Stereomojo @ RMAF - Rethm Maarga "one of the best sounds at the show"

Jacob George and his Rethm speaker line have always been one of the best sounds at every show and this show was no different. A room we could have spent all day in. Here is the new Maarga at US$8,750/pr. (NZ$14,950/pr)
Jacob has abandoned the Lowther drivers for his own designs. The Maarga has been designed for the music-lover who wants a little "more" than the bigger, more expensive Trishna but still wants a reasonably compact loudspeaker that is aesthetically unique. 
And what does the Maarga do that the Trishna does not? 
After having worked with full-range drivers for a decade, he noticed that the larger the wide-bander, the better the midrange. The mid- and upper-bass naturally is better and fuller as well (however, there is a limit to "how big" -- as beyond an optimum it starts exhibiting treble loss ). 
The Maarga delivers on this premise, and quite simply delivers "more" of everything. With a custom made 6 inch driver instead of the 5 inch of the Trishna, with a bigger and longer labyrinth, with a larger isobaric bass enclosure, a more powerful bass amplifier, and a completely different "active" low-pass filter circuit, we are looking at a loudspeaker that takes the Trishna's performance to the next level. 
The Maarga is recommended for rooms up to about 400 sq.ft. (40 sq.m).
In his room of about that size, the Maargas filled the room with a complex yet huge,layered soundstage, excellent dynamics, fluid and an uncanny naturalness, all without the benefit of ANY room treatments. Oh yeah...the amps he was using (his own design) put out a whopping 2 1/2 watts per channel! The Maargas are very sensitive, somewhere around 96 db.
One of the best sounds at the show.