VAC @ California Audio Show 2012 (CAS)

The VAC Statement 450 monoblock amplifiers (US$78,000) supplied the power connected to the
VAC Signature MK2a with phono option preamplifier (US$19,500).

There was also an Audio Research REF CD-8 player (US$9,995), 
Accuphase DP-700 SACD player (US$27,000), 
Aestetix Romulus high resolution DAC/CD player (US$7,000) and 
AuralitiL-1000 music file player (US$4,000).

No wonder the room was alive with audiophiles clamoring to listen to the wonderful sound coming from within. This combination of gear made for an excellent presentation.
Big Kudos here goes to Rob Kehn.