TAS-The Absolute Sound Report on Headphones - Models to Audition - Audeze LCD-3

Audeze is a relatively young American company that specializes in planar-magnetic headphones and whose products have taken the high-end headphone universe by storm. The LCD3 is Audeze’s flagship model and it has become a widely used reference for many audio journalists (the author included). What sets the LCD3 apart is Audeze’s all-new, ultra-low-mass LOTUS driver diaphragm and “super-efficient push-pull magnet structure.” Many consider the LCD3 one of the two finest headphones now available (the other being the Stax SR-009, described below).

What sets the LCD3 apart sonically are its state-of-the-art bass (and no, we don’t use that term lightly), astonishing levels of midrange resolution and nuance, and fast, detailed, silky-smooth highs. What is more, the LCD3 finds the elusive balance point between ultra-high-resolution, on the one hand, and musicality and natural warmth on the other. The miracle is that the LCD3 is extraordinarily revealing, yet also welcoming and engaging— never cold, sterile, or analytical. Furthermore, compared to top- tier competitors, the LCD3 is relatively easy to drive (an important consideration for those looking to constrain overall system costs).