World renowned Morch tonearms now available in New Zealand

We are delighted to announce that we have been offerd the NZ agecy for the world leading brand of Morch tonearms.

There are 3 tonearms & 4 armtubes to maximise your cartridge compliance and your musical enjoyment within the Morch range:

NEW - Model UP-4 toneam:
incorporates a special concept of the unipivot principle. The bearing consists of a hardened steel pivot resting in a concave, polished sapphire. The bearing is damped in all directions with silicone fluid. The low positioning of the bearing provides for a greater stability compared to other unipivot arms. This is because a considerable part of the moveable mass of the arm is positioned above the pivot point, thus forming a physical pendulum together with the mass below the pivot point.

Model DP-6 tonearm:
 has a unique combination of bearings. A silicone-damped, high precision ball-bearing assembly is used for the horizontal mode of motion. Two precision sapphire bearings are incorporated for the vertical mode of motion, which may be damped also, if desired, by injecting silicone fluid into a well for vertical damping. The damping of the horizontal mode of motion is independent of the damping of vertical mode of motion, and the latter can further be adjusted to all intermediate levels of damping.

NEW - Model DP-8 Anisotropic tonearm:
It has a unique combination of bearings: For the horizontal mode of motion a silicone damped, high precision ball-bearing assembly with large housing for substantial damping. Two precision sapphire bearings are incorporated for the vertical mode of motion. This also may be damped, if desired, by injecting silicone fluid into a well for vertical damping. Vertical damping is rarely needed for this model. It is independent of the damping of the horizontal mode of motion, and further it can be adjusted to all intermediate levels of damping.
In spite of the slender appearance, the MØRCH tonearms have an amazing mechanical strength and stability. They are the result of the best precision mechanics, the finest craftsmanship, and realize technical and tonal claims without compromise. 
What has been achieved with the MØRCH tonearms enables the cartridge to accomplish its task with extraordinary motional ease while maintaining a very high degree of stability. 
The proof of their superiority lies in the listening! The MØRCH arm have received high acclaim from both critics and skeptics, simply because their sonic superiority can be easily demonstrated. 
While observing correct design fundamentals, crucial parameters such as choice of materials, a new approach to mass distribution, and elimination of arm resonances, required in depth study for the design of an exceptional arm. This research resulted in the invention and patenting of an entirely new concept of tonearm.
The new model DP-8 Anisotropic is based on the same principles as comprised in this patent. 

Features of the Mørch Tonearms
The MOERCH tonearms consist of an arm base with its mounting facilities, bearing assembly, balancing rod and weights, and the arm tube for the cartridge. One appealing feauture of the MOERCH design is the arm tube, which can be separated from the arm base by removing a nut. Four standard 9” arm tubes, each one of different mass (from ultra light to extra heavy), are available for specific cartridge requirements.
Green dot: Effective mass 4 g.
Red dot: Effective mass 6 g.
Yellow dot: Effective mass 8 g.
Blue dot: Effective mass 14 g.

Intitially we are fiitng the Morch tonarme to our range of EAT turntables, if you would like to hear just how special a tonearm can be book a time with your LPs and come and hear them strut ther stuff, I am sure you will be very impressd.