Time at Singapore MOD Digital & Audio show

We have been enjoying some time out visting family in Singapore before the fun begins once we take over Graham St at the end of this month, while here I have been catching up with other audio assosciates and also attended the MOD Audio show.

It was encouraging to see some of our brands like Brodmannn, Quadral, Guru, Qol, VAC, Tellurium Q, getting prominent display and to hear them strut their stuff in a different setting, needless to say I came away very happy with our choices,

We have sold a number of the unique Guru QM10s book shelf speakers but after hearing their bigger brother the Guru QM60 floor standers we will definatly be bringing in these incedible little speakers too, I have read comments that they offer a similar outcome to B&W-802s but it is not until you hear them sing that you reallly appreciate just how serious these diminutive speakers are, their dynamic, engaing presentation really took me by supprise as well as the deep, taught bass, also expect to see the very elegant Brodmann Classic range of speakers making its way into our rooms in the coming months, if you are looking for slim, elegant speakers bult by world famous piano manufacture to very high and exacting standards that people like conductors, singers and musians choose becuase of their true to life presenation, these could be what you have been waiting for.

However as is often the way, I also found a few new, very interesting brands that we are already engaging with to see about NZ distribution, so you can expect to also see some additions to our line up in the coming months once we are settled in to our new location.

The joy of discovering music being delivered in new and wondeful new ways never ceases to amaze me.