These AWESOME (how else can you describe them) CANTON REFERENCE K1 speakers have arrived at the showroom.

We 1st came across Canton at the Munich High-End Show in May, from that special experience we became the NZ Canton distributor.

Canton are a 40yr old German company, one of the worlds largest speaker manufactures, so they have the means for serious R&D, out of that they developed and have just released their NEW & UNIQUE REFERENCE K series speakers with Ceramic/Tungsten drivers.

These mighty K1s sing from a super low 18Hz all the way up to a sweet, open, clear 40kHz, you rarely see this sort of performance at any price.... all parts are bespoke manufactured by them in-house in Germany.

We have the full range of their NEW REFERENCE K series speakers in stock and look forward to introducing them to you, I would like to invite you to ring for an audition that I am sure will amaze you: Terry - 021 880 884