TRI releases new Reference series tube Mono blocks, Stereo amp. Preamp & Phono stage...

Dec 2010
TRI's New Reference series of tube gear has landed.
TRX-P6L Reference stereo power amp with swappable tubes KT88 / EL34 ? 6L6GC Q $5,995ea
TRX-1 Reference Preamp Class A with 4x band equalizer with 274B tube @ $5,995ea
EQ-3 SE Reference Phono stage with 2xMC & 1x MM inputs and RCA & XLR outputs @ $5,500ea
TRV-M88P KT88 200w mono block @ $25,550/pr

TRI has extended its popoular TRV range with the introduction of their new Reference series of tube gear.

We invite you to call to discuss or to arrange an appointment to experiance just how good tube gear can be. 

Even though these are serious reference class components, in typical TRI manner they are being offered at accessable prices when compared to many in the market which may not offer the outcome.