SGR Audio racks attain a rare 6Moons Blue Moon award - April 2012

Steve Kramers summarry comments:

"more focused imaging perspective with a marginally deeper soundstage and more precise lateral placement"......

"The SGR Audio Signature rack is a truly superb design. Mostly machined and constructed in-house (only the veneer of the platforms is contracted out), the design is visually attractive and structurally rigid. There’s an imparting sense of rightness about the concept and its vibrational isolation. The quality of build and manufacturing precision inspires confidence in the Signature rack’s ability to allow the very best sonic performance to emerge from your electronics....The SGR Signature audio rack features awesome build, solid engineering, great sonics and sharp pricing".

"There’s no doubting the elegance and refinement of the SGR rack. There’s a fair bit of perfume to be whiffed here. Assemble such an exalted component-quality rack system of massive structural integrity and you’re not going to do your electronics’ sound potential any harm. Quite pleasingly in fact the SGR Signature racks displayed some subtle yet worthwhile sonic differences over the Finite Elemente racks I’d been using long term".

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