SGR MT3F-SL (Slimline) make for a phenomenal home theatre system!

Thought you might like to see how some clients like to appreciate their music when combined with home theatre and TV.

This has to be an ultimate setup based around a TV - there is a pair of SGR's fully active MT3F-SL (Slimline) speakers sitting alongside a pair of SGR custom subwoofers,

You can imagine whatever they are listening to, Music or TV or Home Theatre it’s all going to be amazing, this is no compromise to the max. 

A nice feature being that as the SGRs are fully active with the amps built in, all that is needed is a pre/processor a Blu-ray player and a Sky box with a pair of XLR interconnects, keeping it all very simple and neat and tidy.

Our MT3F-SL Slimline speakers are due to land here very soon, you are invited to audition them and discover why this couple made the call, with specs like: 800w of class AB amplification between them, and a range from 22Hz - 40kHz plus built-in room compensation on each driver and all within sealed enclosures, you won’t be disappointed, they are outstanding in every respect.