Accustic Arts Ultra MONO-III Mk2 650w/1200w Monoblock power amplifiers (pr)

NZ$ 74,995.00 pr (incl. GST)
Accustic Arts

High-End from ACCUSTIC ARTS® is expected to sound natural and detailed,


The ACCUSTIC ARTS® MONO III – our statement
The brand new ACCUSTIC ARTS® MONO III power amplifier is the latest member of the ACCUSTIC ARTS® family of amplifiers and after the very successful MONO II is the second amplifier from our company which is uncompromisingly designed as a mono power amplifier.

The MONO III is technically related to our legendary AMP III which is very much appreciated all around the world. The inside of the MONO III boasts a combination of 24 MOS-FET transistors and two enormous 1,600 VA toroidal transformers to deliver huge power with up to 1,100 W (4 Ω)  in class A/AB operation. Thus the new MONO III represents the flagship of our range of amplifiers.

Just as with the AMP II – MK 3, the MONO III is also equipped with our new technology for damping factor linearisation. 

Our promise: Handmade in Germany

"Handmade in Germany" is part of the ACCUSTIC ARTS company philosophy and so naturally the MONO II is also exclusively made in our manufacturing facility in Lauffen/Germany. The development, component insertion of PCBs and final assembly takes place in Germany and all housing parts and many individual components are sourced from long-term suppliers based in the south of Germany. Our specially trained and experienced technicians build this high-end audiophile amplifier from a large number of individual components.






MONO III highlights (per piece)
Extremely powerful mono power amplifier; reference class
24 selected MOS-FET output transistors of highest quality with a maximum power output of 1,100 watts (4 Ω)
2 magnetically shielded and encapsulated toroidal core transformers of premium quality for highest output reserves
Maximum total transformer power: 3,200 VA
Optimum smoothing thanks to more than 120,000 µF power supply capacity; premium quality capacitors 
Very high damping factor
ACCUSTIC ARTS® Damping factor linearisation (switchable)
Integrated protective circuit against clipping, HF oscillations and too high DC offset
Integrated switch-on current limitation for highest operational safety
All used components and parts are selected and of highest quality
Fully balanced XLR-input
Very high quality, gold-plated bi-wiring/bi-amping speaker terminal
Extremely stable, massive and resonance optimised housing, fully made of aluminium; inlay made of massive brass, polished and chromed
ACCUSTIC ARTS® MONO III is “Handmade in Germany


Voltage gain: 25 dB 
Power consumption without load: approx. 170 watts 
Total transformer power: 2x 1,600VA = 3,200 VA (watts) 
Power supply capacity: more than 120,000 µF 
Input impedance: 
Pin 1 to Pin 2: 20 kOhm 
Pin 1 to Pin 3: 20 kOhm 
Pin 2 to Pin 3: 40 kOhm 
Rated power output: 1,100 watts on 4 Ohm (at THD+N = 0,1 %) 650 watts on 8 Ohm
Minimum speaker impedance: 4 Ohm 
Rise time/fall time: 3.1 µs on 4 Ohm load (square-wave 20 kHz, 12 Vss) 
Signal-to-noise-ratio: -95 dBA (ref. 6.325 V) 
Intermodulation distortion: 0.008 % with 10 watts on 4 Ohm 
Distortion factor (THD+N): 0.003 % on 4 Ohm load at 1 kHz and 10 watts (effective bandwidth 22 Hz - 22 kHz) 
Dimensions: 350H x 482W x 430D mm
Weight: approx. 60 kg .


This review is about both the AMP-III and the PREAMP-I-MKIII

I have been an audiophile for many years. I have owned quite a lot of amplifiers and preamplifiers (including Plinius SA-Reference, Audio Research Reference series, Nagra, YBA Passion, etc.) and heard most of the so-called high-end amplifiers on the market. A few months ago I decided to rebuild a system from scratch. My system was already very good but at each iteration there as a little something that was not perfect. So, I have spent a huge amount of time listening for many, many, systems without any consideration of price (of course, money matters for me but I wanted to try to find the ideal system).

As you have probably guessed from the previous sentences, English is not my mother language, so I have to be brief: at the end of my long quest, I have finally found a couple amplifier/preamplifier that was, in my humble opinion, clearly above the others. Namely: the AMP-III and PREAMP-I-mkIII. I believe it is the best just because it does everything right:

- the power is nearly unlimited. The power transformer reads an incredible 3200 VA.
- the sound is incredibly refined
- it works as well with classical music than with jazz or rock
- you easily forget about it and just hear the music
- the building quality is just fantastic and I like very much the design

It should be noticed that most of what I say here about the AMP-III (that I own) is true for the AMP-II (which is basically the same with less power – but still enough for most situations).

Of course, they are expensive. But much less than many other amps I have tried at home (including LAMM, Goldmund, Krell,…). It was therefore very good news for me to find them so clearly above the others! It could very well be that this is just my taste but this conclusion was shared by my wife and my children so… something rather “objective” could be true here!

Up to now, I have not been able to find a single weakness. They just sound like the live event! I am not sure we are speaking anymore about electronic device. At this level of perfection, we are dealing with works of art.

Nothing is perfect in this world. But both as a researcher in astrophysics (who works on a space experiment and understand something to technical engineering) and as a music lover I would like to recommend with the greatest enthusiasm Accustic Arts amps and preamps.


I never dreamt when I first contacted you that I would end up with the system that we now enjoy!

Hi Terry,

Many thanks to you and the delivery team for getting those magnificent speakers safely installed on Tuesday, they certainly are impressive in both appearance and sound!


You always wonder if you have made the right decision and if the new equipment will live up to your expectations especially an item as significant as this. After only 2 days the answer is a very definite YES!! 


I have always believed that the true purpose of a high end system is 2 fold – primarily to give enjoyment to the listener/s, but secondly in so doing it is to bring the artist or artists into the living room, if you were to close your eyes you should be able to imagine the performers right there in front of you.
The Magico S7 do that and much more. The sound is so clear and clean, a very wide sound stage and brilliant imaging. The resolution is so good that you are able to pick out each instrument and the timbre of each note. But it seems more than that as everything blends together into a brilliantly enjoyable experience.


I have played a number of tracks now but there were 2 in particular that had been played a number of times on my previous gear and were enjoyable but played through the Magico’s gave an amazing WOW it has never sounded like that before!! I’m finding that you do hear notes and tones not heard before, right through the range.
The reason for choosing the S7 was the base extension, and so far it is exceeding expectations, very tight, strong and extended but thankfully not overdone. The base is there when needed and is very precise and deep.


It’s a wonderful combination from the MSB DAC & UMT/ Acoustic Arts Mono III’s and now the Magico S7’s. Judy and I are looking forward to much enjoyment and many very pleasant hours exploring.


Thanks Terry for your advice over the last almost 2 years, I never dreamt when I first contacted you that I would end up with the system that we now enjoy!


Kind Regards