Our Philosophy

“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”
Berthold Auerbach

It is not hard to appreciate the creative gifts of love, music and art. They offer a unique opportunity to express and experience the ongoing song of life, and through them we can celebrate the immense diversity of culture.

Audio Reference Co’s goal is to help you maximise your musical experience by bringing together a diverse range of very special audio gear covering all budgets.

The synergy of combining the right components makes a significant difference to how we hear what musicians, singers and composers seek to bring to us, and we would like to share our experience with you to help you discover more about what is possible.

Your expectation of music is very personal - no one else has your set of ears, so please be wary of those who hand you a brand sales pitch. Rather we would like to offer you an experience from an extensive range of Hi-Fi and Home Theatre gear that will enhance your musical journey.

Choosing audio gear solely based on reviews, because it’s cheap, or because it’s someone’s favourite - won’t necessarily make it right for you or your situation.

If you want to discover and maximise what’s possible within your budget, then we invite you to give us a ring and book some time with us at our Hamilton studios, where we encourage you to bring along your music and enjoy the time auditioning without interruption. The time will be devoted to your coming away knowing what and why various options work for you and you might also end up with some new components that you will be able to truly appreciate and enjoy for many years.

With our tiny NZ market it can be a challenge to put together a serious Hi-Fi system. When I started to get serious about Hi-Fi a number of years ago I found it difficult to find the experience I was looking for.

In the end, I travelled to Australia, Gemany, Italy, Japan, Taiwan and the USA to learn what the rest of the world was listening to. It was a journey of discovery, but what I discovered made it well worthwhile. Each year, I go back to keep in touch.

That’s why Audio Reference Co came together, to live out our passion by offering a diverse range of selected audio gear - from entry level to unique high end products - in contemporary studios. We aim to bring to the market an opportunity for a more complete and enjoyable experience of what’s possible.

We are the exclusive NZ agents for a wide range of audio gear. We also include a select range of other brands to be sure you will be presented with a unique experience. We also sell a range of our products through a selection of other Hi-Fi resellers.

When choosing what gear and brands to bring to market we ensure they offer something unique at their price point or in their market segment. You may not recognise some of our brand names as some are niche players in their field, however you can be sure that they are all innovative leaders and worth an audition.

We value the many diverse approaches to audio whether it’s through solid state, hybrid or tube components, the many cable permeations or the array of speaker variations, because each has its place. We are not dogmatic about what’s best, but by spending time with us you will soon be able to tell us what you like - that’s what’s important!

Terry Humphries
(Mgr Director)