We have just landed the 1st of CANTON's NEW "VENTO" Series speakers their top-of-line "VENTO 896".

Happy to report that I am really impressed by its clear, open, dynamic presentation, it portrays a wide soundstage with enough emotion intact so that its easy to engage with the music, and none of the glare or harsh edge that some modern speakers seem to focus on. 

The All NEW "VENTO" series come with optimised ceramic tweeter system for clear, open top en with no glare and their new titanium mid & Bass drivers to form the perfect symbiosis for an exceptional sound experience. With a new cabinet design and refined socket construction, every loudspeaker of the "Vento" Series stands for ultimate perfection at an accessible price for such a quality speaker from GERMANY.

The NEW "VENTO" series range:
CANTON Vento 826 Stand mtg ceramic tweeter 1x6"mid/woofer 85dB 32Hz-40kHz @ RRP $3,750/pr

CANTON Vento 816 Wall mtg ceramic tweeteer 1x6"woofers 86dB 40Hz-40kHz @ RRP $3,750/pr

CANTON Vento 876 Floorstanders ceramic tweeter 6"mid 6"woofer 88dB 23Hz-40kHz @ RRP $3,995/pr

CANTON Vento 886-DC Floorstand ceramic tweeter 7"mid 2x7"woofers 88dB 23Hz-40kHz @ RRP $4,995/pr

CANTON Vento 896-DC Floorstand ceramic tweeter 7"mid 2x8"woofers 89dB 20Hz-40kHz @ RRP $5,995/pr (now ex stock- available for demo)

Ceramic tweeter system
Acoustically optimised and perfectly tuned in countless listening sessions, the extremely lightweight yet rigid ceramic tweeters ensure precise sound reproduction.

Titanium Membranes
The NEW "Vento" series uses titanium membranes in both the woofers and mid-range speakers. In combination with the latest generation of the triple-fold wave surround this gives a controlled, faultless swing-in and swing-out behaviour, even at high volume.

Cabinet geometry
The characteristically organic design of the solid, multi-layer laminate cabinet with its down-fire bass reflex vent produces perfect standing. The meticulously crafted conical spacers show superb attention to detail. High quality, diamond-cut aluminium rings increase the stability of the loudspeaker system.

Speaker terminals
The bi-wiring/bi-amping connection terminal means that the tweeter and mid-range ranges can be controlled separately from the woofers. Stable 24-carat, gold plated screw terminals ensure optimum signal transmission.

Front cover
The high quality, acoustically neutral fabric covers hide the technology from view and can be elegantly attached using magnetic fastenings.

The loudspeakers of the "Vento" series are lacquered, sanded and sealed with a high gloss lacquer in an eight-stage process. They are available in cherry, black and white “high gloss” finish.