Zesto Audio Leto Preamplifier - Sonic Magic....a musicality and an impression of realism that are at once valid and authoritative yet without ever stepping outside the boundaries of sonic neutrality.

The Leto preamplifier, a linestage that is the second product of George and Carolyn Counnas’ Zesto Audio, is cut so completely from the same sonic cloth as Zesto’s Andros PS1 phonostage I reviewed last year that describing its sound would be to repeat more or less what I said then (TAS Issue 222). 
Like the Andros, the Leto is an all-tube design that represents what I often call classic tube sound brought up to date. By this I mean that it boasts all the roundedness, dimensionality, and body that we love from classic tubes without their wayward tonal anomalies, their deficiencies at the bass end, and their relatively high noise levels. 

We invite you to click on the link to read about the wonderful Zesto Leto pramp and Paul Seydor of TAS-The Absolute Sound's reveiw.