Usher Be-718 diamond speakers - "These diminutive speakers offer stunning levels of sonic performance for your money".

"When I consider the overall sound from any small speaker I’ve auditioned, the Be-718 is the best that I’ve heard. It’s exceedingly well balanced, surprisingly neutral, and extremely transparent. It also has the best bass extension I've heard short of a big floorstanding speaker. The only caveats are that you’ll need a sufficiently powerful amplifier and that you’ll have to give the Be-718 room to breathe, given its generous bass. To me, those limitations are not too hard to accept". ......Doug Schneider - Soundstage 

"The Usher Be-718 is a remarkable loudspeaker and a great achievement for its size and price. What makes the Be-718s special is its extremely low levels of tonal, dynamic, textural, and spatial colorations. This reduction in distortions allows the Be-718 to get out of the music’s way to a degree that is unprecedented in a loudspeaker of this price, in my experience. But the icing on the cake is the Be-718’s unlikely combination of treble resolution with smoothness, a characteristic that fosters an immediate and deep involvement with the music. The Be-718 makes it easy to forget you’re listening to a reproduction rather than to music itself". 
......Robert Harley Absolute Sounds

"The Be-718 is one of those stand-mounts that's more likely to have you look around for the hidden subwoofer than wishing you had one. They showed amazing clarity, body and bass-resolving ability on the drum and its overtones on "Lovin Mother Fo Ya" from John Cougar's Uh-huh [RVL 7504]. Even the bass lines on "Serious Business", which are hardly prominent in the mix, remained superbly intelligible in the background". 
......John Pottis - 6Moons

"Many loudspeakers utilise a rising response towards 20kHz to add sparkle and atmosphere, and ensure that everything is picked up within the performance, whereas the Be718s do this naturally by virtue of their well designed tweeter - you really feel that you are hearing everything you are supposed to, without any areas being artificially boosted. A quick blast of Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons - Spring' presented violins with a pleasing effortlessness and ensuring that they never sounded strained or screechy - a sure sign of a good tweeter. This sense of evenness continues into the midrange, where the Be718s deal expertly with both vocals and instrumentation. They project an impressively wide and deep soundstage into the room which permits easy placement of musicians within the recording. Jackson Browne's vocals on 'The Pretender' were magnificently rendered, and the backing drum strikes were snappy and solid, adding verve and pace to the performance"
......Adam Smith - Hi-Fi World