Stereo Times @ CES 2012 with Triode's new TRX- M845 SE Mono blocks

The Acoustic Zen Crescendo loudspeakers sounded incredible driven by the new TRX-M845SE from Triode Corp. 

The TRX-M845SE monoblocks incorporated the 845 in a parallel single-ended Class-A design. It has an auto bias, weigh about 125 lbs each and uses one 6SN7 and one 12AU7 as an input stage. It produces a glorious 50 watts of pure Class-A. 

A TRX-1 tube pre-amplifier with remote control was used and the new TRV-CD5SE tube CD player, up-samples to 24/192 with a choice of tube (6922x2) or solid-state output. 

The TRX-M845SE took control of the Crescendos and made them sing like never before. It was effortless, detailed and very transparent with that tube magic. I put on one of my favorites, Sarah Vaughn’s Easy Living, and it sounded so good that I felt like she was in the room singing to me alone. As much as I was impressed with the TRX-M845SE, I was equally impressed with the Crescendo loudspeakers. I heard the Crescendos last year at the CES and they sounded wonderful, driven by the TRV-845SE (Integrated amp version)

This year, with better electronics, the TRX-845SE took the music to another level. The Crescendos were better able to reveal what’s in front of them;  the better the signal,  the better their performance