Horn is calculated and manufactured according to desired specifications to dampen those frequencies. The result is proportional dampening of the tweeters’ movement. The louder it plays the more dampening it gets from its own emitted sound. It is described as acoustical impedance and is highly dependent on mini-horn shape. Another aspect is that Mini Horn adds sensitivity (because - horn) rather than lowering sensitivity (because restricting movement) like in previous examples.

Overture MK3 comes with carpet-piercing spikes for stability and improved performance. In the set you will also find protective caps for spikes if you want to place speaker on hardwood floors. Spikes are threaded with M6, this standard allows customer to experiment with other type of spikes or dampening feet to his taste.

We upgraded binding posts to massive metal ones finished in nice frosted satin silver. These binding posts can take any high-end cable manufactured today with any terminations and provide proper grip for tightening.

Overture MK3 is offered in 2x standard colours HGloss Black and HGloss White front baffles with matt black sides. As extra options we offer 3x woods options – Light Oak, Mahogany and Weng.






HG Black-front / black body (stock colour) & HG White-front / black body. 

Light Oak, Mahogany & Wenge


Drivers : 1x 2.5cm (1") silk dome tweeter, 1x 15.2cm (6") ER paper cone mid, 2x 18.3cm (7") ER paper cone mid-bass
Sensitivity : 91 dB @ 2.83V 1m
Nominal power handling : 160W rms
Maximum unclipped power handling : 320W;
Impedance : nominal 4,0 ohms
Crossover frequency : 500 Hz; 3000 Hz
Frequency response (in-room environment) : 33-26000 Hz
Dimensions : 1110H x 250W (421 w feet) x 390D mm
Weight : 40 kg each
Shipping weight : 48 kg each


However, the most important thing is the sound quality. The smooth control, excellent timing and coherence of the Overture O205F are the main assets, making these AudioSolutions unexpectedly strong speakers.

Conclusion: The Overture O205F has somewhat surprised us. You don't often come across a relatively unknown brand that comes in and immediately creates something very beautiful. Some people would say: "In terms of sound, they score, because design is not our thing." Well, we would understand that remark, although you have to admit that thirteen finishes offer a bit of personalization that you do not often encounter elsewhere. Not at this price point. The Overture O205F is also the largest of the Overture speakers, and a large size scares some. The smaller O203F, for example, will integrate better into your interior. However, the most important thing is the sound quality. The smooth control, excellent timing and coherence of the Overture O205F are the main assets, making these AudioSolutions unexpectedly strong speakers.

REVIEW: can you still start a speaker brand and expect to lure people away from names that have had decades to attract a loyal audience? For the young Lithuanian AudioSolutions we hope that the answer is "yes". Because they do have something that is worth hearing.


Gediminas Gaidelis is a name that you probably won't sound familiar. This Lithuanian engineer is the driving force behind the young loudspeaker builder AudioSolutions who has won a lot of praise in a short time. Interestingly, and after a brief exposure to a number of speakers from the brand at the recent XFI Show , we decided to get the O205F from the cheapest Overture line for testing. It was not so much the demonstration on the show that stimulated us, but the philosophy of the brand. After all, when designing speakers, AudioSolutions emphasizes scientifically based acoustic design - and that is exactly what we love.

Look mama, no glue

The O205F is the largest loudspeaker from the Overture family, which also has two smaller floor stands (O203F and O204F), a center speaker (O201C) and a bookshelf speaker (O202B) among its members. "Large" is a label that is fully in place here, because the floorstand that we place in our listening room weighs 36 kg and is just under 125 cm high. The width and height are in proportion, in contrast to many slender speakers that we recently saw passing. This makes the 0205F a really solid and very present presence in a room. We can imagine that for smaller living rooms it is too much of a good thing. But remember: there is also a slightly more compact 0203F. The large O205F costs 3,850 euros per pair, unless you choose a more expensive finish.

The O205F is not a loudspeaker that makes our heart beat faster, we must admit that. We prefer a smooth, rounded design. The size and the angularity make this Lithuanian speaker look very classic, although that impression is not entirely correct if you take more time to view and investigate the speaker. Yes, the speaker is basically matte black, but you can get the side panels in many different colors and finishes. Thirteen to be exact. Our test speaker was finished in 'Texture White', a glossy white with very fine, irregular lines. If you look at it better, a relief appears to have been applied, but if you brush it over by hand it is mirror smooth. It is difficult to describe and photos do not do it justice, but it is quite distinct and beautiful. Just like some other finishes, Texture White raises the price to 4,250 euros per pair. Dark Olive and Ebony the price tag rise to 4,650 euros.

So you have plenty of choice with the Overture series. The same Texture finish is also available in black, in addition to four glossy lacquers and seven wood finishes with a lacquer layer. Rotted Zebrano for example, we personally find a great finish. It may have a somewhat unsavory name, but it looks worth it. If you purchase an O205F you must immediately make the right choice, because the side panels cannot be changed afterwards. AudioSolutions first builds the Overture speakers without side panels, but confirms them as a final step in a way that is permanent. The entire speaker cabinet clicks together cleverly, a technique that Gaidelis calls a self-locking cabinet. Both the outer walls and the internal reinforcement (bracing) fit together in such a way that it is impossible to disassemble the speaker at a later time. You can of course replace drivers. The remarkable thing is that the housing appears extremely solid and resonance-free, but that hardly any adhesives are involved. Clicking the cabinet parts together is enough to build a strong whole. 

The front is the grille

What is replaceable is the front of the O205F. That sentence might make you look up, but Gaidelis has a strong opinion about the use of a speaker grille. The drivers of the O205F are mounted flush with respect to the front, with softly curving edges at each opening. As a result, the outer edge of each driver is 'lengthened', as a result of which fewer mini reflections are created at the edge of each driver opening and the edges act as a horn or wave guide to send the sound waves of a driver wider into the room. This is not obscure science, because we often see the same approach with speakers.

For example, with the tweeter of the Paradigm Monitor SE speakers that we recently visited for a test. But, says AudioSolutions, if you now place a grille for this construction, you will change the acoustic properties because it will have an extra layer. The solution according to the manufacturer is a front that is completely replaced by another with a cloth applied over the entire length of the panel. Both panels - with and without grille - are included in the box. The first time you replace the panels you may think "this is crazy to do", but actually it goes very smoothly. Just lift it off, like a conventional grille, but this is one big piece.

Fluent music

For our test we connected the Overture O205F to our fixed amplifier, the Devialet Expert 220 Pro, with Roon. Towards the end of the test we received the Linn SELEKT DSM. The latter is interesting, because this versatile all-in-one amplifier is equipped with Space Optimization - a fascinating room correction system without a measuring microphone and that takes into account the dimensions of your room and the characteristics of your speakers. You can read more about this in our review of the Selekt, which will be online soon.

During testing, we happened to meet a colleague from another magazine who had been working on the smaller O203F for some time. He noted that, in his opinion, Overture speakers are close to Sonus faber in terms of sound. A description that we can agree with, although we would dare say that AudioSolutions is less attracted to a presence presence than the Italians. This is a huge generalization of course, but it gives you an idea how the Overture O205F offers something else.

Overture O205F places the dome tweeter in the middle, between two pairs of midrange woofers. AudioSolutions is certainly not the first to do this. It is also an approach that we do like. Yes, with broad-woofers radiating the sense of detail may theoretically be somewhat lost, but on the other hand we find this driver arrangement often produce a coherent sound image. The tweeters on the O205F are also more or less at the correct ear height due to this placement and that is another plus. During our tests the O205F appears to control very quickly. The specifications support that impression, because the sensitivity of 92 dB means that you do not need an amplifier with an enormous power for this floor stand.

One of the things that we liked very much about the O205F is indeed how the speakers put down a coherent sound image, even with genres that have not been produced enormously. Even at high volumes, the whole remains very well balanced and holographic, in the sense that every instrument is perfectly placed. The brand new re-release of 'Love & Work: The Lioness Sessions' (originally dating from 2000) from Songs: Ohia, aka the early-dead Jason Molina, demonstrated that well. Almost all the songs on this album consist of a voice, a slow electric guitar, a drum that sounds like recorded in the distance, and occasionally some Hammond-like synthesizers. It is not a bad mix, but on some speakers that guitar or synth can become sharp and dominant as soon as you play loud. The O205F, however, presents the entire sound stage as a whole, very fluent and forgiving too. What also helps is that the Overture sets a fairly tight low, even if we switch off Space Optimization - which mainly affects 100 Hz and lower - on the Linn.

The timing of the drivers seems close to perfection, and that gives all music a fresh, accurate sound. The deep, reggae-like bass line at 'Gun to the Head' on 'Merrie Land' by The Good, the Bad & the Queen is also measured but has enough fat. If we once again get the beautifully recorded SACD from Karajan's Symphony No. 9 above, we will be served a relatively open presentation. At this point we did experiment a little with the toe-in (something that is also an interplay with room acoustics), and in the end we ended up with partial but not completely screwed in for the best panoramic view. We also liked the Berlin Philharmoniker to be slightly more attractive when we switched off the Space Optimization function on the Linn, or played it on the Devialet Expert Pro amplifier. Perhaps because a little more energy could be heard in the layer, due to the room acoustics. A case of: not correct, but better.


The Overture O205F has somewhat surprised us. You don't often come across a relatively unknown brand that comes in and immediately creates something very beautiful. Some people would say: "In terms of sound, they score, because design is not our thing." Well, we would understand that remark, although you have to admit that thirteen finishes offer a bit of personalization that you do not often encounter elsewhere. Not at this price point. The Overture O205F is also the largest of the Overture speakers, and a large size scares some. The smaller O203F, for example, will integrate better into your interior.

However, the most important thing is the sound quality. The smooth control, excellent timing and coherence of the Overture O205F are the main assets, making these AudioSolutions unexpectedly strong speakers.

Gediminas, talks about some of the reason on what prompted Overture.

"Overture, the beginning of something more exquisite. The range consists of five models: one centre channel, one monitor and three floorstanders. We developed a special type of protective grill which unlike conventional solutions doesn't distort the sound. Each speaker comes with two detachable front panels, one of which is cloth covered. You get exactly the same sound, tonal balance and overall clarity with or without these cloth-covered versions."

"The tweeters of this range are loaded with a deep waveguide. This raises their sensitivity in a critical region and unloads the drivers themselves to net measurably lower THD. All Overture models are available in an expanded array of exciting finishes - gloss colours, textured gloss never seen before and classic veneers, all protected by a scratch-resistant coating." 

"Naturally the first reason was that I felt how during these past few years, I'd gained knowledge and better tools to make a far superior speaker. The Euphony line played and was balanced extremely well—we even received's Product of the Year award—but I felt that I could push it a lot further. To do so, I couldn't simply design a better crossover. It had to be a far more complete complex makeover. I started with computer analysis and blueprints. First I wanted to change the basic enclosure concept. I wanted higher rigidity without excess weight to ease assembly for my employees. We modelled enclosures with modern software to identify the bad spots in our old enclosures. Then we came up with the notion of a self-locking cabinet where all parts would slide into each other, then lock in. Such a concept exhibits great stability and once assembled, becomes monolithic. Weight increased 35% compared to the previous models but rigidity by more than 100%. That was clearly audible. I also exchanged the ScanSpeak tweeter for a custom SEAS silk dome. This change was minor but essential to work with our miniature horn loading. That small horn helps a lot. The Euphony models had small problems with high SPL. The tweeter would start to distort near the crossover region due to low sensitivity and a membrane that was too soft. When loaded with our mini horn, the tweeter in this critical area now has 5dB more sensitivity and lower distortion. The Peerless mid/woofer remains unchanged from the Euphony line. But a different crossover, more precise measurements and stiffer enclosures allowed me to push the Overture performance close to our Rhapsody range. 

"The second reason for the new line was that I felt a bit ashamed about our entry range not looking as good as subsequent models. Finally end users and distributors pushed me for grilles. It was a very hard decision since I am very skeptical about grilles and their inevitable sonic degradation. But finally I agreed that cheaper speakers must have grilles because of children, cats etc. So I started to think about how to make a frameless grill because frames alone distort the sound with a high level of early reflections. We made some conventional trials, then decided to change the entire concept. We arrived at a detachable baffle, then covered it with acoustically transparent cloth. The customer gets two baffle pairs, one with and one without cloth. Measurements prove identical performance. We even demonstrated our speakers at various shows where one had the cloth grill but not the other. Nobody ever heard a difference between the left and right channel. Where the Euphony was a very good line for the price, Overture is a very big leap forward. Finally I'd like to mention our variety of finishes. Usually affordable speakers come only in black or white. We decided to give people 13 finishes to choose from. This raises domestic friendliness. Due to improved manufacturing technologies, we can make any colour very fast so there is no big delay on special orders. Our stock finishes include 7 options for the same price: white, ivory, red and black in high gloss and natural, stained and dark oak in soft-touch matte. For an additional 10%, we have exotic rotted zebrano, matured oak and entirely new textured black or white finishes with a lovely 3D effect. For an additional 20%, we finally have dark Olive and Ebony in high gloss." 


Audio Hungary Qualiton APX200/Audio Hungary Qualiton APX204/ Audio Solutions Overture 0205F