Tellurium Q "Graphite " NEW RELEASE

Tellurium Q introduce their new high-end "GRAPHITE" reference cables into the market.

Hi Fi World will be doing a piece on the Graphite speaker cable coming out at the end of this month 

A comment from Geoff Merrigan about their new Graphite cables:

Just heard back last night from Tibor (sells our products in Hugary) and this is what he says: 
"the cables are arrived and connected immed. a full bloom Graphite with incredible results, even without burn in!! My small Amphion Argon speakers sounds with a 30 watt tubeamp like a big floorstander for 10000,-+ Euro!!!"

This is a pre mini review on the Graphite from one of the dealers in Sweden there: "Graphite "..." Before the real test ' 

Hi there -
-Today I switched in new Tellurium Q's "top-of-the-line" cable "Graphite" speaker cable, after their eminent "Green" sat in the system before ... GUESS IF THINGS HAPPENED ...The speakers are Aurelia divine "Yellow "....

The sound was better at just any point, higher, wider and especially deeper soundstage. Nuances, details of small micro-details are world class. Now this TQ also equally nice on the edge, that is sophisticated as best Siltech & Jorma, congratulations TQ for a truly amazing speaker cable, RESPECT!

But try to listen to it and you will realize what an incredible cable, and with the price in context a real bargain .. We will be back with all the details ...

Good night "friends"