Tellurium Q Blue - Winner of Hi-Fi World massive 12x speaker cables shoot out.

Tellurium Q Blue - won a massive 12x speaker cables shoot out, by Hi-Fi World.  The amazing TQ Bluecable surpased all the following speaker cables, some at 2x the price.
Russ Andews Kimber Cables   
Audioquest Tye2
Black Rhodium Twist 
WireWorld Luna 16/4 
Cord Carnival Silver Screen 
TCI Diamondback
Clearaudio Coppr-Line Alpha
Fisual Havana FX
Talk Cables Talk 3
VDH The Artic
Hidiamond Diamond 1

 Tellurium Q are Multi Award-winning cables:

-Hi-Fi World 5 Glodes award  
•Four awards in the first year in the HIFi Market.
•The only cable range to have ever be given product of the year by HiFi Plus for EVERY product.
•The only cable range ever to be given the maximum 5 Globes by HiFi World for EVERY cable.  
 “something that I’ve never heard from any cable at this price point.”
.....Paul Rigby HiFi World August 2010
“Cavernous acoustic space.....palpable sense of reality...good sense of timing and pitch...the sound was controlled and didn’t harden as the volume increased...even tonal balance.”
.....Hi Fi News  (Feb 2010 edition)