"WOW" so happy with the outcome, what a difference its made..... :)

Our latest VICOUSTIC room acoustic treatment installation.
It's amazing what was achieved even in a small room like this ex bedroom.

Stage 1 included: 8x SBE corner bass traps in the 2 corners with 4x DC2 Multifusers & 4x Wavewood diffusers on wall behind the gear.

Our clients comment: "It not only looks awesome but the improvement of the musical presentation was significant so he is keen for us to carry on with stage 2 asap.

Stage 2 includes: 4x SBE bass traps in LH rear corner (a doorway prevents RH rear corner) & 8x Wavewood diffusers on the side walls to complete the project.

It was so good to see the big smile come on his face when he turned the system on.... it was one of those real "wow" moments....

For those interested the sytem consists of:
Wilsom Benesch Vector floorstand speakers
Ayon Crossfire 300B 30w SE class-A integrated amp
Ayon Stratos DAC
Antipodes EX/CX music server combo
Artesania Exoteryc audio rack
Tellurium Q Silver Diamond speaker & interconnect cables
Gigawatt PC3SE power conditioner and power cables