VAC Best In Show at Newport 2012!

Dealer Audio Image set up a system so ambitious and involved that we were surprised they weren't local to Southern California, located instead to the north in Oakland.

Scaena Spiritus 3.6 line-source speakers along with a Trifecta subwoofer system (US$130,000) were front and center.

VAC Statement 450 monoblocks (US$78,000/pair)
Signature Mk2a preamp (US$19,500) were the main electronics,

For analog playback via the again-impressive
Kronos turntable (US$28,000) fitted with a
12" Graham Phantom II Supreme tonearm (US$6000) and
Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement cartridge (US$15,000).

MIT MA-X and MA-X2 cables totaling over US$100,000 were also in use, as was an
Audience Adept Response aR-12 TSS power conditioner (US$10,000).

When you add it all up the total comes to over US$386,500.00 you would really have to love your music and have very deep pockets to take it to this level, but I would love to have heard the outcome.