Artesania optional shelf - treated glass

NZ$ 400.00 ea (incl. GST)
Artesania Racks

Touch the Perfection

While other companies search for solid materials with good anti-vibrational response, Artesania Audio has developed racks without shelves and totally isolated. The result is that the electronics generate sound behaviours as were initially preconceived. The materials used have natural high frequencies. 

The combination with the cushioning material achieves the resonance amplitude is very low, even with very high dynamic range (90 db). The shelves are supported by polyamide insulating discs and pads neoprene maximum absorption and blocking features (preventing possible movements of horizontal translation). The discs are supported on adjustable steel needles, located on the metal racks (to decrease transmission). 

We placed four needles support because the mass of the equipment is not uniform.

Regardless of this fact, in case that for aesthetic reasons or the electronics measuring less than 11 cm wide, our company has also included the option of adding shelves as well for those who want them.