We've made the move (home) into Devonport apartment complex

We arrived back from our travels to Buenos Aries and the Munich High End show, (more on that later) and straight into final packing and last Tuesday we moved (home) into our new apartment, so right now up to our necks in boxes, so please excuse me if I am not fully onto it, life is a bit chaotic right now.

Our builder is downstairs beavering away and all going well we hope to make the big showroom move in the next 4 to 5 weeks, then soon after that maybe life gets back to some sort of normal?

While away my phone app tells me we walked approx 60ks exploring Buenos Aries, a fascinating, multi cultural city, we really enjoyed our time there and walked another 40ks at the MHES so it was all go catching up with suppliers and looking at new opportunities and sorting out the good from the chaff..... lots of very passionate designers all telling you how theirs is the best, the most natural sounding etc.....they can't all be right?

I came back satisfied we have some very special brands in-house along with a few new special opportunities up our sleeve but will talk about those once we've settled in at our new showroom.

In the meantime thanks to everyone for your patience, while away and as we settle into out new life in Devonport.