AM AUDIO 833M-Silver Edition 120w Single Ended class A 833 tube monoblock amps

AM 10 AM 833MS
NZ$ 19,995.00 pr (incl. GST)
AM Audio

The ultimate purpose is to be able to reproduce 'genuine music' not just detail


The beautiful 833MS are the same as 833M but with custom SILVER wiring throughopout for an even more open / airy reproduction.

Audio Music, has been steadily working away for over twenty years in their search for audio perfection. He teamed up with Stereo Knight and designed one of the finest pre amps ever made in the very substantial Magnetic Enigma, and then the 45kG monster, the Magnetic Enigma Silver, which was the best pre amp that I had ever heard. He also made the quite astonishing Stereo Knight M100 Monoblocks using KT120s running in Pure Class A in a fully Balanced design. These became best sellers and had a perfect record in that everyone who did a home demonstration of them kept them. But Audio Music believed that there were too many compromises in anything other than a perfectly executed Pure Class A Single Ended design. He was close to perfecting this when Stereo Knight unfortunately came to an end and so AM Music was releasing the 803SE Monoblock Amplifiers and the quite awesome R-S Transformer Pre Amp, which had been released for a short time as a Stereo Knight, and had a quite extraordinary sound. He also rereleased an upgraded version of the previous Magnetic Enigma. 

This is a minimalist in operation, but no effort is spared, everything is quite over the top, nothing is allowed to degrade the audio, nothing is spared, whatever it takes to achieve the absolute in music reproduction. 

The construction and execution of the design is extraordinary. There is not a sign of a shortcut anywhere. The amazing looking 833 tube runs in Pure Class A Single Ended,using a KT88 as a driver, for a very impressive 120 w/ch.

Despite the towering performance of the 833S, this all conquering Flagship Model, there was a definite need for a model in between the 833S and the 805M. So he set to work to make a single chassis  version of the 833S now the 803M & 803MS because the only drawbacks to this amplifier was that although a screaming bargain compared to its extraordinarily expensive competition, it was still relatively expensive, it was large, and very heavy.

The result of this is the quite extraordinary 833M & 833MS. The power supply is still quite mammoth, but a lot smaller than the "Over the top" 833S. The Chassis width is 60mm wider to accommodate the substantial power supply and the overall amplifier is 24kg lighter. The amplifier design between the two is mainly the same. 

The performance between the two is surprisingly similar. They share the same awesome tonality, huge soundstage, dead silent background and incredible ambience. The bass control is exceptional, but the 833S has that little bit more and even better bass control and performance. But compare them to any other amp. The other amps become boring and unlistenable. 




* The AM 833M & 833MS is an absolute state-of-the-art, no compromise design to celebrate AM's 12th Anniversary.

* Both the amplifier and the power supply sections are isolated to reduce magnetic field interference from the two massive double C HIB power transformers, thus ensuring that only pure power is supplied to the amplifier.

* The signal circuit is direct coupled and transformer coupled, eliminating capacitors from the signal path to avoid any compression of the dynamic range.

* The multiple independent power supplies use an effective ?-shaped filter circuit for exceptional noise isolation.

* All the tube heaters use silicone-diode rectification. The -shaped filter coke transformers are DC coupled to a large volume condenser to minimise hum.

* Both the drive and output transformers both use a very complicated winding technique and are constructed of special magnetic materials so that a bandwidth of 10Hz- 120KHz. is achieved.

* The 833 tube sockets are machined from Teflon, and use gold plated phosphor bronze round pins for an exceptional contact and improved sound quality.

* The 833MS internal wiring is a special customised SILVER wire which was carefully chosen over a long period by extensive listening.

* The chassis is constructed of a very thick aluminium alloy, precisely machined by precision CNC machinery to ensure it is very strong, stable and reliable.

* It is this attention to detail and lack of compromises that result in an exceptionally musical and stunningly clear sound reproduction.

Note - compare our incredible Value for the Money & Quality with similar WAVAC H3-833v2 2box @ US$79,990 (excl sales tax)


Power Tube:  833
Tube complement:  ECC88 as the drivers, KT150.  As the amplifiers . 833
Frequency response:  20Hz-100KHz
Input Impedance:  100k ohms
Input sensitivity;  1.0Vrms
 S / N:  > 95dB
Input selections;  RCA single-ended ; balanced / XLR
Power Output:  120w
Load impedance:  4 & 8 ohms
Power consumption:  400W(each)
Power supply:  100,110,120,220,230,240 VAC 50-60Hz
Dimensions:  400W x 500D x 284H (mm)  ea monoblock
Weight: 50kg ea x 2