Wisseloord Studios chooses Krell 400e Amplification for Flagship Studio

Legendary European recording studio selects Krell Evolution 400e as reference amplifier  

After a six month evaluation period that included extensive listening trials of the industry's leading amplifiers, Wisseloord Studios selected five Krell Evolution 400e monaural amplifiers for their new cutting‐edge mastering studio. "We are very proud that Wisseloord Studios selected our amplifiers for their reference system. To be recognized by an

organization as well respected for sound quality as Wisseloord is an honor and testament to our
engineering." said Bill McKiegan, Krell President.  

McKiegan continued, "Our core amplifier design philosophy focuses on being faithful to the source material and powering speakers to their maximum potential. Being part of the creative side validates our 30 plus year company mission statement".  

"After evaluating a number of other well respected amplifiers, it became immediately apparent that the Krell Evolution 400e amplifier was our clear winner." said Darcy Proper, two time Grammy award winning mastering engineer and Wisseloord co‐owner.

Proper continues, “ The moment we hooked up the Krells, everything just fell into place ‐ musical detail, imaging,

dynamic contrast, frequency response – it was all there.  My amplifier/loudspeaker system is the most critical tool in my work.  If I can’t trust what I hear coming out of my loudspeakers, then I can’t do justice to an artist’s vision of his or her music.  Quite simply, Krell amplification gives our mastering room the accuracy, musicality, and power I need to make music sound its best.